Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Judge Rules Student Can Wear Rosary To School

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A federal judge issued permission Tuesday to allow a 7th grader who was suspended for wearing a rosary to return to school.

U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Kahn issued a Temporary Restraining Order to the school district that allows 13-year-old Raymond Hosier to resume classes and wear the rosary to school starting Wednesday.

The American Center for Law and Justice, which represented Raymond, had only filed the federal lawsuit against the Schenectady City School District Tuesday morning.

“We’re delighted that Raymond can now return to school with his rosary in place,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ. “This is an important first step in the legal process in what we believe will ultimately result in the federal district court determining that the punishment inflicted by the school district by suspending Raymond for wearing a rosary not only was wrong, but violated his constitutionally-protected rights of free speech and free exercise of religion.”

Raymond had been wearing the rosary since September 2009 to honor the memory of an older brother who died in a bike accident with the same rosary in his hand. School officials argued that the rosary violated the school district’s dress code policy and that it falls under gang-related symbols.

But for months Raymond wore the rosary without causing any disturbances, ACLJ attorneys pointed out. In May, however, he was suspended multiple times for wearing the beaded religious symbol. Authorities at Oneida Middle School asked Raymond to tuck the rosary inside his shirt, but he refused and was subsequently suspended.

In the complaint, ACLJ asserted that Raymond is not a member of any criminal gang and does not wear the rosary to promote gang membership or violence.

The ACLJ wants the court to declare the disciplinary actions by school officials against Raymond unconstitutional. It also wants the court to rule that the school’s dress code policy is unconstitutional and to prevent it from being used to punish other students in the future.

A court hearing date for the case is set for June 11.


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BP Continues in Fight to Stop Oil Spill

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Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said Tuesday that BP is in the middle of its first major pipe cut in the company's latest bid to contain the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Allen, the national incident commander, said it could be as many as three days before oil can be contained and siphoned to the surface. BP has another major cut to do before a cap can be lowered on to the leak.

It's the company's latest attempt to contain the leak. The effort to plug the spill failed over the weekend and the best chance to stop the gusher is now at least two months away.

Robot submarines carried equipment and cut small pipes at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico on Monday to prepare to place a new containment valve over the blown-out well this week, while BP crews began working on yet another containment plan that could be added after the cut-and-cap effort.

The giant British oil company could begin cutting through the riser that's spewing oil and gas into the Gulf as soon as Wednesday, after which they will attempt to place the cap-like containment device that would siphon the mixture to the surface.

In a new plan announced Monday, BP said that after it places the containment valve over the leaking riser, it plans to connect a pipe to a separate opening on the blowout preventer at the blown-out well to suck oil to the surface. The opening is the same one they used to inject mud during the failed top kill procedure over the weekend, and the new effort will re-use some of the machinery left on the ocean floor.

BP said in a news release that the new maneuver would supplement the cut-and-cap procedure and help keep more oil from leaking into the gulf. That mission could start in mid-June.

In another step announced Monday, BP said it was also working on building a sturdier, free-standing pipe to carry oil from its containment efforts toward the surface. This new free-standing pipe would end about 300 feet (90 meters) below the surface, and a flexible hose would carry the oil the rest of the way to a surface ship. It's intended to give BP a way to disconnect its containment pipes in the event of a hurricane, and reconnect them after a storm.

BP said the construction of the free-standing riser, which crews could begin in late June or early July, would provide a "more permanent" way to capture the oil and gas as crews work to finish a pair of relief wells expected to plug the gusher for good. The first of the wells isn't expected to be completed before August.

BP didn't return calls seeking further comment on the new plans.

The company has repeatedly failed to stop the leak, which has gushed millions of gallons (liters) of oil into the Gulf of Mexico since an oil rig exploded on April 20, killing 11. The most ambitious attempt, called the "top kill," involved trying to force heavy-mud down the well and then seal it with cement. But BP engineers were forced to call it off Saturday when it failed to suppress the oil and gas oozing to the surface.

New Jersey: Under Cover Census Worker Exposes Fraud

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by James O'Keefe

On April 27, 2010, I got a job with the United States Census Bureau in New Jersey. With a hidden camera, I caught four Census supervisors encouraging enumerators to falsify information on their time sheets. Over the course of two days of training, I was paid for four hours of work I never did. I was told to take a 70 minute lunch break, was given an hour of travel time to drive 10 minutes, and was told to leave work at 3:30pm. I resigned prior to doing any data collection but confronted Census supervisors who assured me, “no one is going to be auditing that that level,” and “nobody is going to be questioning it except for you.” Another Census supervisor only said he’d adjust my pay after I gave him a letter recanting my hours.

JMC Ministries Response
After finding this story we knew we had to share it with our readers here at Eternal Flame News. The U.S Census Bureau just keeps showing that they are a shading Business and "think" they can just get away with doing illegal activity and no one will say or do anything to stop them. I think they are finding out other wise that American Citizens are fet up with the way the Government is running this country even down to the way they do the Census.

We applaud this man for having the guts to expose the truth and what is really going on with the U.S Census.