Friday, April 2, 2010

Texas Church Offers 4 million dollars in Prizes to Come to Their Easter Service

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CORPUS CHRISTI - How would you like to register for $4 million in prizes? One church is making you that offer in exchange for attending Easter Service. It's a big price tag and all the prizes collected came from the Coastal Bend.
Pastor Bil Cornelius spreads his ministry's message each weekend from Bay Area Fellowship on Weber. His message from God extends far beyond the building; his service runs nationally.
With Easter Week upon us, his message is getting an even bigger boost with a big giveaway.
"We've got two BMW's, we have an Audi, an Avalanche, we have a Mitsubishi Eclipse, a Jaguar," said Trish Fraizer, a spokesperson for the church.
From dresser drawers to cars, bedroom sets and even bikes; the total giveaway is valued at $4 million, the goal initially was to give away one million dollars in prizes.
"Our hope is someone that's never been here, that may come for the wrong reasons, comes here and we're able to plant a seed," explains Fraizer. That seed, they hope, will increase membership.
"You get the free gift of Heaven if you just accept Christ," said Pastor and Founder Cornelius.
The church spreads its message to about 7,000 members and every weekend, those members' donations bring in about $100,000 to the megachurch. It's money that goes back out into the community.
"It goes into facility operation, it goes into personnel cost, outreach, church planting, we start other churches we start other locations and community outreach programs as well," said Pastor Paul Schulz.
He tells us the goal is to double members in the next ten years.
This Easter giveaway may just help, either way, members say their only goal is to touch as many people as possible with the message of God.
"The overall goal is to let them hear about the message of Christ, ask him into their heart and leave saved, that's the overall goal," Fraizer said.
Bay Area Fellowship has 5 facilities in the Coastal Bend and one in San Marcos.
JMC Ministries Response

It just amazes us how churches today will use anything to get people to come to church even when it compromises the Holy Scriptures.

Did Jesus say, come follow me and I will give you a Car, or a laptop, or even a Flatscreen TV? NO! He said He offered what the world could not give, Everlasting Life! He said that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He said he would provide for our needs. A flat-screen TV is definitely not one of those needs or even a luxury automobile.

We ourselves have seen churches here in Ohio giving out money and gift cards to get gas, go to restaurants, and stores. If their members bring so many people to church on Sundays. 
How is this biblical when Jesus seeing people selling things and exchanging money in the church turned over the tables of those selling goods in the synagogue and told them that it is wrong. If Jesus were here in the flesh today He would do the same thing to these churches. 

The 4 million dollars that will be spent to "bribe" people to come to church should be used to help people in need. Think about how many people you could help who are homeless, unemployed, on the verge of losing their homes etc. Thousands Could be helped!

When I read about this church I see no difference between them and a Rent A Center or a Car Sales Man offering prizes to the first few customers through the door. Or How some car dealer ships send you mail saying "if you bring in this key you could win a new car" It is a gimmick.
Jesus and the disciples did not need a gimmick they spoke TRUTH and offered what man and the world could not. This church offers expensive material things that will rot and rust to get you to fill their seats and hopefully see you give your life to God. But honestly What God is this church serving? That is the 4 million dollar Question there.

People will only come to this church if they think they can walk away with a materialistic prize when the Real Prize is being overshadowed....A relationship with Jesus Christ and Everlasting life.

We must pray Brothers and Sisters in Christ that people not be deceived by materialistic things and see the Truth and know that they don't need all that stuff just to want to go to church and worship our Lord. Jesus Didn't need a gimmick and neither do we.

Obama Makes Fun of Those Who Are Against Health Care Reform


JMC Ministries Response

To hear Obama riling up the crowd and making fun of those who don’t want his Government Health Care Clearly shows that he does not care what the American People want or think.

Obama’s approval rating is the lowest since he has been in office after he signed the Health Care Reform Bill. His rating is 44%. But hearing this crowd you would not know that.

More Americans are against Obama than for him. This crowd of people applauding. cheering and even booing at those who are against the health care do not make up the majority. They are the minority!

To hear the president make fun of me, my family and friends is very upsetting because it just shows he has no respect for Americans that want FREEDOM and not More BIG Government running everything in our country! We must NOT Let our voices be silenced, we must keep fighting and stand up for our Freedoms and rights that Obama clearly wants to take away.