Friday, July 2, 2010

In OHIO-Supreme Court ruled 5-1 That New Employees Risk Getting Fired For Taking Extended Leaves For Any Reason.

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The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that companies can fire relatively new employees who take time off for pregnancy.

Justices ruled 5-1 that new employees risk getting fired when they take extended leaves for any reason. It's not discriminating against women to include pregnancy leaves, they decided.

The case came before the court because nurse Tiffany McFee was fired from her job in Pataskala, a town of 10,000 located 22 miles east of Columbus. The Pataskala Oaks Care Center fired her because she took pregnancy leave eight months after being hired. Nursing home policy requires employees to be on the job a year before taking an extended leave.

The Columbus Dispatch reports justices ruled that as long as company policies apply to everyone and don't make distinctions between extended leaves for pregnancy and other medical purposes, employers are within their rights to give pregnant women the boot.
JMC Ministries Response

Ohio has been falling apart for the last 10 years with losing jobs and increasing unemployment. Now this is an even harder blow to those who are struggling to find work and sustain their families.

We pray that the Lord opens up the doors for people to have a generous heart and not fire people who need this time off. And we pray for the many who are already out of work in this current economy as well.

God bless you all