Monday, January 4, 2010

Atheist Rapist complains about sharing a cell with a man professing to be a Christian

AN atheist rapist has complained that his human rights were breached by having to share a prison cell with a Christian lag.

Barman Steven Relf, 40, was jailed indefinitely after admitting raping two women he targeted when he served them drinks in a pub.
Police branded him a "sexual predator" and said he could have had as many as 40 victims.
In a letter to an inmates' magazine, Relf wrote: "I recently had the displeasure of sharing a cell with a Bible-thumping believer."
A source said Relf was "furious" at having to share at Manchester Prison with the Christian convict and wanted him to be "evicted".
He said: "He moaned about how the guy wouldn't shut up about God. He said he wanted to speak to a lawyer about his rights so he could be moved cells."
The other inmate was later transferred.

Many Christians Don't feel safe in their own Churches due to rise in violence against Christians in the U.S.

"These are not just numbers, they are people killed or hurt and millions of dollars in losses" states church security expert

CINCINNATI, Jan. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Security Network receives phone calls and e-mails from Christians across the country on a weekly basis telling them they are concerned about their safety while at church – the 2009 crime statistics report shows that there is good cause.
"It is disheartening to see all these incidents and loss of life in churches in 2009 and even sadder because we know 2010 isn't going to be any different unless the status-quo changes," stated Jeff Hawkins, executive director of the Christian Security Network.
The 2009 report published by the Christian Security Network outlines 1,237 crimes against Christian churches including 12 homicides, 38 other violent incidents including, 3 sexual assaults, 3 kidnappings, 98 arsons, and over 700 burglaries resulting in more than $24 million in property loss.
Hawkins goes on to state, "People want to be protected, especially at church, and as we have seen from incidents in 2009, criminals don't care that they are targeting a church – they are seen as soft targets."
The crime report, the first of its kind, specifically tracked incidents just against Christian organizations, mostly churches, for all of 2009.
"These are not just numbers, these are people who have been killed or seriously injured serving their church. The church is supposed to be a place of peace and protection. Many of these incidents just didn't have to happen. With a few precautions, changes in operations, and training of staff and volunteers, they may have been averted. The church has to start taking responsibility for the safety of their staff, volunteers, and congregation and good stewards of the gifts God has provided." Hawkins concluded.
JMC Ministries Response
written by: Miranda Caverley

The first thought that came to my mind is what Jesus said "if they persecute me they will persecute you" and it is true.  It has been true since the beginning of Christianity, and even farther back with the Jews over and over again in the old testament of the bible and even today the Jewish people are persecuted just as Christians are.  We are hated of the world.  

But, it doesn't mean that we should just lie down and let them kill us.  We agree with the article that churches do need to take precautions to protect their congregation from those who seek to harm us.  We are in a spiritual war and those who choose ignore that are going to get a BIG wake up call.  When you are in war you put on your armor you protect yourself and all those around you from harm.  We not only fight against the flesh but of the spirit as well.  We not only need to put on the armor of God but also implement tactics that will protect us from physical harm as well.

It speaks of all these things in Revelation and we are living in the last days. We must pray and also work together in the church to protect our rights as citizens of the U.S. for our freedom of religion and our right to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus.  That is what our Forefathers fought for FREEDOM and we must continue this fight to the end.