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Anti Religious Group Tells Military Hospital To Change Their Motto Symbol


Fort Carson Cross AP – This image provided by the Evans Army Community Hospital at Fort Carson, Colo., on April 29, 2010. shows …

By DAN ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer Dan Elliott, Associated Press Writer Thu Apr 29, 1:06 pm ET

DENVER – A religious watchdog group says a cross and motto on the emblem of an Army hospital in Colorado violate the constitutional requirement for separation of church and state and should be removed.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation asked the Army this week to change the emblem of Evans Army Community Hospital at Fort Carson, outside Colorado Springs.

The emblem says "Pro deo et humanitate" or "For God and humanity."

Fort Carson commanders will review the complaint, Lt. Col. Steve Wollman said.

He said the emblem had been approved by the Army Institute of Heraldry and has been in use since 1969.

Wollman said references to doctors serving God and humanity date to the time of Hippocrates, a pre-Christianity Greek physician.

Wollman said the cross, which has a pointed base, is both an emblem of mercy and a symbol dating to the Middle Ages, when pilgrims carried a cross with a spiked base to mark the site of a camp.

Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said that's a reference to the Crusades and could embolden U.S. enemies who want to portray the war on terror as a Christian war on Islam.

"This continues to add more fodder to the argument that we are Crusaders," Weinstein said. "It's exactly what fundamentalist Muslims want."

Weinstein's foundation, based in Albuquerque, N.M., last week persuaded the Army to withdraw an invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham to speak at the Pentagon on May 6, the National Day of Prayer.

Weinstein cited comments Graham made in 2001 describing Islam as evil. The Army said it withdrew the invitation because Graham's remarks were "not appropriate."

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JMC Ministries Response

So say someone comes along one day and looks at you and says I don’t like the clothes you are wearing go change them and then threatens to take you to court if you don’t is pretty much what is going on today it seems.

These Anti Religious groups are just going around this Country looking for things that they dislike and bully people until they get rid of them. 

What about our Freedoms? What has happened to them?

Why is it the only freedoms that seem to be upheld are the ones trying to take ours away?

This symbol was set into place before this so called separation of church and state was ever set into place. Which is not actually in our original U.S Constitution it is an amendment that was added. So that people like this can try and bully those who seek the freedoms that our Forefathers laid down for us.

But in today's society these freedoms are a dangerous threat to those who dislike the Christian Values our country was founded on.

We are a threat to them and they want to annihilate us into silence and remission.

Iowa high School teacher Honored with 2010 Teacher of the Year Award

Middle School Principal Says Parents need to keep Kids off Of Social Networking Sites

JMC Ministries Response

We  agree with This Principal to an extent but it is up to the parents and yes children need to be monitored at all times when they are using the internet and especially on these social networking sites.

There are a lot of bad people out there just looking for children to attack and Parents need to take control of what their children are doing and being exposed to instead of giving them a tv or computer and say “Ok now go have fun and stay out of my way”

Governor Reverses Policy and Says Troopers Can Pray In Jesus Name

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Gov. Robert McDonnell

State trooper chaplains in Virginia are being told they can pray "in Jesus name" again just two years after then-Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine affirmed a measure ordering them use only "nonsectarian" prayers or quit.

According to Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt of the "Pray in Jesus Name" organization, the new governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, has restored the rights of six state police chaplains "to pray publicly 'in Jesus name.'"

"This victory comes after our two-year campaign for Jesus name," Klingenschmitt said.

He led a 1,000-person rally outside the governor's mansion in 2008, then submitted some 15,000 petitions to reinstate the chaplains' jobs and free speech.

"We faxed voter guides to 2300-plus Virginia pastors last summer, comparing Bob McDonnell, who campaigned for chaplains' rights to pray in Jesus name, to his opponent Creigh Deeds, who voted against Jesus prayers in the Senate. Those pastors helped us move the polls from 47-44 percent before our faxes, to the 59-41 percent victory for McDonnell on election day, because of this issue," Klingenschmitt said.

He said now that McDonnell has lifted the ban, the six chaplains who turned in their badges rather than exclude Jesus from their prayers, including Rex Carter and Mike Honaker, will be invited back to their positions.

