Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leaving Homosexuality: The Real Power Of My Testimony

by Matt Moore

I  used to think that the power of my testimony was in my conversion experience, so over the past few years whenever I have had the opportunity to talk or write about my testimony, I have had a tendency to go back to 2010 and relive the details of how bad I was and how deep in sin I was--- in order to demonstrate how shocking it was that I was brought out of all those activities so suddenly. Surely, God did glorify Himself in yanking me out of the depths of my depraved behavior. His power was seen clearly in that experience and I will continue to tell people about that. But, over the past year or so, what I’ve become even more convinced of is that the real power of my testimony lies in the continuation of my faith in Jesus Christ, rather than just the initial profession.
When I came out of the homosexual lifestyle, the reactions of those around me varied, but one thing was pretty certain among most: “Matt’s just going through a phase.” Parts of my family supported me and parts of my family were perplexed by me. Most of my friends ceased communication with me, but the ones that remained in my life I could tell didn't take what I was saying and doing seriously. I think that overall, everyone wished me well, but at the same time were sure that sooner rather than later I would embrace homosexuality as good and right again…..but maybe be a little more “tame” this time around. By this point, in January of 2013, I’m sure that nearly every one expected me to have “returned to my senses.”


Building bridges–under a bridge

 by Ed Welch | Jan. 25, 2013

Kevin Carter and his team are building bridges in Greensboro, N.C.

Although they aren’t engineers, they are building bridges in a figurative sense as they reach out to the city’s homeless, meeting them quite literally where they are.


A Bad Economy or Is the Church Losing America's Heart?

By Leonardo Blair , CP Contributor
January 29, 2013|5:45 pm

Americans are giving more to charity but the church is increasingly getting less of the goodwill from their pockets. How much less? At least $1 billion worth of it, says the Atlas of Giving, and that's only what's predicted for this year alone.

Despite positive growth in overall charitable donations from Americans in the last three years, religious organizations can expect more than $1 billion less in giving this year than they collected in 2012, according to a report released this month by the Atlas of Giving.
Recognized as the most precise measure of charitable giving in the United States and accounting for the entire giving economy, the Atlas of Giving notes in its 2012 report that while religion remains the largest giving sector in America, its share of the pie will decline from 36 percent to 35 percent this year despite overall increases in charitable giving.
Americans gave $345.93 billion in charitable donations in 2011. In 2012, overall charitable donations increased by 6.7 percent to just over $369 billion. This year, charitable giving, largely fueled by individuals, is expected to increase 1.6 percent to $375.13 billion, according to the report.

Calif. Christian School Sues Ex-Teachers Over Proof of Faith Dispute

By Leonardo Blair , CP Contributor
January 29, 2013|6:54 pm

A Christian school in Southern California has recently filed its own lawsuit against two of its former teachers who had sued the school for being fired after refusing to provide proof of their Christian faith.

The Little Oaks School in Thousand Oaks filed a lawsuit in federal court last Wednesday, claiming its right to hire teachers who subscribe to the school's Christian belief, arguing that its hiring practice is protected by civil rights laws at both the state and federal levels.

More than 50,000 Pro-Lifers Fill SF's Civic Center Plaza at Walk For Life West Coast

Pope Benedict XVI honors Walk for Life West Coast on 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade
Record crowd tops 50,000, fills main S.F. thoroughfare for more than 1 mile
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 27, 2013/Christian Newswire/ -- Pope Benedict XVI commended the "outstanding public witness to the fundamental human right to life" of the Walk for Life West Coast, in a special message delivered by his delegate to tens of thousands gathered in front of San Francisco's City Hall January 26.
Photo: Jong Arcega
The ninth annual Walk for Life West Coast rally at Civic Center Plaza filled the plaza, before participants walked the two miles from City Hall to the Ferry Building, traveling through the heart of the city's shopping and financial districts. More than to 50,000 participated, organizers estimated.
Pope Benedict XVI's representative to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano delivered a message from the pope along with his papal blessing. Pope Benedict's message, which was also sent out on a Vatican Twitter feed, said, "His Holiness is grateful to all those who take part in this outstanding public witness to the fundamental human right to life and to the moral imperative of upholding the inviolable dignity of each member of our human family, especially the smallest and the most defenseless of our brothers and sisters."
"You are a powerful witness that God's truth cannot be silenced," said San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, who blessed participants to begin the event. "Yes, we are here to stay because life is good and life is holy."
The speakers at the Walk included Lacey Buchanan, the mother of a disabled child; Elaine Riddick, who was forcibly sterilized by the state of North Carolina at age 14; Kelly and Matthew Clinger who regret their abortions; and the Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr., who has spoken at nearly every Walk since its founding in 2005.
"Truth is rising up and you are the picture of that truth," said Rev. Childress to loud cheers. "We will not draw back until every child is free."
A Jumbotron displaying a graphic video of aborted children was set up by an anti-abortion group midway along the Walk route, despite efforts by Walk organizers to dissuade the group from playing the video.
Founded in 2005 by a group of San Francisco Bay Area residents, the Walk for Life West Coast's mission is to change the perception of a society that thinks abortion is the answer. For more information and photos,
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Amazing Grace Flash Mob in Walmart After Devastating Tornado

