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A Computer Inside a Living Cell? It Has Now Been Done

Humans have long been adding technology to their body to improve health, like pacemakers for example. But scientists have recently announced the creation of a bit of technology from a living system — they’ve made a computer in a cell.
Illustration of DNA (Image:
Stanford University bioengineers made a transistor – the “transcriptor” – out of genetic material (DNA and RNA).
“Biological computers can be used to study and reprogram living systems, monitor environments and improve cellular therapeutics,” Drew Endy, assistant professor of bioengineering and senior author of the paper published in the journal Science with the lead author Jerome Bonnet, said in a statement.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Second Evangelistic Festival Reveals Strides in Haiti's Road to Recovery

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, March 25, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Lively all-night church services, one-on-one prayer at eyeglass clinics, and a message of hope for the entire city helped characterize Haiti's second Fun in the Son Festival with Andrew Palau.
A week-long evangelistic campaign featuring service outreaches such as eyeglass and medical clinics, prison ministry, and events for kids set the pace for the free, open-air music festival Saturday at Champs de Mars.
The high-octane crowd of over 40,000 people sang and danced along to the music of Haitian and international artists and cheered as Action Sports athletes performed high-flying stunts. Palau shared a message called "Rest for Your Souls," referring to the rest and redemption found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom," Palau told the crowd.
Only last year, Champs de Mars was the site of one of the largest tent cities that housed many of those left homeless by the 7.0 earthquake in January 2010. Since the summer of 2012, the park has been under redevelopment and is once again the bustling "living room" of the city.
"The Bible says in Psalm 118:22, 'The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,'" Palau said. "I believe the rebuilding of Haiti will be directly related the issue of whether Jesus Christ will be the cornerstone upon which individuals place their faith and begin their foundation afresh."
Stories of rebuilding and recovery permeated the campaign. The weekend preceding the festival, Palau spoke at Shalom Church, which was completely destroyed in the earthquake. Shortly after, the congregation began to meet on the hillside below their old building. Thousands of hurting people began to attend "the church on the hill." Shalom is now one of the largest churches in the region, with 20,000 people attending regularly. The team also joined Shalom for an all-night prayer rally Friday before the festival.
Hundreds of prisoners in Haiti also had the chance to hear about the freedom found in Jesus Christ as Andrew Palau, musician Dave Lubben, and BMX pro Vic Murphy led outreaches at three prisons in Port-au-Prince, Croix-des-Bouquets, and Petionville.
Festival staff received approximately 5,000 responses from the festival, each representing an individual who made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. Over the next few weeks, local volunteers will follow up with each person and help them get connected to a church in their area. More than 600 Haitian churches participated in the outreach.
Fun in the Son is a collaboration between the Luis Palau Association and Haiti Broilers. Haitian President Michel Martelly recently acknowledged the Haiti Broilers as an example of the bold business leadership helping to transform Haiti. Last March, the first Fun in the Son Festival in Port-au-Prince drew more than 30,000 people.
For more information about Andrew Palau and his ministry, visit

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With ChinaAid's Help, Two Victims of China's One-Child Policy Granted UNHCR Refugee Status

BANGKOK, March 25, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- With ChinaAid's help, a Chinese couple who endured a forced abortion and sterilization and whose children were denied schooling, have been granted refugee status by the UN High Commission on Refugees.
The experiences of Du Yiliang and his wife Guo Yanling are sadly typical of those who refuse to comply with China's one-child policy. Since the birth of their second child in 1989, the couple has been on the run. In 1995, when Guo was eight months pregnant, she was forced to undergo an abortion. In 1999, she was taken by family planning officials and forcibly sterilized.
In 2006, she was imprisoned for not being able to pay a fine for having more than one child. The government also punished the family for the unpaid fine by refusing to issue household registrations to the three children, without which they are unable to ever attend school or receive government benefits.
The couple fled to a southeast Asian country, where they contacted China Aid Association for help. ChinaAid tapped its Emergency Relief Fund to support the family and arrange legal assistance for them. (See:
In 2012, Guo testified via telephone at a U.S. Congressional hearing on China held by the House Foreign Relations Committee's Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, & Global Human Rights. (See: Her emotional testimony brought the Jubilee Campaign, a U.S.-based advocate for religious freedom and human rights worldwide, into partnership with ChinaAid. Jubilee provided legal assistance to the entire family and helped them apply for UNHCR refugee status.
Notes of encouragement to Du Yiliang and Guo Yanling, requests for interviews, and financial contributions to ChinaAid's Emergency Relief Fund can all be submitted to the ChinaAid website at Or contact ChinaAid founder and president Bob Fu directly at (267) 205-5210.
Noting the Chinese government's statement during the 18th Communist Party Congress of the long-term nature of the one-child family planning policy, ChinaAid calls on the governments of the world and international human rights organizations to continue to focus attention on the continued reality that abortions and sterilizations are forced on multitudes of families in China. ChinaAid also calls on the Chinese government to respect the right to life and to finally end its one-child policy.

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Walking to Share Their Stories Twenty Five Women to Walk 200km for 25 Years of Abortion

ORILLIA, Ontario, Canada, March 26, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- This April 27th - May 10th 25 women will execute an ambitious 200 km awareness walk from Montreal, QC, to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, ON.

