Sunday, July 18, 2010

CHRISTIANS REJOICE:Positive ID Stops Marketing the VeriChip-VeriMed System

Link to original article: Down With the Chip: PositiveID Axes Its Scary Medical Records Implant

(PSID) CEO Scott Silverman says his company has stopped marketing its medical records microchip implant for humans. The reason: No one wants it.

PositiveID has suffered months of negative chatter for variously suggesting that its chips could be usefully implanted in maritime workers (their records are hard to get hold of in foreign ports); Alzheimer’s patients; diabetics; people afraid of identity theft; patients in certain Florida health systems; and anyone else who might enter a hospital.

VeriMed was an ongoing business for PositiveID, but the company also listed under “risk factors”:

"Uncertainty as to whether a market for our VeriMed system will develop and whether we will be able to generate more than a nominal level of revenue from this business;"

Silverman told FT he’s expecting controversy if the FDA ever gives it a green light:

"… Silverman is still wary that any new implantable products could arouse fears of Big Brother. “I’ve been around a long time, and I know if we ultimately get some type of federal approval or FDA approval for the implantable glucose chip, I’m sure some people will raise their head again — but for now, we’re focused on delivering products.”


JMC Ministries Response:

Christians around the world can now breathe some fresh air and rejoice that Positive ID has stopped this form of the implantable chip. God's word is clear when it says that we as humankind will have a chance to stop the final end time scenario. I pray that God continues to work on the hearts of Positive ID and bring them to Christ and STOP this VeriChip Corp once and for all.