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Christ in the Capital of the World

How global Christians are revitalizing NYC far beyond Manhattan.

On a brisk October Saturday in 2012, hundreds of teenagers, young adults, and youth leaders gathered at Battery Park in Manhattan. In earlier days, the historic public park facing New York Harbor was the first place to receive immigrants from Europe and elsewhere. But this morning, it received members of black and Latino Pentecostal churches nestled throughout Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The crowd donned T-shirts and jerseys proclaiming God Belongs in My City (GBIMC). They were embarking on a rolling prayer meeting that would make its way from the southern tip of Manhattan up to Times Square.
The youth were not tourists. They did not gape at architectural landmarks like the Flatiron and Empire State along the way. Instead, they sang and laughed as they walked and talked, texted, and tweeted about their journey. Many stopped to scribble GBIMC and John 3:16 in chalk on the sidewalks. They walked the city with purpose and possibility. They knew where they were going.

Have you shared the Gospel lately?

USA (MNN) ― You may have heard that U.S. young people are leaving the Church in droves. According to a 2012 report from the Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project, the number of people who don't identify with religion is growing at a rapid pace.
"One-fifth of the U.S. public--and one-third of adults under 30--are religiously unaffiliated today, the highest percentages ever in Pew Research Center polling," the October 9 report states. "In the last five years alone, the unaffiliated have increased from just over 15% to just under 20% of all U.S. adults.

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ANAYSIS: Egypt, Coptic Christians & turmoil

EDITOR'S NOTE: Michael H. Edens is professor of theology and Islamic studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and an emeritus missionary who served 25 years in the Middle East with Southern Baptists' International Mission Board.

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -- The news from the banks of the Nile River has left many without hope of ever understanding from the outside what has happened over the past several months in Egypt, especially in recent weeks. We live in a small world deeply affected by other places which operate within different cultures. This is true of Egypt. What is important there differs from here. Let's look at various aspects of this reality.

Egyptians expect a stable strong ruler. However, the decades of dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak made them wary of that style of leadership. After deposing the dictator, Egyptians elected Mohamed Morsi by a slim majority, and he soon began to install men in governing functions whose only qualification was their Muslim Brotherhood party membership. The economy and other vital parts of Egyptian life began to deteriorate in his first year of office.

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Promise Keepers Lead Rally to 'Revive Detroit'

Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’

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Student volunteers impact cities in path toward lifelong service

NEW YORK (BP) -- Student missionary Season Helms can pinpoint the day last year when she began to look at New York City and urban ministry differently. Traveling with friends on the subway, Helms spotted a young woman dressed less than modestly.

As Helms looked beyond her clothing to the puffy eyes, scrapes and bruises, she saw a girl obviously in pain. Helms and her friends soon learned the girl had been attacked at Coney Island and her phone, money and extra clothing had been taken from her, leaving her with only a swimsuit. Helms and her friends helped the girl find more clothing to wear, connect with her friends and begin to heal her wounds.

"Then we got an opportunity to talk to her about God," said Helms, who later wrapped up her term as a North American Mission Board student missionary. "She told us that God couldn't love her. She had done too many bad things. Her perceived absence of the Lord in her life had led her to believe He wasn't there and He didn't love her."


More Details Emerge on 'Left Behind' Remake

ilming is underway in Baton Rouge, La., for the reboot movie version of the best-selling, end-times thriller Left Behind.
Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher in the 2009 film The Blind Side, has been cast in the role of Simon, a cameraman who is traveling to London when almost half of the passengers on his flight suddenly vanish into thin air, The Hollywood Reporter said.
The project is being developed by Cloud Ten Pictures, which released the first film adaptation of the book in 2000, following it with two other installments from the successful series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins—which have sold more than 64 million copies since the first title came out in 1995.
Featuring the tagline "Some were saved, and some were...," the remake stars Nicolas Cage (Rayford Steele), Chad Michael Murray (Buck Williams), Cassi Thomson (Chloe Steele), Nicky Whelan (Hattie Durham) and Jordin Sparks (Shasta).


