Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unemployed In Kentucky Rally In Protest of Congress Not Extending Unemployment Benefits

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By: Rachel Collier -

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB-Fox 41)--Unemployment benefits are running out for thousands, and some Kentuckians are lashing out at a senator they are blaming for the problem.

Some held a rally together to get Washington's attention right outside of Senator Mitch McConnell's office Wednesday.

Protesters cheer as cars roll by and honk, and for them, the more honks the better. They want their message heard loud and clear: "Can you hear us Senator McConnell? Can you hear us?" they chant. They want Senator Mitch McConnell and other Republicans to stop blocking an extension of unemployment benefits.

Brenda Johnson was laid off sixteen months ago, and her benefits have just now run out. "It's so hard right now to find a job, you know, I'm not used to this. I don't want to be beggin' people."

A large group of unemployed workers and labor activists rallied outside McConnell's office, and say they are fed up. "I call for solidarity!" one woman shouted through a megaphone.

"He don't have to worry about where his next meal is or how he's going to pay a bill," said Johnson.

"Without that pay right there, people have to be concerned about being able to keep their homes, being able to feed their families, and the continuation of life," said protester Kirk Gillenwaters, "but unfortunately Mitch doesn't see fit to extend these benefits and the toll it's taking on the people across the state of Kentucky and the United States."

A small group actually tried to go and talk to the senator. They were able to speak to a spokesperson who said McConnel is in support of extending benefits, but in a fiscally responsible manner. "What we're not willing to do," said the senator in a previous statement, "is use worthwhile programs as an excuse to burden our children and grandchildren with an even bigger national debt than we've got."

Below is our JMC LIVE Video Showing How The Unemployment Statistics Are Not Accurate and That the number of unemployed people are much higher than what you are being told

The protesting and people riling up like this is only going to get worse. As more and more men and women lose their benefits and still cannot find work. They will grow more and more desperate to feed and house their families. If we don't help these people who are struggling and are adamantly trying to find work with no success then these people will be forced into drastic measures. Crime will rise, murders, and suicides are going to grow and people will start to lose all hope. We must as the United States Of America help them.

Judge Says OK To Woman's Plan To Desecrate American Flag

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Worker Has Worries For Gulf Coast Workers Health

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Anchorage, Alaska (CNN) -- Two decades ago, Roy Dalthorp helped clean up the rocky shores of Prince William Sound after the tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground, producing what was then the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

Today, with that record surpassed by the 11-week-old disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Dalthorp struggles to breathe. He coughs, and his failing eyes sometimes tear up uncontrollably.

Dalthorp told CNN that he was "slowly poisoned" during the Alaska cleanup effort -- and he says some of those now working to clean up the BP spill off Louisiana and neighboring states are risking the same fate.

BP says it is working with federal health and environmental regulators to make sure cleanup workers are protected from the hazards of the Gulf spill. But observers like Rikki Ott, an environmental activist who studied the Exxon Valdez spill, said cleanup workers in the Gulf are showing "the exact identical symptoms down here that we had 21 years ago."

Dalthorp says his troubles started when the then-out-of-work oil worker joined the Exxon Valdez cleanup effort. For six weeks, he lived and worked aboard a ship that ran boilers to heat sea water. The 120- to 140-degree water was used to blast crude off the shoreline, and it left plumes of oily-smelling steam in the surrounding air.

"I had no choices, because I was behind on my house payments, and no health insurance," he said.

Soon he began to cough. Teams from the Environmental Protection Agency were monitoring the cleanup, but "nobody ever checked with us," Dalthorp said.

Tanker owner Exxon paid to study the effects of the spill on nearly every creature that came into contact with the 11 million gallons that were dumped into Prince William Sound -- except people.

"Clams and mussels, to fish and otters, to ducks and eagles, and even deer and bears," said Anchorage lawyer Dennis Mestas, who represented another worker who was involved in the cleanup. "But they never studied what this oil was doing to the workers -- to the human beings in Prince William Sound."

Mestas warns history may be repeating itself thousands of miles away in the Gulf of Mexico, with evidence of workers getting sick, and their medical records being controlled by BP.

The Face of America's Homeless Youth

Children with no mommy or daddy taking care of them, and no home. Some pregnant living in tents about to give birth to a child that will be homeless. Children wondering from place to place looking for food and a place to stay. Will you help these Children and Teens? They need your help. In every city, town, village there are children struggling with homelessness. Some may not be living on the streets but jumping from home to home crashing on a couch, floor and if lucky a bed. These Children need all of us to help have a chance at a better life. This is an epidemic that is occurring in America today. Most homeless people today are children and families, no longer the stigma guys with drinking problems who are "bums" The face of homelessness is Children and Single Parents struggling to stay alive during the Economic Crisis we are facing in America. We need to help them in any way we can.

United Kingdom: Man Discovers Largest Roman Coin Collection In British History

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One of the largest ever finds of Roman coins in Britain has been made by a man using a metal detector.

The hoard of more than 52,000 coins dating from the 3rd Century AD was found buried in a field near Frome in Somerset.

The coins were found in a huge jar just over a foot (30cm) below the surface by Dave Crisp, from Devizes in Wiltshire.

"I have made many finds over the years, but this is my first major coin hoard," he said.

After his metal detector gave a "funny signal", Mr Crisp says he dug down 14in before he found what had caused it.

"I put my hand in, pulled out a bit of clay and there was a little Radial, a little bronze Roman coin. Very, very small, about the size of my fingernail."

Mr Crisp reported the find to the authorities, allowing archaeologists to excavate the site.

Since the discovery in late April, experts from the Portable Antiquities Scheme at the British Museum have been working through the find.

The coins were all contained in a single clay pot. Although it only measured 18in (45cm) across, the coins were packed inside and would have weighed an estimated 160kg (350lb).