Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Student Who Recorded Teacher Yelling at Him for Criticizing President Obama Speaks Out

IDF: Israel in range of nearly 65,000 Hezbollah, Iran, Syria missiles

Some 3,500 missiles in Syria and Iran are currently aimed at Israel, while Hezbollah is developing drones and sea-to-air missiles, Brig. Gen. Itay Baron, head of the IDF Military Intelligence research section, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.

Hezbollah has some 60,000 rockets and missiles - 10 times what it had in the 2006 Second Lebanon War, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Naveh said at a Zichron Yaakov convention.

Baron told the Knesset committee that Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria are all trying to find ways to undermine Israel's military and technological superiority to damage Israel's weak spot, the home front. Baron added that all three are constructing military systems that would exhaust Israel's civilian populations, while augmenting their ability to absorb Israeli attacks by arming themselves with masses of rockets and missiles. Hezbollah, while developing drones for offensive purposes, has already
received sea-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, as well as explosives and camouflage equipment. Baron added that Iran has an arsenal of 450 missiles in striking distance of Israel. Syria has 3,000 rockets and missiles, covering ranges from 70 to 700 kilometers. Baron said the missiles were not very precise, but the surface-to-air Russian-made defense systems were quite technologically advanced.

Naveh said Hezbollah's swift arms increase over the past six years is part of its effort "to reach a situation where quantity is part of quality, and a quick blow at Israeli cities could produce a victory photo."


Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: Muslim Brotherhood Ideologically Required to Start Wars

Google, Facebook on Track to Censor Christian Views?

43 Catholic Groups File Suit Against Obamacare

The battle is on. The Catholic Church has thrown down the gauntlet in the front lawn of the White House.
The Archdiocese of New York, the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., the University of Notre Dame—43 Catholic dioceses and organizations nationwide in total—filed a dozen federal lawsuits against the Obama administration for violating their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.
The Catholic dioceses and businesses are suing the Obama administration over new regulations that would force health-care plans in the United States to cover sterilizations and abortion drugs.
“By suing the Obama administration, they are sending a message that the freedom of religion guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution is essential to our liberties and that they will fight to preserve it,” says Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “The Constitution guarantees more than simply freedom of worship. It also protects the right to live out one's religious beliefs in accordance with their faith.”
As Perkins sees it, regardless of their views on abortion or contraception, Americans of all faiths oppose forcing religious organizations to pay for such services. The Obama administration, through its Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), he argues, would do just that by forcing religious organizations to cover abortifacients and contraceptives in their health-care plans.
Alan Sears, Alliance Defense Fund president and CEO, also applauded the lawsuits. He says the lawsuits are about religious freedom and freedom of conscience, not about contraception, just as the archdioceses themselves are saying.
“These new cases are about the very right to determine what is ‘religious’ and what faith-based beliefs may be followed in life,” Sears says. “They join the growing list of evangelical, protestant and Catholic religious organizations and employers who are taking a stand in objecting to the government when it forces any religious institution or individual to provide or fund morally repugnant services.”


Pakistani Muslims Rape Girl, Beat Relatives for Prosecuting

A band of Muslims this month severely beat a pregnant Christian woman in Punjab’s Narowal district--causing her to lose female twins to miscarriage--in an effort pressure her family into dropping charges of raping her 13-year-old niece, the woman’s husband said.
Asher Masih of Dhamala village told Compass by phone that the men attacked his home on May 8.
“All three male members of our family, including my father, brother and myself, were out for work when Irfan Safdar and his accomplices trespassed into our house and started beating up my mother, sister-in-law and my wife, who was in her fifth month of pregnancy, mercilessly,” he said.
Masih’s elderly mother said she pleaded for the attackers to spare his wife, but they did not listen.
“They murdered our children, they raped our daughter,” she said. “We have nothing left with us.”
In a country where Muslim criminals believe police and courts will give little credence to the complaints of Christians, the family accuses three Muslims of gang-raping the girl at an outhouse on March 29.
“She had gone to a nearby field to use the toilet when she was forcibly taken away by three men later identified as Irfan Safdar and Shahid. Their third accomplice remains unidentified as yet,” Masih said. “At first we thought that she might have stopped at some neighbor’s house, but when she did not return after a long time, we set out to look for her.”
He said a villager informed the family that he had seen Safdar and two others taking the girl to an outhouse. The family rushed to the site, but Safdar and his accomplices fled, Masih said.
“We found [name withheld] inside the outhouse, raped and badly injured,” he said.
Masih said the family tried to register a First Information Report (FIR) with local police, but officers turned a deaf ear, as Safdar is the son of former police inspector Safdar Bajwa.
“They also refused to register [the victim’s] statement under Section 164, which is mandatory in such cases,” he said.
Police refused to file their complaint for more than a week, during which time the suspects repeatedly threatened the family, he said.
“They told us we were poor and weak and could not face them no matter how much we tried,” Masih said. “There are about four or five Christian families in the overwhelmingly Muslim village, but almost everyone is fed up with the Bajwa family because of their criminal activities.”


