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Twin Brothers Boost Business through 'Missioneering'

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters 2012

How a Church Dies

"I know all the things you do. I have seen your love, your faith, your service, and your patient endurance. And I can see your constant improvement in all these things."

- Revelation 2:19
Ruth Graham once said, "The definition of a bore is someone who, when asked how they are feeling, will actually tell you."
Some people love to talk about their latest aches and pains and what is wrong with them. I am not one of those people. I am the kind of person who doesn't want to go to the doctor. I don't want to admit that I am sick. But sometimes, when the symptoms become too strong, I need to go. I need to find out what is wrong.
In Revelation 2, Jesus addressed a very spiritually sick church in a place called Thyatira. What is amazing about this church is they started well, but then they went into decline. But before correcting them, the Lord commended them: "I know all the things you do. I have seen your love, your faith, your service, and your patient endurance. And I can see your constant improvement in all these things" (verse 19).
What was impressive about this church is they were growing, and there was more growth than there was in the beginning. That was good. But our best days should not be behind us, they should be in front of us. The problem is that some people live in the past.

More Americans now commit suicide than are killed in car crashes as miserable economy takes its toll

  • Deaths from suicide up 15pc with fears more deaths go unaccounted
  • $56m suicide prevention plan being rolled out after shocking statistics
  • Harsher penalties for drink driving credited with reducing road deaths

  • Suicide is the cause of more deaths than car crashes, according to an alarming new study.
    The number of people who commit suicide in the U.S. has drastically increased while deaths from car accidents have dropped, making suicide the leading cause of injury death.
    Suicides via falls or poisoning have risen significantly and experts fear that there could be many more unaccounted for, particularly in cases of overdose.

    'The God Interviews' Confronts God with Hard-Hitting Questions

    ABILENE, Texas, Sept. 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Life is filled with questions. Where we look to find the answers is what makes all the difference. In "The God Interviews," veteran author Julie-Allyson Ieron combines her background in journalism and her love of ministry to answer the question: If women could conduct a sit-down interview with God, what would He say?

    "Christ truly cares about the concerns and questions of a woman's heart," says Beverly LaHaye, author of The Spirit-controlled Woman. "Julie has creatively packaged these questions with answers drawn from His words in Scripture."

    "The God Interviews" was released September 10 by Leafwood Publishers and will be available at Barnes & Noble, AWBC Booksellers, Sam's Club and all major Christian bookstores.

    With a mix of vivid storytelling and a deep look at Biblical truths, Ieron guides women to the Bible where they can find answers to common questions. "The God Interviews" reaches out to all women who have questions about life. Both Christian and secular, all women wonder about many aspects of life: the whys, the hows, and everything in between. Applying biblical truths to today's hardships, this book uses an "interview with God" setting to allow readers to feel as if they are sitting down face to face with God in a TV studio for the sole purpose of asking any question and receiving an answer.

    Find out more about the book by visiting www.thegodinterviews.blogspot.com.

    Julie-Allyson Ieron is a perceptive journalist who investigates God's truth and crafts her discoveries in ways that engage readers' minds and resonate with their hearts. Her passion is to open God's Word and apply its riches to daily joys, questions, and challenges. She recently celebrated 25 years in publishing and conference speaking ministry and is author or coauthor of more than thirty books.

    Leafwood Publishers is an imprint of ACU Press, a publisher located in Abilene, Texas, which for over 25 years has published titles ranging from parenting to Christian living. The press is delighted to be adding "The God Interviews" to its list of books which encourage and enlighten. You can visit their website at www.leafwoodpublishers.com.

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    America for Jesus LIVE on GOD TV

    PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- GOD TV founders Rory & Wendy Alec are joining many influential Christian leaders to call America back to God. GOD TV will broadcast the 'America for Jesus' solemn assembly LIVE this weekend as thousands gather in Philadelphia.

    The two-day broadcast marathon will start on Friday September 28 at 8.30pm (EST) with the Awakening Youth Rally hosted by Teen Mania founder, Ron Luce. Speakers at the all day event on Saturday September 29 will include Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle and Bishop Harry Jackson. This will be televised LIVE from 10am to 6pm (EST).

    GOD TV can be watched via satellite across the USA on channel 365 of DIRECTV and via cable and digital terrestrial transmission in some cities. The entire America for Jesus event will be streamed LIVE at www.god.tv ; also via Roku Streaming players (www.roku.com) and through the GOD TV App, available on iTunes.

