Wednesday, February 3, 2010

College Student Auctions off her Virginity to Highest Online Bidder

A student in New Zealand has auctioned her virginity to a stranger for almost $31,900 to help fund her university tuition fees.

The 19-year-old offered her virginity to the highest bidder in an online auction on the Web site after she found herself desperate for money.

The student, who called herself "Unigirl," said that she was delighted with the outcome and thanked auction participants who had bid more than she expected.

"Thank you to the more than 30,000 people who viewed my ad and to the more than 1,200 offers made," she said on the auction site yesterday. "I have accepted an offer in excess of $NZ45,000, which is way beyond what I dreamt."

The woman said that she had never been in a sexual relationship. She described herself as attractive, fit and healthy but desperate for money to pay university fees. She offered her virginity to the highest bidder “as long as all personal safety aspects are observed” and with full awareness of "possible consequences."

The proprietor of the Web site, Ross MacKenzie, said that the auction had created overwhelming interest from all around the world. He told the Waikato Times newspaper that if an advertisement was legal and not offensive, "it was OK."

He added: "Ineed does not place moral judgments on our members, believing in the fundamental rights of the individual."

MacKenzie denied the transaction was a stunt to promote his Web site. Trade Me, a rival New Zealand-based website, said that it would never allow such an auction. "We don't want Trade Me to be seen as the place where people auction off their virginity," Paul Ford, its spokesman, said.

"As a company we try to do things that are young at heart and do edgy things, but we do not think this one would pass muster," Mr Ford added. "We would not want to be part of it and I think our community would be pretty overwhelmingly against it."

A spokesman for the New Zealand police, Jon Neilson, said that no law appeared to have been breached.

"[But] we would suggest it's not a safe practice," Neilson added. "There are definitely issues of personal safety in using chatrooms, social dating networks and other internet sites that can be used to arrange meetings between strangers."

The deal follows an online auction in the US, where a Californian woman selling her virginity attracted an offer of $5 million (£3.14 million) from an Australian businessman in January 2009. The college graduate student, using the pseudonym Natalie Dylan, ran the auction through a Nevada brothel to help fund her postgraduate studies in family and marriage therapy.

The businessman later pulled out of the transaction after his wife objected.

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JMC Ministries Response

Written By Miranda Caverley

As a woman the most precious thing to me was my virginity and saving myself for my future husband. Today it seems moral values are long gone in some societies today. Women are selling their virginities to the highest bidder as if it was a business transaction and nothing more even here in America. This young woman doesn’t know this man if he has STD’s or even AIDS if he has a criminal history is violent or that he he won’t do her harm. Just so she can go to college she will put herself in a position where she can get a disease and die. Well some good that education will do her then. If she wants an education she needs to study on the hazards of online hooking up and have promiscuous sex. Women everyday are victimized by men they meet online young girls and women are kidnapped and placed into slavery by hooking up with people they don’t know and meet online. I cannot believe that a website would endorse such a thing as this and allowing this young woman's life to be placed in danger.

13 year old Saudi Arabia Girl Sentenced To 90 lashes and jail time for bringing Cell phone to School

Video originally Posted January 21, 2010

Though this news is nearly 2 weeks old we wanted to share it.  It is so sad that America calls This country an “Ally” when they treat their own citizens this way. Like the reporter says It has to do with All That OIL!

Father Banned from Taking Daughter To Church

A Father From the Chicago Illinois area has been banned from taking his daughter to church after he and his wife separated and now are going through a divorce. The mother a devout follower of Judaism filed a restraining order against the Devout Christian Father from taking their daughter to a Christian church because the mother wants her brought up in the Jewish Religion and fears if she is brought up or exposed to the the Christian Faith will cause her mental harm. 

It seems parents are just going too far when it comes to divorce even to put restraining orders against the other parent from taking their child to church. What about the mental harm this little girl could be facing dealing with the divorce of her parents and now being the topic of discussion on the news and media circuits.

The only person going to be harmed in this whole thing will be the child.