Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chillicothe, OH Presidential Voter Discussion Panel

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WTVN) -- It was pizza and politics in Chillicothe Wednesday night. About a dozen or so people gathered around a large television in Jerry's Pizza to watch the first debate between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.

LISTEN to the some of the "Live" responses to the event including our very own Jeremy Caverley!

Jeremy is in this part!

Jeremy Caverley has seen the highs and lows in life. He is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and now a full-time student. He has been homeless and used up all 99 weeks of unemployment assistance.

"I still have a single e-mail account that has over 1,000 jobs applied for in that 99 weeks. I didn't find a job," he said.

His wife has been diagnosed with Chrone's Disease and requires shots that cost nearly $10,000. He's backing Romney.

"When Romney would bring up a fact Obama seemed to have a harder time to respond," he said.

Everyone in the group said they would watch the next couple of debates.