"2013 is the 25th anniversary of no laws on abortion in Canada. Many Canadians do not realize it is actually legal to abort a baby up to birth in Canada...Because of this we knew we needed to do something special to bring awareness," explains walk organizer Faytene Grasseschi.

It was in 1988 that the R. vs Morgentaler went to the Supreme Court of Canada. The judge who ruled in the case was Justice Bertha Wilson. She struck down the law at the time and charged Parliament to determine at which point a child in the womb should be deemed worthy of protection. To this day Parliament has never been able to pass such a piece of legislation. Because of this Canada is joined with only two other nations in the world, China and North Korea, which also allow abortion at any phase of pregnancy.

As the 25 women walk they are representing the 25 years since 1988. Their goal is not only to bring awareness to the current legal state of the nation but it is also to share their personal experiences.

"We were amazed," explains Grasseschi, "when we put the invitation out for women to apply and began to read the applications. We had no idea that almost every woman would have a very personal reason for applying, and many with very painful abortion stories to share..." She goes on to say, "What we quickly realized was that, in the name of choice, so many women in Canada have felt like they did not have a choice. So many women have been pressured into abortion and carry deep pain from that harassment. This really is the untold story of abortion in Canada..."

The organizers are careful to emphasize that the tone and spirit of the walk is not angry or hostile, but simple, loving, honest and authentic. The 25 women are from various cultural backgrounds, regions, social backgrounds and ages and many are already doing public speaking events where they are sharing their reason for walking. Video interviews of some of the walkers have already been released and are getting strong viewership on the internet.

The walkers will begin in Montreal on the morning of April 28th and arrive into Ottawa to converge with the March for Life on May the 9th which is expected to draw over 20,000 Canadians.

"With every step we take we are walking for our own restoration, our mothers, our sisters, our friends and our future nation. We count it an honour to share our stories in the hopes it will help other women and open many eyes in Canada," says Grasseschi.

To find out more about the Back to Life Walk visit

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New Numbers: Social Media Impact on Youth -- More Teens Embracing Social Media to Fight Hunger

World Vision Reports Big Jump in 30 Hour Famine Facebook Use and 30 Hour Famine April Signups

100,000 Teens to Give up Food, Go Mobile - 30 Hour Famine April 26-27
SEATTLE, March 26, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- With the 30 Hour Famine national event less than forty days away, World Vision is encouraged by new statistics showing a big jump in the number of teens signing up to participate in the April 26 th - 27th event. The charity says one of the reasons is an emphasis this year on social media outreach. Last April, 30 Hour Famine (30HF) reported more than 3,200* groups signing up to do 30HF. This year, more than 3,500 have signed up, an almost eight (7.8) percent jump. This year, almost a quarter million teens will fast to fight global hunger. 30HF is the world's largest teen hunger awareness campaign. Since 30HF began in 1992, teens have raised more than $150 million to fight global hunger. The United Nations says in 1992, 40,000 children died from hunger and preventable causes. Today it's 19,000, still too high but proof that efforts like 30HF are helping.

According to World Vision, the number of 30HF Facebook likes (31,701) has also jumped 8 percent from last year (26,599). "Our research says teens are more inclined to act on social justice issues when they hear about these causes from social media," says Leah Swindon, 30HF National Director. According to a new study, conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of World Vision, more than half of teens (56%) say social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) have made them more aware of the needs of others, a big jump from 2011, when just over 4 in 10 (44%) said their use of social media made them more aware.

April 26 th-27th, World Vision will give control of the 30HF website to teens across America so they can use social media to fight world hunger. While many will do 30HF in February, others participate in April. Teens go without food for 30 hours to get a taste of what the world's poorest children face. Prior to the event, teens raise funds by explaining that $1 can help feed and care for a child a day. Teens consume only water and juice as they participate in local community service projects at food banks and homeless shelters. In some major U.S. cities 30HF volunteers will work in World Vision Storehouses. Last year, 30HF raised $9.8 million to fight hunger. This year's goal: $10.5 million.

Tonight, 870 million people worldwide will go to bed hungry. Funds raised this year for 30HF will be sent to 10 countries including Haiti, Burundi and this year for the first time, 30HF funds will help fight hunger here in the U.S. Info: or or call 800-7-FAMINE.

*3563 April 2013 30HF signups - 3,282 April 2012 30HF signups

30 Hour Famine Survey 2013 Facts
The poll was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of World Vision, an international Christian relief and development organization, between January 23 rd, 2013 and February 4 th, 2013 via the Youth Query omnibus service among 567 U.S. youth ages 13 to 17 years old. For complete methodology, including weighing variables, please contact John Yeager.

About World Vision -- World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. World Vision serves the world's poor regardless of a person's religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. World Vision works in 100 countries, helping approximately 100 million people every year. For more information, visit

Contact: John Yeager, World Vision, +1-425-765-9845; AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS: Leah Swindon World Vision 30 HF National Director; Media Contacts Gardi Wilks (Midwest US) 708-434-5006 (office) 708-205- 5020 (cell); John Yeager (Western US) 253-815-2356 (office) 425-765-9845 (cell); Mindy Mizell (Eastern US) 202-355-3690 (cell)

Web Site:

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Widow of WWII Soldier Waits Over 60 Years For the Love of Her Life

Widow of WWII Soldier Waits Over 60 Years For the Love of Her Life - Tear Jerker! from joylights on GodTube.

