Friday, March 1, 2013

Sex Tourists: Brazil Fights 'Out of Control' Child Exploitation

Projects off to a good start; your help needed to finish strong

Mexico (MNN) ― In Latin America's third largest country, God's Word is going forth in growing numbers.
According to Operation World, evangelical Christianity is growing in Mexico. Many are seeking a true faith beyond the spiritism and empty religious practices that surround them.
Audio Scripture Ministries translation, recording, and distribution projects have withstood the tests of persecution, natural disasters and civil unrest. Now ASM missionaries are making headway on several projects that need your prayer to reach completion.
In southern Mexico, the Nahuatl multi-voice New Testament recording needs ten different voices, but few readers are willing and able to do the work. A different project in the region also needs readers to record and edit 3 New Testaments.


China's Plan to Eradicate House Churches Sees Dramatic Increase in Persecution

February 19, 2013|12:07 pm

China's Christians felt a noticeable rise in persecution in 2012 as the Communist government began the first of a three-phase plan to eradicate unregistered house churches, a new report says.

Cases of persecution of Christians rose by about 42 percent last year compared with 2011, according to the report by human rights group China Aid. With the number of persecuted Christians rising by roughly 14 percent and detentions by nearly 12 percent, overall persecution was about 13 percent worse than in 2011 – though China Aid termed its statistics just "the tip of the iceberg."
At least 132 cases of persecution affecting 4,919 Christians – 442 of whom were clergy – were reported in the country last year, according to China Aid's annual report. The Texas-based group tracked detention of at least 1,441 Christians, the sentencing of nine of them, and the abuse – verbal, mental and physical, including beatings and torture – of 37 Christians.

Arrests and Torture of Christians Continues in Libya

February 24, 2013|3:51 pm

Arrests continue of Christians accused of proselytizing in Libya, with a total of seven now known to be in custody including one reported to have been tortured, sources said.

Four expatriate Christians in the eastern coastal town of Benghazi were arrested on Feb. 10, accused of proselytizing. Libya's Preventative Security Unit arrested the Egyptian, South African, Korean and dual Swedish-American Christians, who have yet to be officially charged.
On Feb. 13, Preventative Security officers picked up two more Egyptian Christians, and another Egyptian Christian was arrested by Feb. 16, sources said. All the detainees were being held in Benghazi. It was unclear what led to their arrests.

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