Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pastors Arrested for praying in front of the White House

We know this is old news, but we here at Eternal Flame News didn't know that this had happened until a friend shared this on Facebook. So, if we didn't know and obviously not many news stations were covering it because we never saw anything about it on the news. There may be others out there who didn't know either. Knowledge is Power. When you watch the video it is like the video "I pledge Allegiance To the Lamb" Coming to life! We are living in the last days!

On May 6th 2009 Two pastors spent the day in jail after kneeling and praying outside the White House in a restricted area.

The men said since President Obama didn't attend any of the National Day of Prayer events Thursday, they brought the prayer to him. Before they were handcuffed and taken away, the two African-American pastors said they're particularly upset with the president for not taking a stand against abortion, especially in the black community.

The pastors were given three warnings before they were arrested and charged with failure to obey a lawful order.

Father Runs Over Daughter in possible Honor Killing

An Arizona woman allegedly run over by her Muslim father for becoming "too Westernized" has died.
The woman's friends say her Iraqi father injured her for being too Westernized.

Police in Peoria, Ariz., expect to upgrade the charges against the woman's father, Faleh Hassan Almaleki, currently being held on two counts of aggravated assault after a 10-day manhunt ended Friday in London.
Noor Faleh Almaleki, 20, clung to life for nearly two weeks after being run down by her father's car. Her boyfriend's mother, 43-year-old Amal Edan Khalaf, was also injured in the attack and remains hospitalized with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

"It occurred because her not following traditional family values. We've been told that by everybody," Peoria Police spokesman Mike Tellef told ABCNews.com last month. "He felt she was becoming too westernized and he didn't like that." 

We at Eternal Flame News have been covering the Story of Rifqa Bary on our JMC Live show.  Rifqa is the 17 year old girl who ran away from her home in Ohio to Florida because she says her parents were going to kill her for converting to Christianity from Islam.  It is called an Honor Killing that those who follow Islam must do this to those who turn from the Islam religion it is called apostasy.Below is the JMC LIVE show from 10-13-09  talking about Rifqa and how she is, and now has been sent back to Ohio. She is now in Foster Care and the Ohio court is now over this case.

The courts and her parents attorneys say it's ridiculous that she should think that they would kill her and think that she is making this stuff up.  Well after reading the above article just posted do you really think that Rifqa over reacted? We don't!! Parents are killing their own children! And for simply not following what they (the parents) think they should! I mean this man ran over his daughter in broad daylight and also injured another woman! I would say America we have a serious problem brewing in our nation!  Please pray for Rifqa as she continues this fight, and that God (our Lord and Savior Jesus) protects her from all harm. Pray for the father that killed his daughter He needs to know the Love of Jesus and that what he has done is wrong and turn from the way he is living. For it only leads to destruction.