Monday, November 2, 2009

Christians now have their Own Twitter

  We received an email from Christian Newswire about James L. Paris who after twittering in support of Rush Limbaugh Twitter suspended his account for 2 WEEKS!! However, his account was re activated.  But Mr. Paris had,  had enough. He says, "It was not just the suspension for sharing my conservative views, but I was also receiving a number of very inappropriate messages to a computer that I share with my children. I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to be a part of the solution, so I started a Christian alternative." According to Paris, his version of Twitter will not allow any profanity, vulgar language, or adult content. "We are very serious about keeping this a safe Christian space", said Paris Christian Chirp was launched this past Thursday. 

We here at Eternal Flame News have already signed up for Christian Chirp after reading this article and also receiving a phone call from a ministry partner about the site. We also know the frustration Mr. Paris is facing with Twitter, we also at time receive inappropriate messages from twitter, then we have to search out that person and delete them from following us. Christian Chirp, is very easy to sign up for and you can even use your facebook, google, and other accounts to sign into the site/make a new account.  You can also link your Twitter account with the Christian Chirp Site.  If you sign up search JMC Ministries, or jmcaverley to start following us.