Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama today was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But for what? Well, He hasn't actually done anything, YET. The committee awarded him the prize because of the things he says he's going to do.

To us this is an insult on those who have worked hard and made a difference already. To have worked so hard for peace and to lose the award to someone who "has the potential to do great things" it just wrong. This to us sends out the message, "well if I just say I'm going to do great things then I won't have to work so hard, because they'll give me the award before I actually do something."

Also we want to know how Obama was nominated when he hasn't even been president a year. And, the deadline to nominate someone was February 1st. Obama hadn't even been in office a month! He didn't have time to do anything. Plus, the only thing we've seen him doing is pushing his health care reform plan, and spending more of America's dollars that we don't have.

We (America/President Obama) are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then there is the threat from North Korea. Where is the peace he has brought about. We want the proof.

As Americans we can only pray that he lives up to the expectations of the award. Because right now we don't see any peace with all the wars and terrorist threats happening.