Friday, November 5, 2010

Zach Howell Chairman, College Republican National Committee Thanks Jeremy Caverley Vice President of Ohio University-Chillicothe College Republicans

Dear Jeremy,

What a week to be a Conservative! On Tuesday, we made history. We elected the largest Republican majority in the House in 70 years, and cut deeply into the Democrat majority in the Senate. We've elected strong leaders who will restore fiscal responsibility, and begin to push back on the damaging policies put in place by the liberal majority over the past four years. I'm proud to say that together, we have played a major part in this historic victory.

College Republicans nationally accounted for 65,000 volunteer hours on behalf of Republican candidates. More than 30,000 new College Republican volunteers were recruited in the two months leading up to Election Day, and in total, these volunteers made more than two million voter contacts. College Republicans were the ground troops that made this victory possible, and we couldn't have done it without your generous assistance. You have been a vital part of our team.

With Election Day behind us, we at the College Republican National Committee are turning our attention to the battles ahead. Liberal professors will still be working to brainwash another generation of American college students, and we will be working just as hard to restore intellectual balance on campus. President Obama will still be pursuing failed tax and spend policies, and we will be working to educate young Americans on the perils they face as a result of this unsustainable fiscal policy. The Democratic Party will begin its efforts to recreate the army of young people that helped propel the President to power, and we will continue to mobilize the students who delivered the President a humbling defeat on November 2nd. Our work goes on, and I want you to know how vital your continued support will be to our efforts.

Thank you again for all you have done for the College Republican National Committee and our country.

With Gratitude,

Zach Howell
Chairman, College Republican National Committee