Pro-Lifers Mark Good Friday with Nationwide Prayer Vigils at Abortion Clinics

Pro-Life Action League's "Way of the Cross" Links Innocent Victims Across Centuries
CHICAGO, March 25, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Good Friday, March 29, 2013 will be marked by pro-life citizens across America as a day of mourning and prayer at abortion facilities. As Christians worldwide remember how Jesus Christ was put to death, these faithful will stop to grieve for the 3,500 innocent unborn children who will themselves be put to death through abortion 1980 years after the crucifixion. This nationwide event, called "The Way of the Cross for Abortion Victims," is coordinated by the Pro-Life Action League and emphasizes prayers for babies at risk of being aborted to be spared and for their mothers to choose life. Chicago, Saint Louis, Boston, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis are among the cities in which clergy will lead this solemn prayer service outside of abortion clinics.
Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, explained the impetus behind the prayer vigils. "On Good Friday we remember the innocent suffering and death of Jesus Christ at Golgotha, which means 'the place of the skull,'" he said, "We have our own 'Golgotha' in every city where innocent unborn children, created in the image of God, are also violently put to death by abortion."
The Pro-Life Action League is a national organization dedicated to empowering Americans to put their pro-life convictions into effective action in their local communities. Christians of all denominations have been invited to participate in these solemn, ecumenical prayer services. At each site, prayers will be offered for all the victims of abortion-the children lost, the mothers wounded, the communities blighted-as well as for those responsible for perpetrating this injustice, including "pro-choice" elected officials and those working in the abortion industry.
"Through His Holy Passion, Our Lord united Himself with all the victims of suffering in this life," remarked Scheidler, adding that "None suffer more innocently than children in the womb whose lives are taken by abortion. None suffer more deeply than their mothers, carrying a heavy burden of guilt and shame."
More information is available at
About the Pro-Life Action League
The Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joe Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving babies from abortion through direct action. Not content to await a political or judicial solution to abortion, the League seeks to stop the killing of unborn children right now through all available peaceful means, including public protest, sidewalk counseling, education, youth outreach, and national leadership.

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Teen Dying of Cancer Gets Final Wish - Students Bring Prom to Her Bedside

Teen Dying of Cancer Gets Final Wish - Students Bring Prom to Her Bedside from sharethemessage on GodTube.

Engaging Young Evangelicals: Have We Lost the 'Culture Wars?'

"Evangelical Millennials affirm traditional marriage against popular culture claims this fight is over because 'history' always favors the secular Left." -- Kristin Rudolph, IRD Evangelical Program Coordinator
WASHINGTON, March 29, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- This week young staffers from the Institute on Religion & Democracy joined in the "March for Marriage" from the National Mall to the U.S. Supreme Court and back. As the Supreme Court hears arguments on marriage, IRD is hosting a panel discussion by young evangelicals speaking to the challenges facing their demographic.
    Event Details

    What: Engaging Young Evangelicals: Have We Lost the 'Culture Wars?' Panel

    Who: Andrew Walker, Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, Eric Teetsel, Director of The Manhattan Declaration, Jessica Prol, Managing Editor for Policy Publications at the Family Research Council, Kristin Rudolph, Evangelical Program Coordinator at the Institute on Religion and Democracy

    Where: Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church, 901 K Street NW Washington, DC

    When: Monday, April 1, 2013, Noon
Lunch will be provided. Seating is limited, please RSVP on Facebook or to

IRD Evangelical Program Coordinator Kristin Rudolph commented:
    "Evangelical Millennials affirm traditional marriage against popular culture claims this fight is over because 'history' always favors the secular Left.

    "The odds seemed daunting, but the growth of the global church and the implosion of liberal churches ultimately favors a wider cultural reformation.

    "Seemingly lost causes are often the best and most important causes. And because God reigns, a lost cause, if just and good, is never really lost, but just awaiting vindication by willing hands."

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Experts: Democracy Fails without Religious Liberty

'The delivery systems are coming at the same time there's so many people to deliver the Good News of Jesus to'

International (MNN) ― With Resurrection Sunday around the corner, what keeps you from taking part in Christ's last command?
In Matthew 28:16-20, right before Jesus ascended into heaven, He told his apostles to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."
It's known today as the Great Commission.
"That was spoken at a time when there were about 200 million people on Planet Earth. Today, there are 7 billion," says Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Marriage Debate Through a Child's Eyes

By Jennifer A. Marshall , CP Op-Ed Contributor
March 25, 2013|2:50 pm

Earlier this month, 11-year-old Grace Evans appeared before a panel of Minnesota lawmakers considering a redefinition of marriage in that state. She testified to the significance of her mother and father and the different contributions each makes to her life.

Then she ended with a simple question: "Which parent do I not need, my mom, or my dad?"
It's a question proponents of same-sex marriage cannot answer.

Churches Minister to Teens, Families by Offering Free Prom Dresses

By Jeff Schapiro , Christian Post Reporter
March 26, 2013|4:03 pm

High school prom can be an expensive endeavor for students and their parents, but some churches are trying to ease the financial burden by offering free gowns while also addressing some of the spiritual needs of the girls they are seeking to help.

