Thursday, March 21, 2013

NASA: Only 'Prayer' Will Stop Asteroid Apocalypse

5 of the Rarest, Most Unique Bibles and Historic Artifacts in ‘The Bible’s’ Epic Exhibit

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, producers of History Channel’s “The Bible,” have teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to premiere “The Bible Experience,” a gallery of fascinating biblical relics and rare artifacts. On Wednesday night, TheBlaze was on-hand at the exhibit’s New York City opening to be among the first to see this fascinating array of material.
A breathtaking companion to the hit television series about history’s most read, most popular and, arguably, most studied book, “The Bible Experience” includes items that were previously shown at the Vatican and that are rarely unveiled to the public.

'People turned on Christians': Persecuted Iraqi minority reflects on life after Saddam

LONDON -- Rana stepped out of church in Baghdad in December 2006 to find an envelope wedged against her car windshield. Inside was a bullet -- a message that meant she and her family were next on an assassin’s list.
They fled the city the next day, leaving behind a business, a home -- everything.
"I didn't like Saddam Hussein, but he didn't bother the Christians," said Rana, 29, after a church service in London. "He was a dictator. When he went, the gangs came from everywhere."


Colton Dixon: A Messenger of God's Love

Child Abuse Tragedy Turns Grandmother into Advocate

Event - Blue Sunday April 28th
RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas, March 18, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The last Sunday of April is called Blue Sunday. This is the day when churches take time in their service to pray for the victims of child abuse and for those who rescue them.
According to the latest Child Maltreatment Report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 1570 children died from child abuse and over 3 million others were also confirmed victims of child abuse in 2011. One is too many.
In the process of rescuing her grandchildren, founder, Janet Magee, was drafted into the battle against child abuse. Faced with such overwhelming numbers of children reported as abused she recognized that the epidemic of child abuse needed the faith community's participation in order to heal.
What began with 20 churches praying has grown into a national effort with over 2.5 million people committed to pray annually. Our prayers matter. New ministries can be birthed, awareness raised, and healing will come when we pray.
Many state agencies across the country have embraced and promoted the day of prayer, a clear sign that the line between church and state doesn't apply when it comes to child abuse prevention. State agencies need what the church has to offer: people, resources and our prayers.
On Blue Sunday we are asking churches to take time during their service on to pray. It's free. Visit for free resources and to register your church or ministry to pray.
It is imperative for the faith community to become leaders in child abuse prevention and relief efforts.
Churches are encouraged to pray for 3 things:
  1. The children who are victims of child abuse
  2. Those who rescue and serve abused children
  3. Direction to become active participants in the fight to end child abuse

We pray because abused children shouldn't have to pray alone

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