American Bible Society Opens .BIBLE Domain; Called a 'Move From Gutenberg to Google'

American Bible Society Opens .BIBLE Domain; Called a 'Move From Gutenberg to Google'

Report: Iranian Man Jailed for Christianity - Middle East - News - Israel National News

Report: Iranian Man Jailed for Christianity - Middle East - News - Israel National News

School Shooter Taken Down By Bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff HERO Interview

Guideposts Reaches Program Milestone: Comfort Kits Touches 100,000th Child

DANBURY, Conn., Aug. 19, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Emergency Department professionals at Broward Health North (BHN) in Deerfield Beach, Fla. see more than 7,500 pediatric patients every year for all types of medical problems and injuries. Earlier this year, the hospital introduced Comfort Kits to help soothe anxious children who are being treated. "I knew as soon as I had seen these kits that Broward Health North's Emergency Department needed them immediately," said Kathy Zizzo, Emergency Department patient representative. "We've had great response from kids and their parents."
An equal delight for the professionals came when the hospital was informed that a board-certified emergency room physician recently helped Guideposts achieve a major milestone. "We were very excited to find out we provided the 100,000th Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kit to one of our pediatric patients," said Pauline Grant, CEO of BHN. "We strive to provide a five-star experience to all of our patients, and these kits more than support our goals, they give children a boost during a difficult time."
Since the program was launched seven years ago through a collaboration with Chaplain Anna Gentile from the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, N.Y., Comfort Kits have made their way to 48 states where they are distributed free of charge to medical facilities for children who are sick or injured. The "small box with the big impact" contains a cuddly yellow stuffed star named Sparkle, a child-friendly journal that enables them to express their feelings and find inner strength, an "I'm Special" bracelet, and much more. These kits are specially designed to help youngsters cope with the uncertainty, discomfort and stress of being hospitalized or undergoing treatment.
"We are delighted that Comfort Kits have been distributed to 100,000 children nationwide and thrilled that the program continues to grow," said Rhonda R. Neal, Manager of Guideposts Outreach Services. "It is an achievement of which we could only dream when we began this program in 2006. The Comfort Kits program is just one way in which Guideposts continues to uplift people of all ages in their time of greatest need."
In the words of one parent ..."when my daughter was just out of surgery, she really enjoyed hugging the star. After that she filled out the journal and put stickers on some of the pages that she liked. She also liked the ball. My daughter is 6 years old and got her tonsils taken out. Thank you and your donors so much. This expression of love from strangers to our little girl meant so much to our family." Sara
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About Guideposts: Guideposts (, a nonprofit organization, touches millions of lives every day through products and services that inspire, encourage, and uplift. Its magazines, books, websites, prayer network, and outreach programs help people connect their faith-filled values to their daily lives. Its flagship title, Guideposts, reaches six million readers. The Guideposts family also includes, Summerside Press, Candy Cane Press, Ideals, and Williamson imprints.

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Christian Mother's 'Morning Sex?' Blog About Nude Scene During 'Good Morning America' Goes Viral

Christian Mother's 'Morning Sex?' Blog About Nude Scene During 'Good Morning America' Goes Viral

Paralyzed bride keeps vow to walk down the aisle on wedding day Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

Rowan Williams tells 'persecuted' western Christians to grow up

Former archbishop of Canterbury says UK and US Christians exaggerate 'mild discomfort', and gay friends may feel let down

Christians in Britain and the US who claim that they are persecuted should "grow up" and not exaggerate what amounts to feeling "mildly uncomfortable", according to Rowan Williams, who last year stepped down as archbishop of Canterbury after an often turbulent decade.
"When you've had any contact with real persecuted minorities you learn to use the word very chastely," he said. "Persecution is not being made to feel mildly uncomfortable. 'For goodness sake, grow up,' I want to say."