Egypt Election: Persecution Against Christians May Worsen, Says Watchdog

Whether or not Christians will have a voice in the political landscape of Egypt is at stake during the presidential election taking place in the country Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, persecution against Christians may worsen depending on the outcome, said Open Doors USA president Carl Moeller.

"It's very important that given the precarious place the Christian community has in Egyptian society and the variety of political movements that are anti-Christian in that country, that the Christians could potentially be a key and pivotal minor component in sheer numbers, but a very critical component in the political dynamics," Moeller told The Christian Post on Monday.
"The persecution can certainly become worse. One would expect that if a more hardline Islamist was elected president the conditions for Christians would worsen," the persecution watchdog head stated. "The only possible solution to that would be that Christians become a part of a minor party in the government coalition that would allow them to have more influence in the parliament and the social policies of the country."


Mom Uses Facebook to Post Child's Punishment

SHOCKING:NC Pastor Calls For Death of 'Queers & Homosexuals'

Facebook still allows all THIS after sex scandal

(WARNING: This report contains brief details of offensive sexual language as it appeared on Facebook.)
Two weeks after WND first exposed shocking child-pornography trading circles on Facebook, the social network is still allowing explicit groups on its pages while simultaneously facing accusations that it censors seemingly harmless content such as photos of women’s corsets, breast-cancer survivors and even breastfeeding tutorials.
At the time of this report, Facebook “likes” such as “incest” and PTHC (preteen hardcore pornography) were still available in the website’s search engine.
One open group with 145 members, “Incest,” offered the following description of the crowd: “all mom dad sister bro aunt f–kers.”
A Facebook user by the name “Bizzy Bones” declared: “I masturbated with my cousin once. She was 15. I was 14.” Several visitors to the page liked the listing and one eagerly asked, “How was ur experience?”

Send a flood of 1st-class mailed postcards to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, members of Facebook’s board and top-level management and staff telling them you want this criminal activity to stop.
Another page under the title “Incest” had 1,527 likes. A fourth had 12,311 likes. A fifth had 2,376 likes. Two more had 403 likes.
Meanwhile, WND recently reported 34 more links to the FBI depicting images and videos of child sex abuse in a period of only a few days.
As part of a two-month undercover news investigation, WND used alias Facebook profiles and located dozens of child-porn images after “friending” many likely pedophiles and predators who trade thousands of pornographic photos on the social network. Graphic images of children and sex abuse were immediately reported to the FBI. (You can read more about that investigation in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of the exclusive series.)


MTV Scraps Realty Show About Young People Losing Their Virginity

Just when it seemed as though MTV couldn’t push its moral boundaries any further, reports are emerging about a proposed show with a premise that makes “Jersey Shore,“ ”Teen Mom” and other related programs look tame. The show, disturbingly called, “My First,” was supposed to follow young people as they prepared to lose their virginity.
While the show was looking to cast individuals who were at least 18 years of age (i.e. people who are “of age”), the values associated with it are certainly questionable — so questionable that even the network has backtracked on the project. The casting call, which is not currently present on the MTV Casting web site (it was likely disabled), makes the network’s original intention to capture “sexual firsts” clear.
“Do you want to take things to the next level? Like, are you ready to hand over your V card? Or do you have a friend who is ready to lose it? Young adulthood is a time for exploration,” a posted casting call for the show read. “New relationships, fresh experiences and sexual firsts. Now MTV is looking to frankly capture that journey in a new series called My First. We’re looking for adults who are ready to go all the way. Let MTV come along on your journey… as you try to lose your virginity!”
Here’s a screen shot from the casting call, below (via Fox News):
MTV Scraps Reality Show My First About Losing Ones Virginity
Certainly, these words alone are controversial enough. But what about the themes embedded beneath them? Consider the implications of a network offering to essentially assist young people (albiet people who are of age) as they embark on a sexual expedition. One assumes that these individuals would be paid to take part in the program, which only makes it even more surprising.
In a statement to FOX411′s Pop Tarts column, an MTV rep dismissed the show and its subsequent removal from the network’s casting page, saying, ”This was a preliminary casting notice, and we’re not moving forward with a pilot.”


Report: Fox‘s Roger Ailes Says Jon Stewart Basically Admitted to Him That He’s a Socialist

Roger Ailes: Jon Stewart Admitted To Me, In a Bar, That Hes a Socialist
(Photo: AP)
While no video has yet emerged of the newsworthy event, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes gave a speech Monday night at Ohio University that has many in the media talking.
Interestingly, one of the only sources of information from the speech has been media lawyer and Harvard Law and Policy Review blogger Jonathan Peters, who live-tweeted the event.
Of all the tweets, one of the most interesting is this:  “Ailes: Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he’s a socialist.” [Emphasis added]
Roger Ailes: Jon Stewart Admitted To Me, In a Bar, That Hes a Socialist
(Photo: Twitter)