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How Hookers for Jesus Founder Turned Away From Sex Trade to Serving God

Annie Lobert worked for 16 years in the sex industry, battled cancer and got into drugs. But when she called out to Jesus from death's door, she found her Savior and the vision to comfort thousands of other victims of sex trade. She shares how she became "a virgin in Christ" in a new video on

Dressed in black and seated on a white couch, the 44-year-old founder of Hookers For Jesus appears in the nearly 14-minute video on the website that features the testimonies of personal struggle and transformation of celebrities and everyday people. She recalls she felt "I'll never ever be clean."
She had seen hardships since she was a girl. Raised in an abusive family, she turned to boys at school to find some self-worth. "I met this boy in school that stole my heart. He told me that if I slept with him that we'd get married... And when I found out that he was sleeping with several of my best girlfriends, it was such a shock to me," she says, as she narrates her story with emotions.
After graduation, Lobert moved away from home to Minneapolis. She was 18. "I had to work three jobs to have my own place and buy a car." She thought if she had nice clothes and went to the clubs, "maybe I could meet a rich guy that would sweep me off my feet and would take care of me like a prince would." She thought money was the answer to the "deep seated, rooted unforgiveness towards my dad, towards that boy in school. I just wanted revenge."
The lure of money pulled her into prostitution. During a vacation from her jobs, one night "I actually sold myself with my girlfriend to some Japanese clients and I became a prostitute." She wasn't happy with $3.47 an hour any longer "once I found out that I could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars, selling myself. $500 per hour with no attachment, no relationship, $1000 per hour, now it was $2000 per hour, it gave me this immense power and if you wanted me for the night it was $10,000."
One day, Lobert met a man at a club where she was a dancer. He claimed he was falling in love with her, and she thought she had found her prince. He took her to Las Vegas, where she learned he was actually a pimp. "He choked me. He threw me on the porch on my knees and he started kicking me. 'This is pimping 'B.' I am just choking on my own blood. 'You're going to work for me.' He's punching me in my face. 'I do not know what you thought what time it is, but what time it is now you're going to pay me.' My nose broke, my ribs broke. It was like I was looking at the devil. The prince turned dark. 'And if you try to leave, I'll kill you.'"

Faith leaders sound off on role of church in public education

(CNN) – Dozens of faith leaders from across the country recently gathered to attend The Stand Up Education Policy Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, to talk education reform. The daylong conference was hosted by education organzations StudentsFirst, founded by Michelle Rhee and Stand Up, led by her husband, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. The purpose of the event was a call for action for clergy to take part in the national movement to transform public education.
CNN spoke with some prominent religious leaders in the African-American community to find out their views on the role faith institutions should play in public education.
Rev. DeForest Soaries, Jr., a senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey, laid out what he believes are three roles of the church in education.
"One is programs. Some churches have their own schools that would be on the programmatic level, after school programs and literacy programs. The second is political dealings with the various political forces that impact and control public schools: Making sure people run for school board, making sure people vote for school board, and monitor what's happening. And, the third is policy: Advocating for policies that enhance the likelihood of success."


Atheists Lose First Amendment Legal Challenge to State‘s ’Year of the Bible’ Declaration

Atheists technically lost their legal battle, challenging Pennsylvania’s “year of the Bible” declaration. That said, there’s a light at the end of the non-theistic tunnel, as the judge, despite ruling against secularists, also chastised state politicians for pandering to the electorate.
In February, the foundation for the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) legal battle was set after the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution (H.R. 535) declaring 2012 the “Year of the Bible.” Naturally, this riled non-believers, causing them to publicly protest what they saw as a discriminatory breach of the separation of church and state.
“This nation faces great challenges that will test it as it has never been tested before … and renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture can strengthen us as a nation and a people,” a portion of the declaration read.
After months of jockeying back and forth between the two sides, U.S. District Judge Christopher Conner dismissed the case, siding with House Republicans who had motioned for the court to do so (the judge said he was bound by legislative immunity — a protection of lawmakers for actions they take within their respective duties).
While Conner dismissed the FFRF challenge, he also chastised the lawmakers, calling the resolution a “waste of legislative resources” and dismissing it as “exclusionary,” reports.
“At worst, it is premeditated pandering designed to provide a reelection sound bite for use by members of the General Assembly,” the judge wrote. “At a time when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania faces massive public policy challenges, these resources would be far better utilized in meaningful legislative efforts for the benefit all of the citizens of the Commonwealth, regardless of their religious beliefs.”