Carol Crockett is one of the founders of Priceless Gowns, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Conroe, Texas, which had its sixth annual prom gown giveaway this past weekend. The ministry made approximately 580 dresses available for girls to choose from this year, and most of them were donated by individuals and local businesses.
"Our church has a huge atrium, and we transform it into a boutique," Crockett told The Christian Post on Tuesday. "And each girl is assigned a personal shopper that goes around with them, and they build a relationship."

War on Faith?: Alabama Elementary School Bans the Word Easter

The war on Easter has begun! The principal of Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Alabama has banned the use of the word Easter in the school saying that it infringes on the rights of students.
Lydia Davenport explained the move, saying, “Kids love the bunny and we just try to make sure that we don’t say the ‘Easter Bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others, because people relate the Easter bunny to religion.”


CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.; Nation Creating New STIs Faster Than New Jobs or College Grads

( - According to new data released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 19.7 million new venereal infections in the United States in 2008, bringing the total number of existing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. at that time to 110,197,000.
The 19.7 million new STIs in 2008 vastly outpaced the new jobs and college graduates created in the United States that year or any other year on record, according to government data. The competition was not close.
The STI study referenced by the CDC estimated that 50 percent of the new infections in 2008 occurred among people in the 15-to-24 age bracket. In fact, of the 19,738,800 total new STIs in the United States in 2008, 9,782,650 were among Americans in the 15-to-24 age bracket.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

NASA: Only 'Prayer' Will Stop Asteroid Apocalypse

5 of the Rarest, Most Unique Bibles and Historic Artifacts in ‘The Bible’s’ Epic Exhibit

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, producers of History Channel’s “The Bible,” have teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to premiere “The Bible Experience,” a gallery of fascinating biblical relics and rare artifacts. On Wednesday night, TheBlaze was on-hand at the exhibit’s New York City opening to be among the first to see this fascinating array of material.
A breathtaking companion to the hit television series about history’s most read, most popular and, arguably, most studied book, “The Bible Experience” includes items that were previously shown at the Vatican and that are rarely unveiled to the public.

'People turned on Christians': Persecuted Iraqi minority reflects on life after Saddam

LONDON -- Rana stepped out of church in Baghdad in December 2006 to find an envelope wedged against her car windshield. Inside was a bullet -- a message that meant she and her family were next on an assassin’s list.
They fled the city the next day, leaving behind a business, a home -- everything.
"I didn't like Saddam Hussein, but he didn't bother the Christians," said Rana, 29, after a church service in London. "He was a dictator. When he went, the gangs came from everywhere."


Colton Dixon: A Messenger of God's Love

Child Abuse Tragedy Turns Grandmother into Advocate

Event - Blue Sunday April 28th
RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas, March 18, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The last Sunday of April is called Blue Sunday. This is the day when churches take time in their service to pray for the victims of child abuse and for those who rescue them.
According to the latest Child Maltreatment Report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 1570 children died from child abuse and over 3 million others were also confirmed victims of child abuse in 2011. One is too many.
In the process of rescuing her grandchildren, founder, Janet Magee, was drafted into the battle against child abuse. Faced with such overwhelming numbers of children reported as abused she recognized that the epidemic of child abuse needed the faith community's participation in order to heal.
What began with 20 churches praying has grown into a national effort with over 2.5 million people committed to pray annually. Our prayers matter. New ministries can be birthed, awareness raised, and healing will come when we pray.
Many state agencies across the country have embraced and promoted the day of prayer, a clear sign that the line between church and state doesn't apply when it comes to child abuse prevention. State agencies need what the church has to offer: people, resources and our prayers.
On Blue Sunday we are asking churches to take time during their service on to pray. It's free. Visit for free resources and to register your church or ministry to pray.
It is imperative for the faith community to become leaders in child abuse prevention and relief efforts.
Churches are encouraged to pray for 3 things:
  1. The children who are victims of child abuse
  2. Those who rescue and serve abused children
  3. Direction to become active participants in the fight to end child abuse

We pray because abused children shouldn't have to pray alone

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Texas Cheerleaders Fight to Promote the God's Word

Cheerleaders at an east Texas highschool are once again defending the right to display Bible verses at football games. Their bold stand has earned national attention and placed them right in the middle of a heated free speech battle.
In this small town of Kountze, Texas, there is overwhelming support for the hometown cheerleaders who simply believe if God is for them, no one can be against them.
Just one look at the banners the Kountze football players run through just before a big game tells you that the Kountze highschool cheerleaders are not typical teenage girls.
The cheerleaders began writing Bible verses on them last Fall.
"We're just all Christians and believe the Bible is from God and so if it's from God, why not?" one cheerleader said. "That's what we were thinking and it's a positive message and it's uplifting."

Ben Carson, Eric Metaxas Warn of Loss of Religious Freedom at CPAC

By Napp Nazworth , Christian Post Reporter
March 17, 2013|7:44 am

Ben Carson and Eric Metaxas, who both gained notoriety for their speeches at a National Prayer Breakfast, appeared together Saturday and warned about a loss of religious freedom, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md.

The controversy over the Obama administration's birth control mandate is about religious freedom, not contraception, Metaxas argued.
Paraphrasing how he views the government's position, Metaxas said, "We will force you to violate your conscience. Why? Because we can. We have the power and you Catholics are just the backward religious minority."

