Friday, August 3, 2012

Israel Urges Citizens Out Of Sinai

Will Egypt attack Israel over the Sinai Peninsula again? and and

Congressman: 'We're Still Home of the Brave, But We're Not the Land of the Free Anymore'



Christian girls in Pakistan continue to be kidnapped, abducted and forcibly converted to Islam

London: July 30, 2012. (CLAAS) In the recent months there have several reports about the ongoing persecution, kidnapping and abduction of the Christian women and girls in Pakistan. According to the news, a daughter of Morris Masih from

Rawalpindi was kidnapped by Mohammad Abid and Tariq Ali. Morris Masih has asked the police to register a case against Abid and Ali and recover his daughter, but they have refused to register the case. In another case, in Faisalabad Christian Waris Masih’s wife was kidnapped, he has also reported it to the police, but they failed to give him any information about his wife.

Also in Chunian, Punjab, the sister of a pastor has been kidnaped raped and forcibly converted to Islam. Muzamal Arif, Pastor Aurangzeb's sister, was kidnapped around a month ago by some Muslim men while returning home from college. She was held for days, suffered sexual abuse, threats and violence. In such a state of terror and exhaustion, first she was coerced into converting to Islam, and then marriage. The girl is now a Muslim and married to Muhammad Nadeem.


Society 'You can be a top athlete - and have a deep Christian faith'

Turning professional has actually deepened the Christian faith of an up and coming South African cyclist.
Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, 26, revealed that her relationship with God has improved in an environment that is more “selfish and self-centred” than Christian.
Like any aspiring female cyclist in South Africa, Ashleigh had to move to Europe to be able to compete with the world’s best. But her battle to establish herself was hampered by breaking her collar-bone three times in 12 months in 2009-10.
However, she kept going and was rewarded with a creditable 16th in the women’s road race on Sunday.
She said her faith has enabled her to get through these tough times. ‘Taking my cycling more seriously has actually strengthened my faith,’ she said. ‘I’ve really relied on my faith to keep me going, especially in tough times, like breaking my collar-bone three times. If I didn’t have faith in God I think I would have given up. It’s just about having the patience and trusting in him.’
But it’s not just in the bad times where Ashleigh has met God. She often prays on the bike (‘that’s often my best time with God’), and is on a mission to show you can be a top-level sportsman - and have a deep and a committed Christian faith.


Gay Agenda Can’t Gag Miami Pastor’s Sermons

Charisma News last week reported that Miami Pastor Jack Hakimian was in danger of losing his church lease because he boldly preached that homosexuality is a sin.
Now, his landlord is backing down in the face of reminders about the First Amendment.
Miami-Dade County School Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho had threated to revoke the lease from Impact Miami Church, which rents from a local high school. The superintendent planned to review the lease following one of Hakimian’s sermon that called out the intolerance of those who espouse the gay agenda.
What caused the superintendent to change his mind? Liberty Counsel sent a letter on Hakimian’s behalf stating that any adverse action against the pastor for his speech would violate the First Amendment.
“In recent days we have seen stepped-up attacks against free speech,” says Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “It is outrageous that a public school superintendent could think he has the right to threaten revocation of a lease because of what the pastor preaches in the pulpit. No public official is above the law. The First Amendment stands as a bulwark against homo-fascism.”


Viral video of man picking on Chick-fil-A worker gets him fired

Christmas in August: Court allows Nativity

A federal appeals court panel has ruled that a Michigan county improperly censored a Nativity scene because of the religious content of the Christmas display.
The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a lower court to resolve the dispute in accordance with its ruling.
“Although the lawsuit is not yet over, we are tremendously pleased with the unanimous decision of the 6th Circuit Court panel,” said Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center.
The dispute centers on a display that has been on public property in Macomb County, Mich., for decades. In 2008, the county ordered the holiday displayed removed, and the Thomas More Law Center sued on behalf of Warren city resident John Satawa, whose family has maintained the display since 1945.
“This is a great victory for private religious speech in a traditional public forum,” said Robert Muise, who was with the Thomas More Law Center when the case began, but now works with the American Freedom Law Center.
“As the 6th Circuit confirmed today, Mr. Satawa’s private religious speech is as fully protected under the Free Speech Clause as secular private expression,” Muise said. “We are pleased that the 6th Circuit not only restored Mr. Satawa’s cherished holiday tradition, but upheld the protections afforded to all private citizens by our Constitution.”


Study: Direct link between what kids watch, do

Parents are being warned, again, to beware of what their children see, because adolescent behavior follows what they view on the silver screen, i.e., the more sex they see the more they’ll act out.
The word comes in a report from the Association of Psychological Science, which cites a Dartmouth study on the behavior of children.
The study looked at behavior by adolescents and what the children viewed, and found that “adolescents who are exposed to more sexual content in movies start having sex at younger ages, have more sexual partners, and are less likely to use condoms with casual sexual partners.”
That’s from Ross O’Hara, of the University of Missouri, who did the research with others while at Dartmouth.
“Much research has shown that adolescents’ sexual attitudes and behaviors are influenced by media,” O’Hara said in the Psychological Science report.
Ted Baehr, chief of MOVIEGUIDE®, which offers advisories, reviews and details about productions so that parents can learn what is in the movies their kids watch, said the latest research lines up with many studies that have come before, and reveals the same result.
“I’m very grateful that universities and schools keep coming up with study after study proving, in many different ways, that the media influences susceptible youth to engage in aberrant behavior. … The problem is that the message has not gotten to the parents even after all these years,” he said.
“Every study is an opportunity to reach families,” he said. “The good news is that we can show your kids how to be media- and culture-wise so they don’t get corrupted.”


STEUBENVILLE OH: Atheists Threaten to Sue Over Christian Cross in City Logo

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has been somewhat quieter than normal these past few months. Chalk it up to a summer slump, vacation schedules or a lack of religious targets to focus upon, but the silence has been notable.
However, in recent days, the atheistic non-profit is back to its regular antics. The group’s new target is Steubenville, Ohio, where atheist leaders are demanding that a religious image present on the city’s official logo be removed.
Last month, officials agreed to alter the logo after the FFRF complained and threatened legal action over the inclusion of the cross and the silhouette of the Christ the King Chapel. The house of worship is present on the campus of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a local higher education facility.
“Crosses do not belong on the logos of American cities. We are not a ‘Christian nation’ or a theocracy, but were first among nations to adopt a secular constitution wisely separating religion from government,” proclaimed FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor.
As is typically the case, the city was quick to stand down over the logo, considering the monumental legal fees that it would face if and when the case went to court. But now, in the wake of the controversy, James Bordas Jr., an attorney, has offered to represent the city pro-bono should a FFRF-led lawsuit take form.
“We thought the city was being bullied, perhaps because of lack of funds, into caving to the unlawful demands of an extremist group,” Bordas explained, going on to say that the law office has the money and time to devote to the case, if needed.