Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Texas University Play Portraying Jesus as Homosexual CANCELLED

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A public outcry is being credited with getting a university in Texas to cancel a controversial play depicting Christ as a homosexual.

Critics say the play Corpus Christi is blasphemous. But the student at Tarleton State University in Stephenville who was directing the production said he chose it to help homosexual youths who may be struggling with their faith.
David Harris, a local preacher, was one of first to find out about the play at the school. Harris helped inform the public about the planned production through his local radio program. "We as Christians are the only advocates that Jesus Christ has," says the pastor. "And if we don't speak up for him, no one will."
Harris says when he protested to officials at Tarleton State, their initial response was that they had no choice but to protect students' First Amendment rights. The pastor questions that rationale.
"Had the play been as demeaning to one of the black leaders, or one of the Jewish leaders, or one of the leaders of Islam, they never would have allowed it to happen," he asserts. "So there is an unequal distribution of this First Amendment right."
The school eventually canceled the play, citing security reasons. But Harris says he knew of no threats -- just anger.
"Even Jesus had righteous indignation over things that were absolutely wrong and demeaning to his father," he points out. "And I don't know that it's wrong for a Christian to have righteous indignation over things that are wrong to Christianity and Christ in general."
The school says the production will not be rescheduled.


JMC Ministries Response

We shared this story here on Eternal Flame News Via a Video from CNN.

To see that U.S Citizens are speaking up and taking action and not just sitting by any longer shows that People are fet up and will no longer be silent.

We applaud this preacher and all who protested. Because they cannot ignore the cries of the people!

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U.S City Allows 1 Home bible Study Group to Continue While Possibly shutting down others

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By Bob Unruh
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Officials in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., who had ordered participants of a home Bible study either to purchase an unobtainable city permit to meet or shut down, now are relenting a little.

City officials have said the Bible study targeted earlier for banishment can continue to meet, but they are reserving the right to shut down other Bible studies.

WND reported when the dispute was developing.

Brad Dacus, whose Pacific Justice Institute is working on the case, said then it appeared city officials were deliberately choosing to close down the study, which had been ordered to cease by Good Friday.

But the institute now has confirmed Rancho Cucamonga has dropped its pending enforcement action against the group, although the way is not yet clear for others to meet.

Pacific Justice reported the mayor and other city officials even visited the Friday night Bible study last week.

Rancho Cucamonga officials had demanded that the small home Bible-study group stop meeting or apply to purchase a Conditional Use Permit that also would be required for a full church operation. Dacus said the study group has been meeting Friday nights and averages about 15 people. Members are affiliated with Shiloh Tabernacle, which rents a community center for Sunday services.

The city's letter insisted the study is not allowed because it is a "church," Dacus said. In the city, churches are required to obtain a Conditional Use Permit in residential areas.

"The city has also indicated that no CUP would be granted and the gatherings must cease by Good Friday, April 2," PJI said.

"However, while the city has dropped its enforcement action against the Bible study group, the city has indicated that it did so only because it determined that the Friday night group did not appear to be a 'church,'" according to a new Justice Institute report.

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Little Children Reenact “Scarface”


JMC Ministries Response

As we see on the news more and more of children shooting each other being hooked on drugs. This clearly will only influence children when they see this to want to go and do these horrible things that are portrayed by these little children.

To hear the man who put this “play” on supporting what he did and saying there is nothing wrong with children pretending to kill others and do drugs. Is so appalling. Not only that but what were the parents of these children thinking letting their kids participate in such a thing? We think that the reporter should not only have interviewed the guy who put on the “play” but also some of the parents and ask them why they thought it was good to allow their children to be be in this violent, murderous play?