Scholar: Liberals, Feminists Have Made Men Afraid to Embrace Their Manhood

By Napp Nazworth , Christian Post Reporter
March 18, 2013|8:40 am

A healthy society needs fathers. Men, therefore, need to embrace their manhood and recognize the important role they play as husbands and fathers in a family, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse advised Friday in a panel on the problem of fatherlessness at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md.

The important role men play in a family is due to their natural instincts to protect the weak and vulnerable, Morse explained, but liberals and feminists have made men afraid to embrace their unique role.
"This is what the left despises about the family – they cannot control it and government is not necessary for it," Morse said.
"I want the men listening ... to embrace your manhood," Morse said. "Do not be ashamed. ... There's nothing wrong with being a man. That's what we need from you. We need those who will take responsibility for protecting the weak and will sustain the family. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Jack Hayford's Grandson, Missionary in Mexico, Home Safe After Being Kidnapped

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter
March 19, 2013|7:00 am

Kyle Bauer of The Foursquare Church Tells Congregants He Preached God's Forgiveness to Captors

Kyle Bauer, a Christian missionary and pastor who has been living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with his family for less than a year, was reunited with his Foursquare congregation in California this past weekend less than 48 hours after being kidnapped and held for ransom.

"We are grateful to God for bringing Kyle safely back home to his wife and children," Foursquare Church President Glenn Burris Jr. said in a March 15 statement on the Pentecostal Christian denomination's website. "The prayer support that permeated the past 24 hours is a testimony to the miraculous outcome of this story."

TV's 'The Bible' again finishes No. 1 for night

NASHVILLE (BP) -- History Channel's "The Bible" miniseries climbed back into the top slot in its third week Sunday (March 17), finishing No. 1 for the night among all broadcast and cable programs thanks to an increase in viewership.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Abortion and Sex Trafficking: Loving the Unwanted

By Alveda King , Special to CP
March 11, 2013|7:27 am

For the past few days, I have been restless, often waking from dreaming with the burdens of the aborted unborn and the victims of sex selection abortions and sex trafficking on my heart. Then seemingly out of nowhere, I felt, not heard a whisper in my spirit: "Alveda, let God order your steps."

"The steps of the godly are directed by the LORD. He delights in every detail of their lives." Psalms 37:23 (NLT)
I allowed myself time to fully wake up and then I asked myself: "Self, are you allowing God to order your steps?" The answer surprised me. I realized that while sometimes I do allow God to order my steps, this isn't always the case. I realized too that God wanted me to actually love those whose cause I've been championing, really love them.

China: Opening Bibles For the Very First Time!

Children of Pastor Saeed: 'Can We See Daddy?'

AMERICA: TRAILER ‘What Would the World Look Like if America Never Existed?’

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dominos Pizza Founder Wins Court Order Stopping HHS Abortion Mandate

The founder of Dominos Pizza won his bid for a court order to prevent enforcement of the mandate while the lawsuit it filed against the Obama administration over the HHS mandate that forces religious employers to purchase drugs that may cause abortions for their employees continues.
Tom Monaghan calls requiring businesses, schools and other religious places to pay for such drugs a “gravely immoral” practice and filed suit earlier this month in federal court for Domino’s Farms, a business development complex he owns.


Court Rules Fifth Grader Can Invite Classmates to Church Party

By Leonardo Blair , CP Contributor
March 13, 2013|5:32 pm

A U.S. Appeals Court ruled on Tuesday that a then-fifth-grade student should have been allowed to pass out fliers to her classmates to invite them to a Christmas party at her church as it wouldn't cause "substantial disruption."

An earlier news report noted that the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court upheld a lower court's earlier decision allowing the student, identified as K.A., to share invitations with her classmates based on a free speech standard set in a Vietnam-era Supreme Court case about a high school anti-war protest. Court documents also highlighted that the law on how the case should affect elementary schools is still evolving. "The fact that K.A. was only in the fifth-grade and the invitation originated from her church does not mandate a different approach," Judge Thomas Vanaskie wrote in his 31-page opinion.

Atheist Groups Sues US Gov't to Remove 'In God We Trust' From Currency

By Melissa Barnhart , CP Contributor
March 14, 2013|9:20 pm

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is suing the United States Treasury Department to remove the words "In God We Trust" from all U.S. currency, because they claim the motto is offensive to nonreligious citizens.

Nineteen plaintiffs and the FFRF filed the lawsuit, Newdow v. Congress in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Feb. 1. The civil action claims the motto In God We Trust violates the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

"The Bible" Leads to Perception Gains for History Channel Among Conservatives, Christians

The History Channel’s new mini-series, “The Bible”, has so far racked up stellar ratings and enthusiastic tweets from celebrities. But there is another story to be told behind this version of the greatest story ever told. According to data from BrandIndex, the History Channel has also seen its brand perception rise among both Christians and political conservatives.

On February 26, Buzz scores for The History Channel among those who identified themselves as politically conservative stood at 34, while Buzz scores among those who identified themselves as “Catholic”, “Protestant” or “Other Christian” were 31. On the night of the premier of the show, March 3, these Buzz scores had risen to 41 and 36 respectively. By March 9, The History Channel’s Buzz score among conservatives was 47 and among Christians was 43, marking around a twelve point gain for both segments.


