Monday, April 1, 2013

Saudi Arabia declares destruction of all churches in region

Saudi Arabia (MNN) ― Earlier this month news reports surfaced out of Saudi Arabia that raised the red flag for Christians.

Todd Nettleton, a spokesman for the Voice of the Martyrs USA, says, "The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia--the top Islamic official in the country of Saudi Arabia--has declared that it is "necessary to destroy all the churches of the region.'" Nettleton goes on to note that the report hasn't surfaced anywhere except on the Council on Foreign Relations Web site, which was then picked up by The Atlantic.


'One State Under God' License Plate a Growing Success in Texas

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter
March 28, 2013|5:45 pm

A Christian-themed specialized plate in Texas approved in 2011 has sold hundreds of copies, resulting in about $60,000 for the state's General Revenue Fund.

The Calvary Hill license plate created by a charity group called Glory Gang has sold over 560 plates, generating money for both the Texas government and the nonprofit.
The plate, which features the phrase "One State Under God," is distributed by My Plates, a Texas-based company that was given a contract by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to create and sell specialized plates.

Mississippi Aims to Become America's First Abortion-Free State

By Leonardo Blair , CP Contributor
March 28, 2013|5:54 pm

Mississippi, America's poorest, fattest and most religious state, is aiming to set yet another record in U.S. history – to become the nation's first abortion-free state.

And the Rev. Flip Benham of Operation Save America says his organization is working hard to make it happen.
In a press statement on Thursday, Benham noted that Mississippi currently has a strong desire to become the first abortion-free state in America and "authorities" were moving to shut down the state's only abortion center in Jackson run by Planned Parenthood. Details of the move are expected to be revealed at a press conference in Hattiesburg on Friday evening.
"Mississippians have done everything possible to eliminate the horror of abortion from their state. From the Governor, through the Congress, to the Health Department, the electorate has sounded a clear trumpet call to end abortion in the state of Mississippi," noted Benham in the statement.
The church in Mississippi, he said, had answered the call to rid the state of abortion by keeping tabs on the activities of Planned Parenthood which has benefitted from significant federal funding to keep operating in the state.

Secretary of State John Kerry Wants to See Saeed Freed

USA (MNN) ― After weeks of pressure, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is calling for the release of an Iranian-American minister from a Tehran prison: a welcome step for advocates who had accused the State Department of being "AWOL" on the case.
"I am deeply concerned about the fate of U.S citizen Saeed Abedini, who has been detained for nearly six months and was sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran on charges related to his religious beliefs," Kerry said in a prepared statement.
He continued, "I am disturbed by reports that Mr. Abedini has suffered physical and psychological abuse in prison, and that his condition has become increasingly dire."


Sex as Spiritual Warfare: Texas Pastor Says God's Purposes for Marriage Attacked by Satan

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter
March 29, 2013|12:42 pm
Pastor Blake Wilson is known for his Bible-based curriculum on sex, having shared his message on godly intimacy for years with NBA teams and churches across the country. The Houston, Texas, pastor of Crossover Bible Fellowship recently spoke with The Christian Post about his upcoming "Sex and the Gospel" conference  and why he believes Satan is just as interested in the bedroom as God.
According to Wilson, whose nondenominational church is home to 700-800 members and has a strong youth presence, most people are unaware that sexuality is really an issue of warfare. As he explained, the devil knows that God's primary purpose for marriage is procreation, to "raise up godly offspring." He believes Satan is shown to have been attacking the purpose of marriage since the biblical account in Genesis 3 that tells of a serpent successfully tempting Adam and Eve to disobey God. As a result, said Wilson, man has been living by his own sexual agenda instead of by God's biblical blueprint, with disastrous results.