Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paralyzed Bride Walks Down Isle On Her Wedding Day

Jennifer Darmon walked down the aisle on her wedding day this weekend, which was a particularly moving moment since she has been confined to a wheel chair since a crippling car crash in 2008.

On Saturday, the radiant bride strode to the altar with the help of leg braces and a decorated metal walker. That short but momentous stroll came after years of intense therapy and a vow she made to ABC's "World News" March 25.
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Research: Oral Sex Puts Men at Risk for Oral Cancer

Rates of oral cancer are on the rise among men, and researchers say the culprit isn't the devil you might think.

The rising rates of oral cancer aren't being caused by tobacco, experts say, but by HPV, the same sexually transmitted virus responsible for the vast majority of cases of cervical cancer in women.

Millions of women and girls have been vaccinated against HPV, or human papillomavirus, but doctors now say men exposed to the STD during oral sex are at risk as well and may have higher chances of developing oral cancer.

An oral cancer screening is given at a free dental clinic in Brighton, Colo. The incidence of the disease is increasing among men who are exposed to the sexually transmitted virus HPV during oral sex.
About 65 percent of oral cancer tumors were linked to HPV in 2007, according to the National Cancer Institute. And the uptick isn't occurring among tobacco smokers.

"We're looking at non-smokers who are predominantly white, upper middle class, college-educated men," Brian Hill, the executive director of the Oral Cancer Foundation, told AOL News by phone.

Tobacco use has declined over the past decade, but rates of HPV infections have risen and affect at least 50 percent of the sexually active American population, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

HPV-16, the strain of the virus that causes cervical cancer in women, has become the leading cause of oral cancer in non-smoking men, Hill said, citing research in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"When the No. 1 cause of your disease goes down [tobacco use], you would expect that the incidence of disease would go down, but that hasn't happened," he said. "In our world, this is an epidemic."

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Former Atheist Lee Strobel's Follow-Up to Ricky Gervais' Easter Message

In response to Ricky Gervais’ controversial “Holiday Message” last week, one well-known Christian author and apologist followed up with what he’s best known for – the facts.

Presenting his case for Christ, former atheist Lee Strobel described how the evidence of Easter killed his faith in atheism in his essay published in The Wall Street Journal.

Over 30 ago Strobel – who was no stranger to investigating as the legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and an award-winning journalist – began his two-year search for evidence regarding the credibility of Christianity after his wife’s sudden conversion.

Recalling his first reaction to his wife’s newfound belief, Strobel stated in the WSJ how “it was the worst news [he could] get as an atheist.”

“Two words shot through my mind. The first was an expletive; the second was ‘divorce,’” the evangelist relayed.

Afraid she was going to turn into a “self-righteous holy roller,” Strobel decided to systematically investigate Christianity, focusing on Christ’s resurrection, in hopes to perhaps “extricate [his wife] from [the] cult.”

He also admitted to being genuinely curious about her faith because he had seen positive changes in his wife the months following her conversion (which she attributed to God).

Exhaustively studying the historical data surrounding Christ’s death and resurrection for nearly two years, Strobel found evidence after evidence, which supported not only Jesus’ life but his actual resurrection as well.

Recording in the WSJ each criticism he had, the famous author found that all his questions he had regarding Christ’s final days were substantially supported by historical evidence.

Was Jesus really executed, was Jesus’ tomb empty, did anyone see Jesus alive again, and could these encounters have been hallucinations were a few of the questions Strobel investigated and found to be valid.

“One by one, my objections evaporated,” Strobel penned in the WSJ. “I read books by skeptics, but their counter-arguments crumbled under the weight of the historical data. No wonder atheists so often come up short in scholarly debates over the resurrection.

“In the end, after I had thoroughly investigated the matter, I reached an unexpected conclusion: it would actually take more faith to maintain my atheism than to become a follower of Jesus.”

So on November 18, 1981, Strobel made a decision to become a Christian, just like his wife. “My eternity changed and my life changed in ways that I never foresaw,” Strobel told Brian Auten in an interview on Apologetics 315.

“The evidence is what tipped the scales… [I said to myself] ‘If this is true, then Christ deserves my allegiance, my world, my all.’”

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Conservative TV network makes debut in Canada

Canada's first right-wing 24-hour television news network was launched Monday promising to shake up Canadians' views on politics and the day's events.

But the Quebecor-owned Sun News Network assailed by critics as "Fox News North" continues to suffer from staffing slip-ups and still has not sorted out its distribution.

The specialty channel aims to "challenge the English Canadian TV news establishment," Quebec media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau said last year when he unveiled plans for the network.

"Far too many Canadians are tuning out completely or changing their dials to American all-news channels," he said. "Quebecor sees an untapped market opportunity in English Canadian TV news."

Sun News Network said it would provide Canadians with "hard news" during the day, and opinion and analysis in evening broadcasts, or as its slogan touts "hard news and straight talk."

To promote its launch, news anchor Krista Erickson posed in a hockey jersey on the cover of affiliated Sun newspapers while Toronto Sun columnist Peter Worthington said it would "not to be intimidated by political correctness."

The specialty channel was the brainchild of Kory Teneycke, former spokesman for Canada's Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is currently waging a fierce reelection campaign against leftist parties.

It was launched through a partnership between Quebecor Media's two subsidiaries TVA Group and Sun Media Corporation, which operates a chain of tabloid newspapers in Canada.

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