Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zimbabwe Africa: Prostitutes Masquerading As Christians

Mutare — Holding a Bible and smartly-dressed in a formal executive wear, Memory Dube* could be mistaken as an office executive. But alas, she is a hardcore prostitute masquerading as a Christian.

"I am desperate for marriage and at the same time looking for decent clients, who would take care of me," she said. "I can be married if I pretend to be a Christian. I have friends who were prostitutes and they are married now."

Dube, who religiously attends lunch-time prayers at one of the Pentecostal churches in the city centre, is one of the breed of prostitutes that have invaded the mountainous city of Mutare. They pretend to be true Christians by day and turn to hookers by night for survival.

"Our brothers from the church do not go to night clubs, where we will be doing our errands with other clients," said Dube. "Then during the day, we will be chasing the church guys who will end up marrying us."

Another hooker, who identified herself only as Shylet, said they usually had unprotected sex with the brothers from the church but insisted on using condoms with the clients from the bars.

"The church brothers do not use condoms because they say they want to marry us," said Shylet. "Since we are desperate for marriage, we do not have any options but to give in."

She added that she was targeting the church men because they were not exposed to the hassle and bustle of night club life.

"Those guys who frequent nightclubs do not marry because some of them know us," she said, adding that she was prepared to settle down once she found someone who could marry her.

A pastor with a popular church here confirmed female "born again" Christians were flocking to churches in the hope of finding decent people who could marry them.

"We are having a lot of confessions from prostitutes who are saying they are born again," said the pastor. "We feel that they have repented, but we are having problems with others who are snatching other people's husbands in the church."

He said several church goers had fallen prey to the sex workers and ended up marrying them.

"They come to our church in the afternoon and pretend to be Christians and go to night clubs during the night where they sell sex. It has become complicated." he said.
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Norway To Abolish It's State Church Reliquishing Any Control Over The Church Of Norway

THE LOCAL----The Norwegian parliament has voted to abolish the state church, a decision which is set to be confirmed in a constitutional amendment on Monday.
The vote last Wednesday was backed by parties across the political spectrum and has the effect of severing the connection between Norway and the Church of Norway, making Norway a secular state.

Svein Arne Lindø, chair of the church council, welcomed the decision which is the result of an agreement signed between the government and the church in 2008.
"Once the decision to change the constitution is made on Monday, it will be a great day for us. It's a great day for both church and country," he told state news agency NRK.

In practice the change means that the state relinquishes any control over the Church of Norway including the appointments of pastors and bishops. The decision will furthermore establish equality between the Church of Norway and other faiths represented in the country.

Church leaders will be in attendance at Norway's Stortinget parliament to witness the constitutional amendment on Monday afternoon.

The Lutheran Church was formally recognised as the state church in the Norwegian constitution framed after independence from Denmark in 1814.

Some 79.2 percent of Norwegians were registered as members of the Church of Norway as of January 1st 2010, although membership has been in steady decline over the past decade.
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Church Opens Parking Lot to Homeless

ACLU Against Traffic Island Cross in Middleborough

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) may be preparing for yet another battle over the presence of a cross on public property. This time, the scene of the debate is Middleborough, Massachusetts, where a large, brick cross with the word “worship” present on it is creating angst among secularists who view it as an overt constitutional violation. The structure, which was built on a traffic island by the Middleborough Kiwanis Club back in 1959, is considered — unofficially — to be a historic landmark by residents and local leaders, alike. The cross, which measures 12 feet in height by seven feet in width, includes a Kiwanis emblem at its base. It was originally conceived and advocated for decades ago by the Rev. Francis Schlater, a faith leader who is now deceased. While many locals support the cross’ presence, a lawyer who drove past it a few months ago decided to file a complaint with the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT). The roadside religious symbol, he contends, violates the separation of church and state. The battle is shaping up to be a complicated one, with the Kiwanis Club doubling down on its defense of the cross. Local officials, too, hold a positive view of the symbol and, thus far, seem to be defending it. But the state, which owns a portion of the traffic island, reportedly wants the town to remove it. The ACLU, naturally, agrees with this stance and is siding against Kiwanis. READ MORE

“Don’t Tear Me Down" Mt. Soledad Veterans’ Memorial Cross Tribute

‘There Will Be a Child Who Will Live’ Because of This Sacrifice

video platform video management video solutions video player “While our brothers and sisters fell in a place far from home, far from their families, the values for which they stood and for which they lived and for which they died occupy an enduring place in our hearts,” said Allen. “Those values: freedom, duty, selflessness and sacrifice.” READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Harassed Blogger Allegedly Arrested After Court Hearing With Convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin

This is a breaking story. Please check back frequently for updates. Last week, The Blaze detailed how convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin has been terrorizing bloggers across the country. Today, there are reports that one of his victims, Aaron Walker — who was interviewed both for The Blaze’s article and on the Glenn Beck radio program — has been arrested at court following his most recent hearing with Kimberlin, who had taken a restraining order out on the respected attorney (ironic, considering the convicted domestic terrorist was the one doing the harassing). READ MORE

Greece to Leave Euro Zone on June 18: Wealth Manager

Greece will leave the euro zone on June 18 if the populist government wins the country’s elections on the 17 as the rest of the euro zone rounds on "cheaters," Nick Dewhirst, director at wealth management firm Integral Asset Management, told CNBC.com Monday. “The euro zone is a club but you get cheaters who get away with it until everyone finds out and at that point you need to remove them otherwise everyone will cheat. It’s better for Greece to leave,” Dewhirst said. He added that Greek society was built on cheating and scheming, saying “everyone does it” but that voters elsewhere in the euro zone were now calling Greece to account. “The basic question is that a German has to increase working from 65 to 67 and that is to pay for Greeks retiring at 50. The 17th of June is the perfect opportunity to say either 'we’ll behave' or 'we’ll carry on cheating,'" he said. READ MORE