Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama Lies About Stimulus Funds Used In Ohio Project During Visit This Week

Written By Miranda Caverley
Is it a surprise that Obama has been caught in another lie?

This week the President visited a couples home in Clintonville Ohio Near Columbus to talk about how the stimulus money is helping put Ohioans back to work. It was an all day event as the President visited a local Ohio architect and his wife as the Press swarmed taking photos and making posts on Facebook every few seconds as to what President Obama was doing and where he was going.

The only problem with this is there is no stimulus money being used for the project that this architect is working on. OOPS I guess he forgot to mention that while getting photo ops and sipping drinks.

As our President continues to come out with lie after lie after lie. We have to wonder does he not care anymore that the American people are on to his little game? I don't think he does, to me this just shows that he is all about publicity and fame rather than telling the truth and helping the American people. So after finding this out I wonder if the architect and his wife will be so hospitable the next time Obama come knocking at their door?

This is what the Ohio (AP) posted just today
COLUMBUS (AP) -- A city official in Ohio says President Barack Obama misspoke this week when he cited a local project as a stimulus success.
At the home of a Columbus architect, Obama said his administration's economic program had helped his host because the man was working on a new police station funded in part with stimulus dollars.

But Columbus city finance director Paul Rakosky says the project is actually converting a vacant building into a new police crime lab, and he says no stimulus money is involved. Rakosky, who's a Democrat, says the funding originated in Congress.

Asked for a comment, a White House spokesman said one of the key points of the president's trip was to highlight job creation by small businesses, like architect