Monday, December 14, 2009

Teen Violence is an every day reality and serious problem in America

JMC Ministries Response
Written by: Miranda Caverley
The reality of Teen Violence has finally hit the mainstream Media as you will see in this video by CNN.  It is frightening how many young people are involved in violence, or even murder on a daily bases.  The fact that the media hasn't been covering this for years just shows us that the world is unconcerned with the children of today.  As you will hear in the video even the parents of these children who are dishing out this violence are telling their kids "you gotta stand up for yourself" The parents are contributing to the violence, and the children are only doing what they see and are taught.  If we are going to prosecute the children for the violence, shouldn't the parents have some kind of punishment for teaching the children to behave this way?

Many of our articles we have posted on Eternal Flame News are about youth.  The reason why we continue to post these kinds of stories is to get the word out.  We have a generation of children that is in serious trouble America, and if we don't stand up and reach out to the children of today who are living this kind of lifestyle of violence, drugs, and sex we are going to lose them.  They are our future and if we don't bring them up with morals and the values our country was founded on I feel we are heading for very dark times in our Nation.

Teen Raises Money for Children in need this Christmas

At a time when most teenagers are thinking about their own Christmas presents, Tyler Noble is busy making Christmas brighter for 18 other teens.

Noble, an 18-year-old Zane Trace graduate has been collecting money for Project Hope, to help sponsor local families who need some help this holiday season.
"It actually started in October, I was watching 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' and the part where the little girl doesn't have anything for Christmas just kind of hit me," he said.

"A lot of the service organizations focus on kids up to age 12, so I wanted to do something for that other group of kids," he said.

Tyler raised $1,700, surpassing his goal of $1,500. He then went to Job and Family services to get the names of some local kids whose families might need some help this year. All the 18 kids Tyler is helping are between the ages of 13 and 18. He said kids in that age group often are left out this time of year.

JMC Ministries Response
written by Miranda Caverley

This article is from our local newspaper.  It is such a blessing to see young men of God stepping out of their comfort zones and making a difference in their community and schools.

I am also a graduate of Zane Trace High School, and I am proud to know there are young men walking through those halls carrying the gospel of the Lord in their hearts. I pray that many other students at Zane Trace and others across our community are influenced by what this young man has accomplished to help others.  It gives us hope in our future generations when we see Godly children rising up and setting themselves apart from the world and everything it says is "cool"

We thank you for not conforming to the ways of this world, being soldiers for Christ, and continue to carry HIS love to all the world.