Duck Dynasty Star Jase Robertson Speaks Out On His Faith!

Duck Dynasty Star Jase Robertson Speaks Out On His Faith! from sharethemessage on GodTube.

Faith Organization to Hold Prayer Vigil and Public Witness Tomorrow Morning Before Wife of Imprisoned American Pastor in Iran Testifies on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini, will speak before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing in the Rayburn House Office building beginning at 10:00 a.m., Friday, March 15.

Pastor Saeed, an Iranian born American citizen, was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in Iran for his Christian faith.

The prayer vigil, sponsored by the Christian Defense Coalition, will be on Friday, March 15, at 9:00 a.m.

The vigil will be on the public sidewalk of the Rayburn House Office Building on Independence Ave. SW.

The Christian Defense Coalition has organized many events around Washington, D.C. calling for the release of Pastor Saeed including peaceful civil disobedience in front of the White House just last month.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition states,

    "It is deeply troubling and disturbing that a U.S. citizen would be imprisoned for 8 years and brutally beaten in a foreign country for simply being a Christian.

    "What is also troubling and disturbing is that President Obama has failed to personally and publicly address this issue and demand the immediate release of Pastor Saeed.

    "President Obama's silence on religious freedom and basic human rights sends a clear message to the world that these issues are not a top priority for this Administration.

    "We will gather on Capitol Hill first to pray, and ask God to intervene and act on behalf of Pastor Saeed and his family. We will also be praying for the testimony of all the presenters including Naghmeh, the wife of Pastor Saeed.

    "We will also stand as a 'prophetic witness' for justice reminding the President, Congress and the nation of Pastor Saeed's imprisonment and the persecution of so many others around the world. America must never be silent on the issue of religious freedom across the globe."
For more information on interviews please call Rev. Patrick Mahoney at: 540.538.4741

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One of America's Most Famous Reality Stars Speaks Out About His Beliefs!

One of America's Most Famous Reality Stars Speaks Out About His Beliefs! from sharethemessage on GodTube.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christians Dominate 'American Idol' This Season

Charlene Israel/CBN News 

Season 12 of American Idol has its share of Christian contestants: Eight of the top 10 are Christians. 
Contestants Candice Glover, Lazaro Arbos, Janelle Arthur, Curtis Finch Jr., Amber Holcolm, Angie Miller, Devin Velez, and Burnell Taylor are all in it to win it.
They're also not ashamed to share their faith with the world while they're at it. Angie Miller, who many expect to be crowned winner this year, often tweets about her faith.
"Church isn't the only time to worship and hear from/spend time with God. That should happen on an everyday basis," she recently tweeted.

Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Student-Led Prayer in Schools

By Dayna Lovelady , CP Contributor
March 12, 2013|5:54 pm

The Mississippi Legislature passed a bill allowing student-led prayer in public schools with a majority vote in both the Senate and the House.

Senate Bill 2633 – also known as "The Mississippi Student Religious Liberties Act of 2013"– prohibits public schools in the state from discrimination due to student's expression of religious beliefs. The bill, which passed March 6, has been sent to Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature.

NRB Network Helps Believers Take on Tough Questions at Know Truth Apologetics Conference, April 13 in Nashville

NASHVILLE, March 13, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christians puzzled by tough and hotly-argued issues such as human origins, atheism, and more will find help in April as NRB Network brings together some of the nation's top Christian apologists for the Know Truth Apologetics Conference.

The conference is Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 9 am to 6 pm at Christ Church Nashville, which is sponsoring the event along with NRB Network.

Attendees will find insights and answers from leading Christian apologists who will address these topics:

  • Ray Bohlin, Ph.D., a Discovery Institute Fellow, on Evidence for Design in Biology

  • William Dembski, Ph.D., a leading intelligent design thinker, on The Scientific & Cultural Impact of Intelligent Design

  • Stuart McAllister, an apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, on The Question of Meaning

  • Alex McFarland, an author and popular apologetics speaker, on What You'll Hear Your Freshman Year

  • Frank Turek, president of, on why I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

  • Dan Scott, Senior Pastor at Christ Church Nashville, on Why Apologetics is Important to the Believer & The Church
Sessions will be videotaped for later broadcast on the NRB Network, which enjoys a strong reputation for programming that gives viewers well-grounded reasons to believe.

Troy A. Miller, NRB Network President and CEO, praised the event as an opportunity for "NRB viewers, college students and the community at large to interact with some of the most well-known Christian apologists out there in a way that goes beyond the television screen."

Pastor Dan Scott, Senior Pastor of Christ Church Nashville, observed that, "In a globalized, technologically savvy and secular world, the need for coherent, honest answers is more important than ever. This conference addresses that need."

To register for the conference, which is Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 9 am to 6 pm at Christ Church Nashville, visit Know Truth Apologetics Conference online.

Take advantage of a $35 Early-Bird registration rate before Friday, March 15 (cost is $50 per person thereafter). Student registration is $15. Chick-fil-A boxed lunches are available for $7 per person.

NRB Network airs on DIRECTV channel 378, on SkyAngel channel 181, on select local affiliates, and via video streaming on Roku and Android devices and at

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A MIRACLE Happens When This Speechless Autistic Man Hears Music!

A MIRACLE Happens When This Speechless Autistic Man Hears Music! from sharethemessage on GodTube.

