Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RFID Chip Implanted in to Humans Can Get Viruses

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Researchers have found that implanted identity chips can pick up computer viruses.

Reading University's Mark Gasson conducted an experiment to show how radio frequency identity (RFID) chips could become electronically infected.

He explained to Rory Cellan-Jones the risks involved with the new technology including its effects on medical implants such as pacemakers.

JMC Ministries Response

Back in 2007 CNBC did an interview with one of the people who works for those who make the RFID Chip/Verichip Technology. He states in this debate that there are no worries about getting the Chip implanted into you because it has been FDA Approved. Even though as you will see people are arguing there could risks involved with taking this chip into your body.

But now the article above has come out from the BBC News that there are risks. That people can hack into these chips and infect them with viruses. So obviously those who are working to make this technology and trying to sell it to America and the world are NOT Telling us the truth. As you will see when you watch the below video

Obama Skipping Memorial Day Tradition To Go On Vacation

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Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

Barack Obama is skipping the Memorial Day tradition of the President laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. It is not unprecedented. George H. W. Bush was on the campaign trail in 1992 and scheduled to speak at an American Legions event in Maine on Memorial Day.

Ronald Reagan was in the midst of a contentious economic summit in 1983 and so sent George H. W. Bush on his behalf.

Barack Obama wants to go on vacation — the second vacation he has had since oil began spilling out of the gulf. That’s okay though because the oil spilling is George W. Bush’s fault, just like all the new dead soldiers are George Bush’s fault too. Why should he care?

The problem for Barack Obama is simple.

The troops don’t like him no matter how much the White House propaganda machine tries to gin up staged pictures of Obama voting soldiers fawning all over him. But see the tepid response from cadets at West Point or talk privately with lots of soldiers and sailors and you get something else — they fundamentally do not respect their Commander in Chief.

There was no question they respected and loved Ronald Reagan. Same with George H. W. Bush, the last veteran of World War II to serve as President.

Obama? Not so much. And what does the left do when you point this out? They equate dead soldiers to political props/ Seriously.

By suggesting this President, in the midst of a war, should probably be going to Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day instead of taking his second vacation in a month, conservatives are somehow suggesting he use dead soldiers as political props.

After eight years of the left demanding publicity of flag draped coffins returning to Deleware from overseas to use as political props against George W. Bush, it is more than a little humorous to have the left now accuse the right of doing the same. It also ignores a fundamental point leftists too busy calling our soldiers “war criminals” and our dead soldiers “political props” miss — going to Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns has nothing to do with using dead soldiers as political props and everything to do with a Commander in Chief who seems to not like the military showing some basic respect to the men and women, alive and dead, who have actually kept us free.

Obama may talk about the government in the first person, but the men and women lying at Arlington know differently.


JMC Ministries Response

Written By Miranda Caverley

Should it really surprise us that our President would rather take a vacation during memorial day and in the midst of the worst oil spill ever in history along with all the other problems our country is facing? I don't think so.

Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer Ceremony at the White House This Month so it should not be a surprise that he is canceling all other events that all past Presidents have taken part in. Those who voted for our current leader voted for someone who does NOT care about anything that has to do with our country. He's more about trying to put the blame on past presidents and leaders for everything that is wrong with our country and so to avoid dealing with anything it seems he takes a 2nd vacation trip in just 2 months. What a way to use our Tax dollars Mr. President Great Job!

As the wife of a Veteran of our Current War and the granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran I feel Mr. Obama has NO respect for our service men and women. I am happy that my Grandfather is no longer alive to see what this country has become that he fought for because he would be heart broken.

But for us that are still alive we must keep fighting against those who are trying to take everything away that our armed service men and women have fought and died for since the Revolutionary War. FREEDOM!

President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Why? Honestly I have no idea because he is doing NOTHING to promote peace he is sending more and more of our troops to fight and protect our borders. To fight in Afghanistan, and just the other day made the statement that the U.S will help fight against North Korea to protect South Korea from being attacked again after North Korea Sank one of South Korea's Ships. He keeps placing our troops into harms way and won't even acknowledge them on Memorial day for all they have done and sacrificed. That should make us all boiling mad!

We as Christians need to lift up our Service men and women in prayer and support those who are fighting right now to protect us from terror and those who seek to destroy our freedoms. Because it is obvious that our Current President sure isn't going to do it.