According to a political blog at the Washington Post, McDonnell dispatched the state police superintendent, Col. W. Steven Flaherty, to announce the policy change.

"The governor does not believe the state should tell chaplains of any faith how to pray,'' Tucker Marin, a McDonnell spokesman, told the blog. "Religious officials of all faiths should be allowed to pray according to the dictates of their own conscience, and in accordance with their faith traditions, while being respectful of the faith traditions of others."

It also had been Flaherty who announced earlier that chaplains would be allowed to offer only prayers that did not reference Jesus.

The issue arose following a lawsuit against the city of Fredericksburg for banning a councilman from concluding his routine council prayers – offered on a rotating basis among members – "in Jesus' name."

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra O'Connor concluded in an intermediary court opinion that Rev. Hashmel Turner's prayers were "government speech" and therefore subject to censorship by the city. .

When the rule change was imposed, six of the chaplains resigned their responsibilities rather than be forced to pray without mentioning Jesus. At the time, Kaine said he didn't need the name of Jesus in his prayers.

"It doesn't diminish my ability to worship my God, to pray to the Father or the Lord without mentioning Jesus Christ," he said.

Then a coalition of pastors wrote to Kaine seeking a change in the policy.

"Six chaplains lost their jobs as chaplains, having effectively 'turned in their chaplain badge' in protest over the governor's 'non-sectarian' prayer policy," Klingenschmitt reported at the time. "They are no longer permitted to perform chaplain duties, until they comply with the prayer policy and get reinstated."

Klingenschmitt said the chaplains "were given direct verbal orders to stop praying 'in Jesus name' … [and] faced with a choice between disobeying orders and violating their conscience by publicly denying the name of Jesus Christ, they resigned."

That's exactly what persecution is, he insisted.

Klingenschmitt, whose battle with the military over his use of the phrase remains in court where he's seeking reinstatement, said he "cannot believe we live in a society where government officials literally dictate the content of a chaplain's prayers and dare to punish or exclude chaplains who pray 'in Jesus name.'"


JMC Ministries Response

We agree with the last statement made by Klingenschmitt saying he “cannot believe we live in a society where government officials literally dictate the content of a chaplains prayers and dare to punish or exclude chaplains who pray ‘in Jesus name’”

What has happened to freedom of Religion and freedom of Speech?

It is frightening how many stories we are hearing this year about these kind of things going on in  supposedly the Freest country in the entire world.

We can only thank This Governor who reinstate these Chaplains and give them back their freedom to pray in Jesus Name. As long as these freedoms are still written in our U.S Constitution we need to continue to fight to have them in the face of persecution and those who seek to take all our freedoms away whether you are Christian or any other Faith. 

Archeologists Say New Noah’s Ark Find is FAKE!

By Joe Kovacs
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Has the real Noah's Ark spoken of in the Bible truly been found?

At least two seasoned archaeologists who have made numerous expeditions to Mount Ararat in search of Noah's Ark are throwing cold water on this week's claim the Old Testament vessel has finally been discovered, saying it's a hoax involving wood hauled in from the Black Sea region.

"To make a long story short: this is all reported to be a fake," said Randall Price, director of Judaic Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

"This is not Noah's Ark," adds Bob Cornuke of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute. "This is a fake. It's a fraud and it's of the highest caliber according to what I can assess from the evidence and talking to eyewitnesses and people from Turkey."

WND reported yesterday that Chinese and Turkish explorers with Noah's Ark Ministries International said they were "99.9 percent sure" they found the remnants of the legendary biblical vessel high up on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

The 15-member team claims it recovered wooden specimens from a structure at an altitude of 13,000 feet and that carbon dating suggested it was 4,800 years old

Several compartments, some with wooden beams, are said to be inside and could have been used to house animals, the group indicated.

"The search team has made the greatest discovery in history," declared Prof. Oktay Belli, an archaeologist at Istanbul University. "This finding is very important and the greatest up to now."

But Dr. Price, who is spearheading efforts to explore two competing locations for Noah's Ark, sent an e-mail dispatch to supporters with his personal take on the alleged find, asserting the structure is a hoax perpetrated by a Kurdish guide and his partners to extort money from Chinese evangelical Christians.

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