    America for Jesus aims to mobilize Christians in prayer, calling the Church to be 'the salt' that will bring healing to the nation. It was birthed out of 'One Nation Under God, Inc,' a coalition of ministries that has organized several solemn assemblies that have attracted several hundred thousand people.

    It is significant that America For Jesus 2012 will take place at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia as this is where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution of the United States was debated and ratified.

    "America is in a state of emergency evidenced by widespread moral depravity and economic meltdown," say the event's national chairperson, Anne Gimenez. "There is only one remedy, we need to renew our covenant with God. We are calling America back to God and proclaiming liberty and freedom over our nation."

    GOD TV has supported many prayer events for America including TheCall mass gatherings and annual National Day of Prayer. Rory & Wendy Alec carry a burden for America to turn back to God and encourage viewers to tune in to America for Jesus.

    "God is calling the Church in the USA to awaken from her slumber," said Wendy, who is also GOD TV's Director of Television. "We have to be stirred by God's might and power and rise up as a righteous people, who will humble ourselves and cry out to Him so that the enemy's plans for this nation will be reversed."

    For more information visit www.god.tv or www.afj2012.org

    About GOD TV: GOD TV was founded in the UK in 1995 by Christian media pioneers Rory & Wendy Alec and in just 17 years has become a global phenomenon. Today the network beams a broad cross section of cutting-edge programs, including many life-changing LIVE broadcasts, into millions of homes worldwide. The only Christian broadcaster to transmit globally from Jerusalem, GOD TV's powerful signal is carried via multiple satellites providing free viewing to half a billion people 24-hours-a-day. In the USA, GOD TV can be viewed on DIRECTV channel 365 as well as on select cable channels. It can also be viewed online at www.god.tv. The network has several offices in the USA. Other offices are situated in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. In addition to its vast media outreach, GOD TV also helps people in charitable ways by supporting feeding schemes, orphanages, water drilling projects and disaster relief funds.

    Contact: Jeffrey Levinson at GOD TV's North America Regional Office,
    375 Douglas Ave Suite, 1008, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.
    Telephone (407) 862-5084 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (407) 862-5084      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, fax (407) 682 2407 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (407) 682 2407      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, e-mail; jlevinson@god.tv

    GOD TV Broadcast HQ: Jerusalem, Israel. Regional offices: USA (Washington, DC; Orlando, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri) UK & Ireland (Sunderland & Plymouth, England), Scandinavia (Hjørring, Denmark), Europe (Hamburg, Germany), Asia & Middle East (Chennai, India; Sri Lanka), Africa (Cape Town, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya), Australasia (Melbourne, Australia). Angel Christian Television Trust, Inc is a Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation with 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt status from the IRS.

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    Warren County sees church-building boom

    For two decades, Warren County has been known as the second-fastest growing county in Ohio.
    Today, it’s home to another growth spurt – a church-building boom at a time when church membership is down nationwide. At least seven churches in the county, from Catholic to non-denominational, recently built or are involved in opening new facilities.
    Demographers and church officials said the building boom is related to the county’s population growth, but there may also be a spiritual explanation.
    “Folks that aren’t presently ‘churched’ feel more comfortable going to a new church or a new church building because it’s a fresh new beginning,’’ said Roger Hendricks, senior minister at Southwest Church, a non-denominational church in Springboro, which opened a $1.2 million building in February. It previously met at a YMCA in Springboro.


    Houston hip hop missionary releases mini-documentary about work in Brookshire, Texas

    The Biblical Way to Care for the Poor

    The religious left tells us that budgets are moral documents.  The religious left also assumes that the federal government should take up the cause of helping the poor.  One report says the federal government runs 126 different anti-poverty programs1.
    The religious left further tells us that across-the-board budget cuts will hurt the poor.  But how do we define the poor, and who gets to define them?  Are government programs always the moral high ground?  What happens if our national debt has reached $16 trillion because of budget deficits (Obama: nearly $5 trillion in four years, a record), while our national income (GDP) is smaller?
    Are those big-government budget deficits moral or immoral?  Where's the moral high ground in that?
    Despite the 126 programs, does anyone notice that we still have poor people?  Maybe we need another way.
    What does the Bible say about helping the poor?
    From the outset, I admit that I get nervous about applying specific Biblical texts to our modern national policy.  The Torah was the law of God, so ancient Israel was a theocracy.  We shouldn't bring these old laws forward to today in all their literalness and details.