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Virginia Youth Group Reads the Entire Bible in Public

Thursday, August 8, 2013

24/7 Christian Prayer Movement Sweeps Muslim Indonesia

George Thomas/CBN News 

A powerful prayer movement is rising in the world's largest Muslim nation. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Indonesian Christians intercede for their country.
It was a scene never witnessed before in Indonesia's history.
"I don't know another nation on earth like Indonesia where the church has become so passionate and united in prayer," Tom Victor, with the American-based Great Commission Coalition, said.

‘Lord of the Rings’ Actor Opens Up About His Christian Faith

Actor Sean Astin has had a long-standing career in Hollywood. From starring as Mikey in “The Goonies” to his role as Samwise Gamgee in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, he has entertained and inspired audiences for decades. In a new interview with Beliefnet’s John W. Kennedy, Astin recently discussed his career, his faith and a Christian movie he recently filmed called “Mom’s Night Out.”


Priest Prays for Rescue Crew & Trapped Girl Then Disappears

The riddle of the 'angel priest': Holy man appeared from nowhere to pray with trapped girl and rescuers in traffic accident, told them she would be OK and then vanished

  • Katie Lentz was hit head-on by a drunk driver on Sunday morning on an isolated stretch of Missouri highway
  • Emergency workers battled for over an hour to rescue her but they couldn't free her from the car wreck
  • Lentz requested a moment of prayer and a priest appeared - even though the road was blocked off
  • He prayed and told the rescuers that Lentz would now be freed - and she was
  • They turned to thank him - but he was gone

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Former Disney Star Debuts Song About Jesus: 'All I've Ever Needed:'

By Tyler O'Neil , CP Contributor
August 6, 2013|4:37 pm

AJ Michalka, 22-year-old singer and actress known for Disney-promoted teen pop songs with her sister Aly, released a new song about returning to faith in Jesus after living a prodigal life.

"All I've Ever Needed," a preview song for the upcoming film "Grace Unplugged," tells the story of a "prodigal girl" who leaves her home, family, and faith to seek her fame and fortune in the music industry. At the pinnacle of her "success," she realizes how much she needs God.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Air Force Chaplain's Asst. Faces Punishment for Christian Beliefs

By Todd Starnes, CP Op-Ed Contributor
August 6, 2013|12:03 pm

An Air Force chaplain's assistant said she was accused of creating a "hostile and antagonistic" environment after she posted a message on her personal Facebook page calling homosexuality a sin.

Her Facebook message read:
"A lot ticked off, now to all my gay friends you know I care about you so don't think otherwise. I'm watching this documentary and this gay guy went to a church and the Pastor was telling him that he needs to embrace his way and know that it is not a sin. Ok umm wow, dude it is. I'm sick of people making Gods word what it's not. Yes God loves you as a person but He hates the sin. Tired of hearing about Pastors being ok with homosexuality."


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23 States File Joint Brief in U.S. Supreme Court in Support of Town Hall Prayers in Jesus’ Name

The states of Texas and Indiana have co-authored an amicus brief joined by 21 other states in an effort to demonstrate support for a case before the U.S. Supreme Court surrounding town hall prayers that are predominantly in Jesus’ name.
As previously reported, in May of the this year, the court accepted the case of Town of Greece v. Galloway, a legal challenge that centers on the invocations that are offered at town hall meetings in Greece, New York, just outside of Rochester.

23 States File Joint Brief in U.S. Supreme Court in Support of Town Hall Prayers in Jesus’ Name

OLDER WOMEN: The Invisible Generation of the Church

Youth-focused Christianity may be sidelining the gifts of older women.

Calif. Bust Highlights Dangers of Sex Trafficking

Christian Girls Being Snatched by Islamist Traffickers

Jase and Missy from Duck Dynasty on Saving Themselves for Marriage

Jase and Missy from Duck Dynasty on Saving Themselves for Marriage from kloveradio on GodTube.

Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life-Changing Final Speech

Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life-Changing Final Speech from untilweflyaway on GodTube.

2 Year-Old Has a DARLING Reaction to Her Soldier Daddy's Homecoming

2 Year-Old Has a DARLING Reaction to Her Soldier Daddy's Homecoming from yabbadabbadoo on GodTube.