Urgent Statement to Condemn Attacks on Innocent Copts in Libya and Call for Actions

WASHINGTON, March 12, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Coptic Solidarity condemns in the strongest terms the unlawful acts by the group Ansarul Sharia in Libya to arrest, torture and detain dozens of Copts; and the detention by Libya's Preventive Security department in Tripoli of the Coptic man Ezzat Hakim Atallah for ten days until he died on March 9 under torture, and the detention of his Coptic colleagues Imad Seddik Ibrahim, Issa Ibrahim Isaac, Emad Shaker, Sharif Ramses, and others who are still being subjected to torture inside the Preventive Security building.
    Event Details:

    Coptic Solidarity calls for a peaceful demonstration in front of the Libyan Embassy

    When: At noon on Thursday, March 14, 2013

    2600 Virginia Avenue, NW Suite 705
    Washington, D.C., 20037
Coptic Solidarity further demands that the Libyan authorities at the highest levels order the immediate release of all Copts detained in Libya under the despicable and idiotic charges of proselytizing, simply based on possessing Christian books for personal use.

Coptic Solidarity demands that the Libyan authorities conduct a just investigation into the death of Izzat Hakim Atallah, punish those responsible and compensate fairly the victims' families.

Coptic Solidarity condemns in the strongest terms the Egyptian authorities, especially the foreign minister, the ambassador in Libya and the Consul in Benghazi, for their failure to defend their fellow citizens. In contrast, the presidency and the foreign ministry had enthusiastically rushed to defend a Muslim Brotherhood cell that was arrested in the United Arab Emirates on charges of threatening the country's national security. The attitude of the Egyptian authorities in dealing with the Coptic citizens is shameful.

Coptic Solidarity demands international bodies and organizations and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to stop the flagrant attacks on innocent Copts in Libya, and to conduct investigations and accordingly pursue those responsible.

For further information, please contact Magdi Khalil at 202-725-3091

Coptic Solidarity© Established as a public charity organization Ref.: EIN 27 1220227 -
P.O. Box 1450, Centreville, VA 20122, USA.
Write to:

Christian Newswire

Persecuted Pastor's Wife Set to Testify Before Congress

Melanie Korb 
With an increase in the arrest, imprisonment and killing of religious and cultural minorities in Iran—approximately 300 Christians have been arbitrarily arrested and detained since June 2010—Congress will hold a hearing to address the continuing deterioration of religious freedom in Iran.
The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which defends human rights and religious freedom, will testify Friday before the Congressional committee, focusing on the plight of American Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen imprisoned in Iran because of his Christian faith.


Reach3 HELP Save Saeed

It is very important that we share this with as many people as possible. Please get as many people to sign this petition. We need Saeed released from prison.
#savesaeed on TWITTER/FACEBOOK

American Idol Contestant Sings ANOTHER Christian Song on National Television!

American Idol Contestant Sings ANOTHER Christian Song on National Television! from theremix on GodTube.

Monday, March 11, 2013

UC Davis study: Positive family relationships linked to healthy marriages

Noted Apologist Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who 'Undermine the Word of God'

Written by Russ Jones   
Thursday, March 07 2013 16:19 

  A noted biblical apologist and expert on creationism is calling out several of his colleagues. An audience of some 300 people at the recent National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville were shocked to learn of the number of evangelical leaders who don’t believe in a literal 6 days of creation narrative.

At the recent NRB convention Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Cincinnati-based Creation Museum, gave a lecture entitled, “The Age of the Earth, Biblical Authority, and the Downfall of the USA.” 


Porn turned thousands of British children into sex offenders, report says

LONDON, March 4, 2013, ( – Pornography and depictions of sexuality have turned more than 4,500 British children – some of them as young as five – into sexual offenders, according to a UK-based child welfare charity.
A Freedom of Information Act request showed that 4,562 minors – 98 percent of them boys – committed 5,028 sexual offenses over a three year period, from 2009-2012.


Iran puts five Christians on trial for their faith

Five Iranian Christian converts who were detained late last year will reportedly begin trial in Iran’s Revolutionary Court this week, according to a human rights group following the case.
The five men were among seven arrested in October when security forces raided an underground house church in the city of Shiraz during a prayer session. They will be tried at the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz’s Fars Province on charges of disturbing public order, evangelizing, threatening national security and engaging in Internet activity that threatens the government, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a religious persecution watchdog group.

Friday, March 8, 2013

One Nation One Day Campaign Targets World's Most Dangerous Country

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

A young U.S. missionary has persuaded the Honduran government to allow 2,000 Christians to converge on the Central American country for one week to preach the Gospel, provide medical aid and potentially affect life-long change as part of a One Nation One Day campaign targeting what has become the world's deadliest country.
"We have almost 1,600 people already signed up to come with us to Honduras July 13-21. We have already shipped 10 containers of aid and we're gathering eight more. We have 18 different ministries sponsoring 18 different outreaches in the capital cities on July 20," explained Dominic Russo, the 29-year-old missionary organizing the event through his nonprofit Missions.Me network, which he leads with Jedidiah Thurner and and Gabe Bahlhorn.