    Is the American Church Dying? Rising Persecution Meets Falling Numbers of Youth

    BUSHKILL, Penn., Sept. 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The American Church, which once ruled the spiritual landscape of the United States, is struggling amidst rising persecution and shrinking numbers of youth. According to a study by Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council, U.S. Christians are facing unprecedented amounts of persecution and hostility. The recent attack on the FRC by a gunman in Washington D.C. is the latest in a string of incidents that include a Christian woman from Phoenix, Arizona being prohibited from passing out free water bottles and sharing her faith. Dr. James Emory White, theology professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological seminary, said "2012 may very well be the year of persecution against Christians." In addition, an unsettlingly high number of Christian youth walk away from the church once they reach college age. The numbers vary among denominations, but on average it's about 70%-80%, which means that the future church is in danger of shrinking away.

    There is a divide within the Christian community concerning these reports. Some dismiss them, while others fight to make a change. Christian fiction author Grant Carroll believes some people need a story to grab their attention. His novel, The Glimpse, is based upon a dream his wife had about the fate of the American Church. "The similarities between current events and her dream are uncanny. I knew it had to become a story, because stories impact us and make us think outside of our own experience. The only way Christians will pay attention to the warning signs of youth leaving and persecution rising is if they catch a glimpse of the Church's fate if these trends continue." Carroll also believes there is a deeper cause. "Apathy. Christian youth are not being raised by their parents and the Church. They're being raised by the media, their peers and the public school system, and nobody seems to be bothered by it."

    About Grant Carroll
    Grant Carroll is a freelance writer, playwright, published poet and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. He is the editor and co-founder of Child Refuge (www.childrefuge.org), a non-profit ministry with the goal of fighting for the children and young adults in the American church. His prayer is for his life and writing to impact the world for Christ.

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    Bible Apps Available in Closed Countries

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Sept. 25, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Scandinavia Publishing House, a Christian publishing house, has now made 85 children's Bibles available as apps that can be downloaded and read on the iPhone and iPad. Android and Kindle formats are on their way. They are being sold worldwide, even in closed Muslim and communist countries where the written Bible and other Christian symbols are not permitted.

    "We are able to monitor global sales of our apps daily," says Jørgen Vium Olesen, Publisher of Scandinavia Publishing. "In just one day, 300 Bibles and biblical books were downloaded in approximately 60 countries. There were 94 books in the USA, 25 in China, 23 in Saudi Arabia, 19 in the United Arab Emirates, 9 in Malaysia, 7 in Russia, and 4 in Egypt. Some days, up to 52 are downloaded in Saudi Arabia alone."

    Legal in China
    "We continue to see a high number of downloads in China. In Beijing in 2010 we were informed there are no restrictions on digital Bibles and children's Bibles in China," explains Jørgen. "If this freedom remains, it will provide a great opportunity to legally get Bibles into China using digital means."

    Scandinavia's vision
    Scandinavia was founded upon the vision BRINGING GOOD NEWS TO KIDS AND FAMILIES. Our passion is to get the Gospel out to people all over the world and selling apps worldwide is allowing us to do that in an entirely new way.

    Be Aware
    When searching for Children's Bibles at app store buyers need to be aware that there are several other books with similar titles (Child's Bible, The Children Bible etc.). It is important to look for the logo depicting Jesus lifting a little child.

    Once the app is downloaded the user can start looking over all the books available. Each series has at least one book that can be downloaded free. Prices for the digital books are somewhat cheaper than printed books since there are no postage and delivery fees. After downloading and using the app, users are invited to rate the books to provide feedback and indicate their level of satisfaction with their purchase.

    So far Scandinavia has only released digital books in English but hopes to soon release them as e-books in several other languages. Digital versions of their books all have a built-in function which makes it possible to record them in the user's own language. For instance, a grandmother may tell a story from the Bible to her grandchildren and then use that recording many times. It is also possible to enlarge the text, see details of the pictures, and in some cases, see a small animation of the books.

    The Bible books released on the internet include the following series:

    • Famous People of the Bible -- 24 books and a free preview of the Noah book.

    • Comic Book Bible -- for teenagers. It uses guided view.

    • Adventure Story Bible -- 30 books suitable for children 6-12 years old.

    • The Children's Bible -- sold more than 6 million copies in 92 languages in 120 countries. As an app, it can be bought as a complete book or divided into Old and New Testament stories.

    • The Little Children's Bible Books -- 24 books for children 3-7 years old.

    • The Handy Bible series -- 5 different books for younger children.
    For many years Scandinavia Publishing House has published children's Bibles for various groups. Now these children's Bibles have been converted to e-books with amazing extra features and interactive functions. These Bible apps can be instantly downloaded today!

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