Wait Until You Hear About Actor Tyler Perry’s Incredible Act of Kindness

(TheBlaze/AP) — Filmmaker Tyler Perry is donating a new vehicle to a Georgia woman with cerebral palsy after her specially-equipped van was stolen outside her home in Atlanta.
Perry told Atlanta station WSB-TV that he decided to give Alicia Day the brand new van after watching a news report about the theft this week.
Inspired by her story and dismayed that the family could not afford to replace the $60,000 vehicle, Perry reportedly called the news channel just minutes after the program ended to ask what he could do to help.
Actor Tyler Perry Donates Van to Woman With Cerebral Palsy Alicia Day After Hearing Hers Was Stolen 


57 Year-Old Man Runs 75 Marathons in 75 Days for his Wife After Losing her to Breast Cancer

Terry Hitchcock interviewed by Mike Woodley on MCN Twin Cities. Hitchcock was the subject of "My Run" the movie narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton. Hitchcock ran 75 marathons in 75 days in 1996 to bring awareness to Single Parents raising children. Hitchcock will present his story and his movie on May 1st in Burnsville, MN Special music provided by Alex Ligertwood, lead singer of Santana 1979-1994 and Headliner.

Obama: The Fetus Is "A Potential Life" But Viability "Is A Moving Target"

War of the Words: Beck VS Spitzer

October 20th-November 6th Annual International Prayer and Fasting Campaign

Prayer and Fasting Movement Gains Speed as Elections Near and Global Tensions Escalate
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The International Week of Prayer and Fasting (IWPF), a Catholic global movement, is launching its 20th annual campaign to pray for the conversion of nations, the building of a culture of life and the promotion of peace throughout the world. The Coalition is asking for people to participate as individuals, families and parishes during this 18 day period (two back-to-back nine day novena prayers): the first novena is to petition God's mercy and the second novena is in thanksgiving for answered prayers.

The campaign begins with an all-day Eucharistic Prayer Vigil at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., from 9am-4pm on Saturday, October 20th. Speakers include Dr. Richard Russell, an established international relations scholar; Vicki Thorn, founder of Project Rachel; Monsignor Charles Pope, pastor of Holy Comforter in Washington D.C.; Bishop George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo Cameroon, Africa; Fr. Chad Partain, founder of the St. Philomena Youth for Purity Program; and Ted Flynn, popular author and speaker.

Pope John Paul II backed IWPF when he said in a message given on October 1, 2001: "As a pledge of an abundance of Divine Blessings upon you and yours, I paternally impart to all participants of the International Week of Prayer and Fasting my most heartfelt apostolic blessing."

The coalition received support from Mother Teresa in its early days. She said, "You must do this, God wants this, prayer is the answer to the world's problems." Blessed Mother Teresa also said "I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace in the world is abortion...the fruit of abortion is nuclear war."

Coalition chairperson Maureen Flynn says, "Many news, political and religious commentators speak today about our global financial crisis, but few speak about our rapid spiritual and moral decline. Many people believe that America is now under God's judgment. In addition to the concern over whales stranded on the beach and other unfortunate animal tragedies, there should be outrage and sorrow over the daily destruction of over 4000 unborn babies in America through abortion. Since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision, there have been more than 50 million unborn children that have been destroyed by abortion. We must remember, Our Lord is a God of Mercy and He responds to our repentance and prayers. As individuals, as families and as nations we much pray and fast for a global culture of life and peace."

For information or to register for the free prayer vigil at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, please visit our website or contact us at 1-888-478-PRAY / 703-707-0799 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            703-707-0799      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email

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Christian Coalition Releases 2012 Presidential Voter Guides Featuring Online and Offline Facebook Integration

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Coalition President Roberta Combs announced the release of the Christian Coalition's 2012 Presidential Voter Guides Wednesday morning. "Five weeks from now voters will be going to the polls all across America in one of the most important elections in our nation's history, and we are working to make sure that they have the facts BEFORE they cast their ballots," Combs said.

"We have surveyed and researched candidates in the most competitive races on the issues that are important to conservatives, and we're pleased to be able to make this information available a month before the coming election."

This year, the Coalition's voter guides will feature both online and offline Facebook integration. Supporters can automatically post messages to their Facebook wall when they download voter guides, and printed guides will feature a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile phone, enabling the user to automatically share voter guides via Facebook as well.

"In order to be as effective as possible we must get our voter education materials in front of as many voters as possible between now and Election Day, and every day tens of millions of Americans visit Facebook", Combs said.

Christian Coalition's Presidential guides are now available for download at: A Spanish version will be available on Friday, October 5th. State versions featuring congressional races will be available on Wednesday, October 10th.

Christian Coalition is a non-partisan political organization that works to identify, educate and mobilize Christians for effective political action. In the last 20 years, the Christian Coalition has produced and distributed over a hundred million voter guides in elections all across America.

Contact: Michele Combs,
Christian Coalition,
202-479-6900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            202-479-6900      end_of_the_skype_highlighting,

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