Tuesday, January 22, 2013

American Pastor Barred from Iranian Trial - Unable to Address Bogus Charges

In a clear and continued blatant violation of human rights, Iran has continued the trial against American Pastor Saeed Abedini for his Christian faith today, but barred Saeed and his Iranian attorney from the courtroom.
Iranian prosecutors brought testimony against Pastor Saeed, attempting to force lay church leaders to testify against him before the infamous “hanging judge.”

Yesterday, we learned was the only day for Pastor Saeed to present a defense, but now he and his attorney have been shut out of the trial against him.

While the hearing was closed and Pastor Saeed and his attorney were not present, the ACLJ was able to confirm what occurred at the hearing through confidential first-hand sources who were present at the hearing. The ACLJ is not in a position to reveal the sources because of concern for their safety inside Iran.


The Man Who Birthed Evangelicalism

Carl Henry's complex legacy, 100 years after his birth.

One hundred years after his birth and a decade after his death, is it time to revisit Carl F.H. Henry? For many, the first question very well may be "Carl who?"

The answer is, the Carl Henry who invented post-World War II evangelicalism, the evangelicalism we are still in large measure living with today. If you want to understand the core passions of contemporary evangelicalism, you have to understand the passions of Carl Henry.

Henry did not invent post-war evangelicalism all by himself, of course. He had lots of help from Harold John Ockenga, the Strategist; Billy Graham, the Evangelist; Bill Bright, the Activist; Francis Schaeffer, the Apologist; and many others. But it was Henry more than anyone else who argued the case and set forth a compelling intellectual apologetic for what was called in those days the New Evangelicalism.

Noah Oldham: Empty on the Inside

'Hypersexualised' culture damaging women and children

Women and girls are being degraded by a "striptease" culture in Britain, the shadow health minister Diane Abbott will warn in a speech today.
She believes a "revolution in sex education" is needed to curb the premature sexualisation of children and young people.
In her speech to the Fabian Society's women network, she is expected to condemn sexualised advertising and music videos, "hypermasculinised" song lyrics, and the "sexualised figures of women in films that is now commonplace".
Ms Abbott will raise particular concern about the role that technology is playing, with "sexting" - where young people exchange sexually explicit text messages - increasingly regarded as normal.
"It's a hypersexualised British culture in which women are objectified, objectify one another, and are encouraged to objectify themselves; where homophobic bullying is normalised; and young boys' world view is shaped by hardcore American pornography and other dark corners of the internet," she will say.


Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

Asteroid-Mining Project Aims for Deep-Space Colonies

  A new asteroid-mining company launched Tuesday with the goal of helping humanity expand across the solar system by tapping the vast riches of space rocks.

The new firm, called Deep Space Industries, Inc., announced today (Jan. 22) that it plans to launch a fleet of prospecting spacecraft in 2015, then begin harvesting metals and water from near-Earth asteroids within a decade or so. Such work could make it possible to build and refuel spacecraft far above our planet's surface, thus helping our species get a foothold in the final frontier.

"Using resources harvested in space is the only way to afford permanent space development," Deep Space CEO David Gump said in a statement. Deep Space Industries will hold a press conference today in Santa Monica, Calif., at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST/1800 GMT) to unveil more details of its bold mission plan; you can watch the webcast live here at SPACE.com.