Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Man Brings Gun To Church In Pennsylvania

Gulf Coast Oil Spill of 2010

Written by Miranda Caverley

It has been almost 40 days since a BP offshore oil rig collapsed in the Gulf Of Mexico killing all the workers and creating what is now the worst Oil Spill Ever in History. We at JMC Ministries have been following this story since it happened. And after nearly 40 days oil is still spilling out of the ruptured pipe that is now 150 miles wide.

Animals are dying, and now the oil has begun to reach the shores of Louisiana and the states that line the Gulf Coast. Volunteers are trying to help by cleaning up what they can and saving as many animals as they can. And with the Hurricane Season Approaching there is no idea how much devastation could happen if a category 5 hurricane hits the Gulf Coast While this oil is there. The damage could be on a biblical proportion.

But the most insulting news that we found out today was from our local NBC 4 news station here in Ohio. They posted this question on Facebook today "Question: The government wants to increase an oil tax to help pay for the oil spill in the Gulf. Should taxpayers have to foot the bill for BP's mistake? Or should we help clean it up? Sound off!"

American Citizens didn't cause this it was the company BP and they make Billions of dollars every year but they want the already struggling American Citizens to take the responsibility for what they caused.

We have a president who has been in office for nearly 2 years now and still is saying that what is wrong with America since he has gotten in to office is NOT his fault and puts the blame on the past president who isn't even leading this country any longer! He has not taken any responsibility for anything that he has signed into law or done but throws the blame onto someone else who is not even in power anymore. So BP is obviously going on the example our own President has been showing for the past 2 years.

How is it that our Country has fallen so far that those with all the power and money don't have to take responsibility for their actions or lack of and just put the blame on someone else or make someone else have to pay higher taxes on gas because they messed up and created the worst oil spill in Human History. And even today they still have not stopped the oil from flowing out of the ruptured pipe we can only pray that they can stop this before it gets any worse.
BP is going to try again tomorrow to try and stop the Oil Spill. To read about that click on the link below and we will continue to cover this story as it develops
BP says equipment in place for 'top kill' effort to plug Gulf oil spill

Rifqa Bary Diagnosed With Uterine Cancer

Click to read original Article from NBC 4i.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A teenage girl who converted to Christianity and ran away from her Ohio home alleging she would be harmed has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing surgery.

Rifqa Bary, who fled Ohio last year and stayed with a Florida minister she met on Facebook, is scheduled for an operation for uterine cancer Thursday.

Jamal Jivanjee, a Florida minister and friend of the girl, says Bary is expected to need several rounds of chemotherapy after the surgery.

The 17-year-old girl from suburban Columbus returned to Ohio earlier this year and has been in foster care while a judge tries to reconcile Bary and her family.

Bary's Muslim parents deny allegations she would have been harmed and police found no evidence she was in danger in Ohio.


JMC Ministries Response

We have been following and sharing articles about Rifqa since her story broke over a year ago. This young woman has been through so much and now is facing this battle with Cancer.

We just lift Rifqa up in prayer that God heal her body and restore her to health. We also pray that this battle she is continuing to go through with her family and fearing for her life because she converted to Christianity will be worked out and that peace can come to this family.

JMC Ministries will continue to share news about Rifqa as this story unfolds. We are praying for you Rifqa and may God Bless you.