Friday, March 26, 2010

Woman gets H.S. Diploma at 98!



Raw Video: 98-year-old Woman Get H.S. Diploma

Ida Ruth Hayes Greene finally has something she's always wanted -- her high school diploma. Ida will be 99 in April. Monday, she was presented with her diploma, earning it by fulfilling requirements related to her life experiences. (March 23) [ | Associated Press]


Atheist Tells CNN Why We Should Ditch Religion

JMC Ministries Response

This man says that Christians and religious people do not care about the sufferings of others and that we are distracted by our religion from real problems happening in the world.

When in reality, most Christians today are out trying to make a difference in their communities and helping others.

We have missionaries in the U.S and around the world out there helping feed clothe, house and educate people. How is this being distracted by our “religion” and not helping those in need?

I don’t know how this man can put Christians in the same category as those who follow the Islam religion? When those who follow the teachings of the bible do not do as this man says some in the middle east do by oppressing and even torturing others.

Fellow Brothers and sisters in Christ this is just one person of many who want to stop our freedoms here in America and also around the world. From reaching out and sharing the love of Christ and helping other in the name of Jesus. Please pray for this man and all the others who do not know or understand the love of Christ.

UK: Teachers Leave Boy 5 stranded in tree Due to School Policy

A boy of five was left stranded in a tree at school because of a bizarre health and safety policy - which banned teachers from helping him down.

The mischievous pupil climbed the 20ft tree at the end of morning break and refused to come down.

But instead of helping him, staff followed guidelines and retreated inside the school building to ‘observe from a distance’ so the child would not get ‘distracted and fall’.

The boy was only rescued after 45 minutes in the tree when passer-by Kim Barrett, 38, noticed the child and helped him down herself.

But instead of being thanked for her actions by the head teacher of the Manor School in Melksham, Wiltshire, she was reported to the police for trespassing.

Miss Barrett, who lives in Melksham with her six-year-old daughter who attends a different school, said she is ‘surprised’ and ‘shocked’ by the school's policy.

She said: 'I was completely shocked when I first saw him because he was sitting on a branch hanging out over the pavement.

'He was so young. He didn't look frightened but he was completely on his own - there were no teachers or friends in the playground and the field was empty.

'I walked past at 11.15am and he told me he had been hiding since the end of playtime because he didn't want to go back into class.

'Break ends at 10.30am so that means he had been in the tree for at least 45 minutes.

‘I stopped to ask him if he was OK, and it became clear that he'd been there since the end of playtime, which had been around half an hour earlier.

‘I was immediately concerned. I walked over to the school with the boy and was met by the associate head.

‘He didn't appear at all concerned, and was actually very patronising, patting me on the arm and asking me “what do you expect me to do, exactly, dear?” 

‘When I said I thought it was a serious incident, he then said his only concern was me trespassing.

‘I was initially surprised that no one appeared to have missed this boy, no one could have known where he was because they could not have seen him from the school, and I was shocked at the way I was dealt with.’ 

The incident occurred on the morning of March 1 as Miss Barrett was walking home past the side entrance of 213-pupil The Manor Church of England Primary School.

She claims that she walked around to the front of the school, onto the playing field and then helped the schoolboy down before taking him back to his class.

But the school alleges that she ‘approached the school in an inappropriate way’ and asked her to leave the premises after she got into a row with staff over the boy's welfare.

Later that evening a letter from head teacher Beverley Martin was posted through Miss Barrett’s door, explaining that the school had contacted police about the incident.

The next morning she was visited by a PCSO who told her she had committed a trespassing offence by helping the young schoolboy down from the tree.

Miss Barrett, a part-time cleaner, said: ‘I felt really angry because I felt I had saved the school and this boy from something that could have been far worse, and that instead of thanking me I was under investigation.

‘It was ridiculous. He was all on his own, there was no one near him and you couldn't see the school buildings from where he was.

‘Not only was he at least 6ft off the ground, but someone taller than me could easily have reached in from the pavement and plucked him off the branch.

"The school say he was being watched but that's impossible because there is no line of sight from the school building to the tree.

'I am a mother myself and I find it a bit ridiculous that the school's policy is to leave a child up a tree. I would be very angry if this happened to my child.

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JMC Ministries Response

Written By: Miranda Caverley

As a child I loved the outdoors and especially climbing trees. One day I climbed the pear tree in our front yard and go my foot stuck. I began yelling for my parents to help. My dad looked out the front door and immediately came running to help me and got me out of the tree. I know that if I had been this 5 year old boy stuck in this tree and left there with no help for nearly an hour. I would have been scared.

If my dad would have been this woman to come to my rescue when no one else did I would be so grateful.

The fact that a school puts it in their policies to not help a child in need, but “to watch from a distance to observe” if they get stuck in a tree is ludicrous. And now to charge this woman with trespassing goes beyond idiocy.

It seems to me that if your child is enrolled in this school your parental rights are revoked and you have no say in what happens to your child. And sadly it seems this is starting to happen gradually in the U.S as well.

Judge Rules U.S Father Cannot Take Daughter to Easter Mass

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A local father involved in a messy divorce has been barred from taking his 3-year-old daughter to church on Easter.

Wednesday, Joseph Reyes asked a judge if he could take his daughter to Catholic Mass on Easter Sunday. The judge refused his request.

Reyes and the child's mother had agreed to raise their daughter in the Jewish faith.

Reyes had her baptized in the Catholic Church, and a temporary restraining order was then issued to stop him from exposing her to other religions.

Reyes is facing a contempt charge for ignoring that order and taking her to mass anyway.
"I'm very suspicious about the family court system in this country. I think it's incredibly biased against the men," Reyes said.
"He's trying to capitalize on this to get sympathy from strangers and get sound bites like somehow we're anti-Christianity. We're not, nor is the client. She's totally open to exposing her daughter to other religions. What she doesn't like is that he violates court orders," said Steven Lake, the mother's attorney.
Reyes does have visitation with his daughter.

The judges' final ruling in his divorce will be handed down in a couple of weeks.


JMC Ministries Response
Written By Miranda Caverley

As a little girl I can remember my parents buying my Easter dress every year to wear to church on Easter Sunday.

Going to church on Easter Sunday having the fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. These are some of my fondest memories.

When I read this article it truly breaks ones heart. That these parents are putting this little child in the middle of their problems.

I don’t know how a judge and over rule the 1st amendment of our constitution ruling that this father cannot take his child to church? When we have freedom of Religion in this country?

It seems we are always asking this question to receive no answer from the world anyway. But we as Christians know that it is the power of darkness that seeks to kill and destroy all those who follow Christ.

We must pray for the parents of this little girl. That they stop putting their daughter in the middle of their divorce and problems. They need to think about what harm this is going to have on this little girl in the long run and make peace some how.