Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Jersey: Registered Sex Offender Hired as U.S Census Worker

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A man with a U.S. census badge knocked on Amy Schmalbach’s door on May 4. Thinking that answering the door to a government worker was a safe bet, she did. And then she wondered why he looked so familiar.As soon as the man left her Pennsauken home, Schmalbach realized where she had seen him before: on the state’s sex-offender registry."I figured this is a government worker, I'm safe," Schmalbach, 33, told the Inquirer. She had given him names and birthdates of her family to the man who called himself “Jamie.”The man’s real name is Frank J. Kuni, but goes by many aliases, including Jamie Shepard. It was under the name “Jamie Shepard” that he applied for a door-to-door job with the census bureau.
Schmalbach verified on the sex-offender registry that the man who was knocking on doors in her neighborhood was indeed the 47-year-old Kuni who has been convicted of assaulting an underage girl, and having “inappropriate contact with two other victims,” according to the registry.
Then Schmalbach called police and warned her neighbors.
"If I had not recognized who this person was, none of my neighbors would have, and I believe he would have continued to go door to door," Schmalbach told the Inquirer.
Kuni was arrested Monday on charges of false representation and impersonating a public official, according to police.
A census official told the Inquirer that a “Jamie Shepard” had been hired in late April after passing the name check, but was fired May 5, as he failed the fingerprint check.
The census hired about 600,000 people to work home visits in the last week of April, Fernando E. Armstrong, director for the Philadelphia region, told the Inquirer.
"When you are looking at 600,000 people going through this check, you can understand that it doesn't always work the way it should," Armstrong said.
JMC Ministries Response

This incident in New Jersey is now problem number 5 that we have heard people having from all over the country with the U.S Census and the Workers that are coming and knocking at peoples doors. This particular incident happened just 1 day after the incident we had here in Ohio with a U.S Census Worker.

The Fact that the director of the Census Bureau in New Jersey was quoted in saying, "When you are looking at 600,000 people going through this check, you can understand that it doesn't always work the way it should."  

EXCUSE ME?!!!! How are you NOT going to take full responsibility for hiring people who should NOT be able to just come on your property and ask you questions that they could use like this man could have to rape and even kidnap the children living inside the home? This is why all businesses do background checks, to see if people are who they say they are and are not a danger to those they will be working with or interacting with.  How is the U.S Government saying that they are not responsible?!  Sorry Mr. Armstrong, We cannot understand your logic when you say the System that is set up to hire people to be Government employees isn't always going to work! That is WRONG!  The U.S Government is putting peoples lives in danger just to get us all in the Governments Data Base so they can keep tabs on us any means possible even if it means hiring criminals and registered Sex offenders.

We never did receive a phone call back from the Detroit Michigan Census Bureau Office that is over Ohio about our complaint about the woman who came to our home. And as we continue to hear these kinds of stories it is more and more clear that the U.S Government Census Doesn't care about the citizens of this country and will hire anyone they can to get all the information about you by any means necessary.
This man was fired thank goodness but as Mr. Armstrong stated that they hired 600,000 people and that the system isn't always going to work. So how many other criminals, sex offenders, rapists, etc have slipped through these background checks gave false information who haven't been caught yet? To us it is clear that Mr. Armstrong isn't too worried.  But America We need to be.  

One woman in Indiana woman who is handicapped  was raped last week by a Census Worker!  How many more people have to have these kinds of experiences? How many more people have to report that the U.S Government has hired Registered Sex Offenders before more action is taken to ensure the safety of American Citizens? Enough Is Enough! We must take a stand. 

JMC Ministries did by taking our story to our Local News Station in Ohio, Talking about it on our JMC LIVE show and continuing to cover these kinds of stories here on the Eternal Flame News. The Truth Sets you free so share this with your friends and family and protect yourself. Make sure that if a Census Worker comes to your door you get their name,  badge number everything even what kind of car they are driving and the license plate number if the person is asking you questions that you feel they shouldn't be asking or seem suspicious. And make to call the U.S Census Bureau for your State or Town.  Don't be afraid to take a stand for your family and your neighborhood you may just be saving someones life like this woman did by getting this Registered Sex Offender off the Streets and coming to peoples homes disguised as a U.S Census Worker.

FEMA Photographer Finds Salvation Army Logo Offensive

JMC Ministries Response
JMC Ministries has been involved with the salvation army for 6 years. We have volunteered helping with their children programs, bell ringing at christmas time, even playing music for their church services here in chillicothe Ohio. 
For someone to find the Salvation Army logo offensive like this FEMA worker did, even to go as far as telling these volunteers that he won’t take their picture if they don’t change their shirt is just ridiculous. 
If it was us we would have told the man to not take our picture. How does wearing the Salvation Army Logo on a t-shirt offends someone more than these t-shirts and clothes people wear today that have some of the most horrible language on them and are so revealing that little is left to the imagination of what the person looks like underneath?
If Christians and faith based people helping to rebuild their communities and helping those in need are so bad, then why aren’t the atheists, and others who don’t want religion in anything out their beside the Salvation Army volunteers helping their community? Where are you non-religious people who want to make a difference in your community, help the poor, hungry, and needy? Why aren’t you standing up beside the Salvation Army and all the others who are there helping to rebuild peoples homes since it is so offensive to have faith based organizations and people helping?
We can only thank FEMA for taking a stand against what this person for what he did to these people who just wanted to make a difference in their community by being an example of What Jesus called us to do as Christians.

Texas Homeless Student Becomes Validictorian of His School


HOUSTON - By all accounts, he's the best kind of kid, the kind with plenty of reasons not to be.
"Those things that you experience, that you live through, that you witness, I think they shape the character you become," Victor Cardenas says.

Cardenas is a film student at Houston's Furr High school who picked up a camera last year and crafted a haunting story.
The tale he told was his own.

"We never had money, we never had food. My mother didn't care that she had four kids," Cardenas tells his own camera in the film he dubbed "Being Victor".
"It was knives, guns and it was people ending up in the hospital. It was my own family ending up in the hospital. She kicked out my brothers, she kicked out me and it was on our own. I was 14 years-old," he says during a tightly framed monologue within the film.

"Being Victor" it seems, meant, being homeless.
For far too many nights, he bedded down, as best he could, on a park bench in Denver Harbor.
A throw away kid, ashamed and alone.

"I guess I didn't want to say anything, to anybody," he explains.
This is where many stories end badly, but not this one, not by a long shot.

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