Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Billy Graham Team Consoling Community Where 19 Firefighters Died

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
July 2, 2013|12:58 pm

Members of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team were sent out to Prescott, Ariz., to offer support to a community grieving after 19 firefighters lost their lives on Sunday in a scorching wildfire that continues to rage through the region.

"Our hearts go out to the families of those firefighters as well as the fire station," said Jack Munday, international director of the Billy Graham RRT. "Firefighters are like brothers."


Learning From Young Atheists: What Turned Them Off Christianity

By Eric Metaxas , Christian Post Contributor
July 2, 2013|10:10 am

It's something most Christian parents worry about: You send your kids off to college and when they come back, you find they've lost their faith. The prospect of this happening is why many parents nudge their kids towards Christian colleges, or at least schools with a strong Christian presence on campus.

But in many ways, the damage has been done long before our children set foot on campus. That's the message from a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly.
My friend Larry Taunton of the Fixed Point Foundation set out to find out why so many young Christians lose their faith in college. He did this by employing a method I don't recall being used before: He asked them.


Loss of 19 firemen in Arizona prompts chaplains' deployment

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 | by Tobin Perry

YARNELL, Ariz. (BP) -- After an out-of-control, lightning-induced fire in Yarnell, Ariz., killed 19 firefighters on Sunday, Southern Baptists are mobilizing disaster relief chaplains to walk alongside grieving families to offer spiritual support.

The deaths represented the worst firefighting tragedy in Arizona's history, the Phoenix daily Arizona Republic reported.

As of Monday morning, Arizona Southern Baptists had connected with local churches near Yarnell and were determining the needs of the impacted families. Chaplain teams are already on the way to the disaster, said Larry Hyde, the disaster relief director for the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention.

"Our response to hurting families is to help hurting people, not to make Baptists out of them," Hyde said. "We're just out there to support people's needs and share the love of Jesus at a time when their lives are falling apart."