Human trafficking issue captured her heart

Posted on Mar 7, 2013 | by Shawn Hendricks/Biblical Recorder

HIGH POINT, N.C. (BP) -- Sandra Johnson refuses to turn her back on the problem. And she believes other Baptists shouldn't either.

For Johnson, a North American Mission Board (NAMB) missionary based in North Carolina, the issue of human trafficking is personal, and it's a problem that is right in our "own backyard."

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime in the world, and Johnson said every Christian should be involved in ending it. Right now there are believed to be around 27 million people living in slavery. Children as young as 6 years old are being sold on the streets and on the Internet, Johnson said.

"I can't turn my back on that ... it could easily be my grandchildren," said Johnson, a member of Green Street Baptist Church in High Point, N.C., and president and founder of Triad Ladder of Hope, a nonprofit organization that helps human trafficking victims escape from bondage and rebuild their lives, sharing the love of Jesus with them in the process. "There are more people enslaved today than in any other time in history.... This is 'free America,' but it's not."


Censorship of Religious Expression at Graduation Ceremonies...Here We Go Again

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco

A.M. v. Taconic Hills Central School District involves a public school’s decision to censor the free speech of the 8th Grade Class Co-President at a graduation ceremony. Why? She planned to positively encourage her classmates by paraphrasing a few verses from the Bible. When the Second Circuit upheld the school’s determination that the student couldn’t include a religious message at the end of her speech, we could not stand idly by, so we took the case.


Sex Tape Celebrities Are Leading Our Teens Astray

Ron Luce 

The perils of public exposure can sometimes be lost on our teens. We live in a society that celebrates and elevates people who make bad decisions. They don’t have to be sorry, they simply have to “be strong.”
That’s the phrase tweeted out by former Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King after she was accused of starring in an amateur porn film when she was just 17 years old. King denied that the girl in the film, who looks like her, sounds like her and shares her birthday and her love of beauty pageants, is her. But two days after news broke that she had relinquished her crown over these accusations, she tweeted out to her followers:
“Be strong, life has a funny way of working out. Kim K made it and now is one of the most powerful women in the US.”

Florida college shuts down dorm-room Bible study

The Washington Times

Rollins College has shut down a Bible study that was taking place in one of the dorm rooms, Fox News' Todd Starnes reports.
The Winter Park, Fla., college claims the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship violated policy when it held an informal Bible study in the common area of a dorm suite.
A resident hall assistant entered the room during one of the studies and asked the student leading it to step outside.
"He was told they were no longer allowed inside the dorm — even with the express consent of the students to do Bible studies," said Greg Jao, InterVarsity's national field director, according to Fox News. "They said it was because InterVarsity was no longer a registered student group on campus."

Kevin Sorbo Calls Hollywood Establishment the 'Least Tolerant'

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter
March 5, 2013|2:10 pm

A notable actor in film and television has stated that the Hollywood entertainment industry is full of the "least tolerant people" in the country.

Kevin Sorbo, star of television programs like "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Andromeda," recently told the hosts of "Fox & Friends" about the climate of Hollywood.
"I certainly get into trouble in Hollywood for the some of the things I say but I am one of the true independent voices in Hollywood," said Sorbo. "I look at both sides of the aisle, look at who's going to really help this country … things aren't going that great right now. I think that's very obvious to most people."

NRB: Christians May Have to Choose God over Gov't

Noted Apologist Calls Out Evangelical Leaders Who 'Undermine the Word of God'

Written by Russ Jones   
Thursday, March 07 2013 16:19 

        A noted biblical apologist and expert on creationism is calling out several of his colleagues. An audience of some 300 people at the recent National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville were shocked to learn of the number of evangelical leaders who don’t believe in a literal 6 days of creation narrative.

At the recent NRB convention Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Cincinnati-based Creation Museum, gave a lecture entitled, “The Age of the Earth, Biblical Authority, and the Downfall of the USA.”  

The Seamless Garment of Christian Mission

by David Mathis | February 21, 2013
The tension in the air can feel thick enough to cut with a knife. It escalates to all-out war in some churches — the battle between living local and going global.
With limited time and resources and energy in any given context, it can feel like local mission and global missions are constantly vying for attention, competing articles rather than one seamless garment.
On one side, we see the needs around us in our city and feel deeply that proximity implies responsibility. God has called us to live on mission right here in our locale, “reached” as it may be, but still very needy. So many are lost in this city. On the other side, we ache over the world’s 7,000 unreached peoples and feel deeply the summons to send our best and give sacrificially and hold the ropes to get the gospel to the peoples who otherwise have no access to it.
How do we decide which mission gets our best energies?


Study: Religious College Students With Religious Parents Less Likely to Drink

By Dayna Lovelady , CP Contributor
March 8, 2013|12:51 pm

Religious college students reported less alcohol consumption than non-religious students, which is partly influenced by how they see their parents handle stress, according to a new study by a Michigan State University professor.

With such an epidemic in binge drinking on many college campuses, Michigan State University professor Zaje Harrell performed the study that included 129 college students and 113 of their parents. Previous research has shown a significant relationship between religious coping and alcohol use, according to the study. Harrell set out to research how parental coping and religious behaviors influence drinking outcomes.
Harrell said in an interview with The Christian Post on Thursday, "I saw that the students that used religious coping stated, 'you should not need alcohol to cope with stress.' They had a more conservative view of alcohol than students who were not religious."