Saturday, November 5, 2011

JMC Live 11/5/11 Homelessness Awareness

On tonight's JMC Live, Jeremy talks about the upcoming homeless awareness event called "One Night Without A Home." Chillicothe, Ohio at Yoctangee Park on Nov 19th from 3PM to Nove 20th at 9AM. Plus some breaking news via Eternal Flame News. EFN: Oregon Mother Desperate To Feed Her Children Turned Away From Grocery Stores For Trying To Pay With Change

Singing Flash Mob to Help Propose to His Girlfriend on the Train

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Crystal Cathedral Congregation Outraged At Food Request For Pastor Shuller's Wife

GARDEN GROVE – An email sent out to members of the Crystal Cathedral congregation requesting meals for founder Robert H. Schuller's wife Arvella, who is ill with pneumonia, is creating mixed feelings of sadness and outrage among members.

According to longtime member Jim McDonald, an email was sent out by administrators to Bible study groups as well as church elders, asking that meals for the reverend's wife be dropped off at the cathedral's Tower of Hope where the Schullers' limo drivers will be waiting to pick them up at the designated time.

Member Bob Canfield says he was outraged when he got the message.

"These are millionaires who have limos and chauffeurs," he said. "Why in God's name would they want the congregants to deliver meals? It's ludicrous."

The email states that the Schullers do not want get-well cards sent because they would like to "keep her situation under the radar."

"However, they would appreciate meals over the next three to four weeks," the email states. "They are to be sent to the church in order to be transported to Arvella. The limo drivers could pick up the dinners or meet in the Tower Lobby around 4:30 p.m."

The message also requests that the meals be low in sodium and include items such as fruit, meats, soup and egg dishes such as quiches.

Cathedral spokesman John Charles said the request for meals was simply an effort to rally around the Schullers, who are both in their 80s.

"We didn't want people going to their home because they are very private people," he said. "That's why we asked that the food be dropped off at the tower so the limo drivers can pick them up and deliver them."

Charles said congregants have rallied around other members in the past when they have become ill.

"As Dr. Schuller always says, 'Find a need and fill it,'" he said. "I think that's what we were trying to do here."

But some church members viewed the request differently.

Canfield said he and other members of the congregation are upset the request came at a time when their church is in bankruptcy and information coming out through court documents has suggested that the Schullers took nearly $10 million from the church's endowment funds.

"They've completely depleted the church's funds," he said. "But they have shown that they have absolutely no remorse for what they've done. They're still being chauffeured around in limos. We, the congregants, have nothing."

Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Oct. 18. A judge is expected to approve a sale plan on Nov. 14. Both the cathedral's board and the creditors committee have named Chapman University as their preferred buyer. Chapman's offer stands at $51.5 million. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has offered $53.6 million. However, the Chapman plan will allow the Schullers to remain and continue their ministry with a leaseback and buyback arrangement.

Canfield said the request for meals seems ironic in the context of reports over the last year that the Schullers drew generous salaries and benefits in the years leading up the bankruptcy, even as the ministry struggled.

Shirley Zink, who served as a greeter at the Crystal Cathedral for 35 years, said she was saddened to receive the message about the meals for Arvella.

"You have to wonder if it is lonely at the top, if the Schullers don't have the support of the many family members who live in the area," she said.

For as long as she has known them, the Schullers have been distant from the congregation, Zink said. After 35 years, she said she resigned from being a volunteer although she still continues to go to Bible study.

"I'm looking for another church," she said. "But like many others, I leave heartbroken, mourning the loss of what once was."
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Oregon Mother Desperate To Feed Her Children Turned Away From Grocery Stores For Trying To Pay With Change

A mother desperate to feed her children breaks open the family’s change jar to buy food only to be turned away from the grocery store.

Jean’s story takes place in Portland Oregon. The mother who’s too embarrassed to have her photo released to the public says she wants people to hear her story. The desperate mother said

” We had nothing to feed out children with, so we broke out the change.”

After pulling together $32 Jean and her family headed to a local Save-A-Lot store where she carefully picked out food that fit the budget and proceeded to check out. What happened next is absolutely heart breaking.

“And when I went up, I told them, you know ‘I have change. Sorry It’s hard times right now.’ The person at the register responded saying “Well we can only accept $5.”

The mother pleaded, “It’s money, Money’s Money.”

The clerk did not budge, and the mortified mother went a few miles up the street to the next store.

After gathering her groceries yet again and heading to check out, she was faced again with the same problem. The person at the register told her they could not accept her change and that she needed to use the change machine wich would charge her 10%. The store manager can out and confirmed what the person at the register.

Jean broke into tears and explained that she couldn’t afford to lose the extra money.

Finally a disgusted customer stepped in and offered to buy Jeans money, after that the manager said “OK, got to the change machine and we’ll pay the fee.”

After sharing her story with friends, it garnered attention from the local news station.

KVAL.COM reports Tuesday, both Fred Meyer and Save-a-Lot responded to calls from KATU News.

“We apologize for the inconvenience the customer experienced at the store,” said Fred Meyer Public Affairs Director Melinda Merrill. “Receiving change for a payment is a rare occurrence. Fred Meyer stores do accept change as payment and we will work with our store directors and management teams to ensure they know this.”

Save-a-Lot External Communications Manager Chon Tomlin also apologized Tuesday.

“We deeply apologize for the misunderstanding that occurred recently at our SE Foster location. As a corporate policy, we accept all forms of payment, except for American Express. There is no maximum limit on cash payments, specifically those involving coins of any type,” Tomlin said.

When the KATU Problem Solvers called around to other grocery stores in our area and said they were from KATU, all of the store managers said loose change was acceptable as payment. But when they called back as customers, they got a different story:

QFC would only accept $5 or $6 in loose change.
Albertsons said they would only accept $5.
WinCo and Safeway didn’t have a cutoff, but said they tell customers to use the change machine.
Only Whole Foods and New Seasons were open to accepting change, no matter what the amount.

The KATU Problem Solvers checked with the Oregon Attorney General, who said while there is a federal law saying coins are legal tender, there is not a law that mandates private businesses accept them as payment.

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