Amazing Grace Flash Mob in Walmart After Devastating Tornado from sharethemessage on GodTube.

Young Hurricane Katrina Survivor Moves Judges to Tears With His Soulful Audition

Young Hurricane Katrina Survivor Moves Judges to Tears With His Soulful Audition from theremix on GodTube.

Garrett McNamara 'surfs record 100ft wave' in Portugal

Longest Married Couple Project Winners Announced by Worldwide Marriage Encounter

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Jan. 29, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), the original faith based marriage enrichment program in the United States, announced today the national winners of the 2013 Longest Married Couple Project are John and Ann Betar of Fairfield, CT. They have been married 80 years as of Nov. 25, 2012. 

Hundreds of nominations were received for this year's project. The winners from individual states will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013. 

"It is truly an honor and a privilege to recognize John and Ann Betar for their commitment to marriage," said Ron and Judy Pekny, the United States Ecclesial Team for WWME. "We are looking forward to personally recognizing them on Feb. 9th in their hometown of Fairfield," they added. The Peknys serve with Fr. Rocky Grimard, as the U.S. leadership for the marriage enrichment movement. Fr. Grimard will also be at the presentation. 

The Betars were married Nov. 25, 1932. They lived across the street from each other and John used to drive Ann to school in his Ford Roadster. Ann was supposed to marry someone else in a marriage pre-arranged by her father, but the two eloped and went off to Harrison, NY to get married. John has been quoted as saying, "some people said it would never last. We showed them." 

The Connecticut couple achieved the honor of being the Longest Married Couple based on nominations submitted to Worldwide Marriage Encounter beginning in October of last year. The nomination project ended on January 10th. 

The Peknys pointed out that the project is based on nominations received from October 15th the previous year to January 10th of the current year. "We realize there could be couples married longer, but we did not receive their nominations from friends or family during the nominating period," they said. 

Worldwide Marriage Encounter created the project to highlight marriage in America and to show young couples that marriage really can go the distance. "What an inspiration Mr. & Mrs. Betar are to all of us. They made a commitment to each other 80 plus years ago and they have kept that commitment over these many years. They truly are a sign of hope to us all," the Peknys said. 

The national winners have five children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. The presentation of gifts and acknowledgments to the Betars will be made on Feb. 9th at their granddaughter's home in Fairfield. 

State winners from across the country will be presented certificates of achievement and other recognitions by Worldwide Marriage Encounter couples during Valentine's week. 

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has been offering weekend experiences for over 44 years and is considered the original faith-based marriage enrichment program. The programs are continually updated to keep abreast of changes in society, and WWME now offers evening and half-day programs that are presented at parishes and other church facilities. The weekend program, traditionally presented as an overnight experience at a hotel or retreat center, can also be presented at facilities where the couples return to their homes in the evenings. WWME has a presence in almost 100 countries, which makes it the largest pro-marriage movement in the world. In North America, the WWME programs are presented in English, Spanish, French, and Korean languages. 

Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers married couples the opportunity to spend time together away from the busyness of the world to focus on each other. It offers tools for building and maintaining a strong, Christian marriage in today's world. To learn more about the Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends online, go, or you can call 1-800-795-LOVE (English) and 1-800-599-AMOR (Spanish), or contact the WWME Office at (909) 863-9963.
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