Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ex Porn Star Jenni Talks from the Heart

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Porn Pimps and Porn Stars Act Like Fools at Safety Meeting

June 7, 2011, Los Angeles - Watch the porn industry act like fools for the right to have less health and safety on the porn set. Anything to make a buck off of porn stars. Yet STDs are rampant among performers.

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Alabama Tornado Victims Denied FEMA Damage Funds

Computer Hacking Group Attacks U.S Senate Server

WASHINGTON -- A band of computer hackers who pride themselves on attacking vulnerable networks for fun accessed a Senate server that supports the chamber's public website but did not breach other files, a Capitol Hill law enforcement official said Monday. The hackers said the release was a "just for kicks" attempt to help the government "fix their issues."

"Although this intrusion is inconvenient, it does not compromise the security of the Senate's network, its members or staff," Senate Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms Martina Bradford said in a statement.

A hacking cooperative that goes by Lulz Security claimed that it had added a Senate file to its list of successful, high-profile intrusions at a time when governments and corporations are on high guard for cyber intrusions.

The group has claimed credit for hacking into the systems of Sony and Nintendo and for defacing the PBS website after the public television broadcaster aired a documentary seen as critical of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Lulz is a reference to Internet-speak for "laugh out loud."

Earlier Monday, Lulz posted on its website an email that listed one of Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Terry Gainer's staffers as the administrator.

"We don't like the US government very much," the website wrote atop the file. "Their sites aren't very secure.

"In an attempt to help them fix their issues ... this is a small, just-for-kicks release of some internal data from Senate.gov," the site added. "Is this an act of war, gentlemen? Problem?"

Bradford said the Senate's technology security staff became aware of the unauthorized access to the Senate's public web site, Senate.gov, over the weekend. The intruder, she said, was only able to read and determine the "directory structure" of the files on that site. Any files that individual Senate offices post on the site breached by Lulz are intended for public consumption, she said.

Israeli Police Training In Preparation For Potentiallia Large Palestinian Protests

Hundreds of Israeli police are taking part in a training exercise in preparation for potentially large-scale Palestinian protests in September, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.

"There's an exercise that the police are carrying out... in order to deal with public order, maintaining public order, and dealing with widespread disturbances," spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told AFP.

"Several hundred police officers are taking part in that, and it is leading up to the forthcoming months ... meaning September."

The Palestinian leadership plans to seek UN recognition and membership in September in a move Israeli security officials fear could be accompanied by widespread Palestinian protests.

Recent demonstrations along Israel's northern borders have raised fears that protesters could storm Israeli checkpoints or settlements in the West Bank.

"It's a regular standard exercise on a large scale," Rosenfeld said.

"But obviously we're taking into consideration that there might be the need ... for large numbers of police officers ... to deal with large-scale demonstrations in September."

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that hundreds of police, border guards and special forces were taking part in the three-day exercise.

The exercise reportedly envisages various scenarios, including the possibility of thousands of Palestinians marching towards Israeli roads and checkpoints.

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China:Spying Devices Installed In Hong Kong Cars

By Albert Ding & Matthew Robertson
Epoch Times Staff

For years now Chinese authorities have been installing spying devices on all dual-plate Chinese-Hong Kong vehicles, enabling a vast network of eavesdropping across the archipelago, according to a Hong Kong newspaper.

The report in Apple Daily states that the recording devices began being installed as “inspection and quarantine cards” in July 2007. They were installed without charge by the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on thousands of vehicles.

Smugglers were the first to note something strange about the devices. A source told Apple Daily that after the cards were installed mainland authorities had no trouble picking off the cars carrying illicit goods.

“For every ten cars we ran we only had [smuggled goods] in three or four to reduce the risk, but the border agents caught all of them. The accuracy was unreal!” Apple Daily quoted the smuggler saying.

The device, no larger than a PDA, is taped onto the vehicle’s front window. Protective tape covers the screws, presumably to prevent tampering—though it didn’t stop Apple Daily from removing the devices, taking them to experts for inspection, and presenting pictures of them splayed open on their website, with neat graphics indicating the various internal components.

Apple Daily says they took the device to a university professor and a private investigator, both of whom attested to the espionage potential of the units.

Zhang Dawei, identified as “a private investigator of over 30 years,” took a look at the device’s internal structure and told the Daily that the card could certainly be used for eavesdropping.

An Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong, Zheng Liming, took apart one of the devices and confirmed that it can listen in on conversations.

And the range is extensive, he said. “The signal receiving range is up to 20km, which means if the device installer wants to, they can listen even when the vehicles are in Hong Kong,” he said.

Two of the regions in Hong Kong where the device can transmit data back to China are Sha tin and Tuen mun.

Much cheaper chips can be used to check inspection status for simple border crossings, Zhang said, “But this device uses chips commonly found in Bluetooth and voice recording devices, designed for receiving voice transmission.”

He thus thought it “very likely” that they were being used for surveillance.

The Daily interviewed several Hong Kong drivers to gauge their reactions; predictably, they were often irate.

Ms. Deng, who operates a real estate business, said: “Even if we hired a maid, we are not allowed to install a surveillance camera in her room due to privacy issues! You can’t just do whatever you want.”

senior manager in an unidentified company noted that those who qualify for the dual license plate usually have some financial clout. If their business conversations in the car were recorded and the information shared, he said, it may be enough to send people bankrupt.

, an online news site, says that businesses that invested more than $1 million in mainland China and paid more than 30,000 yuan in tax over the past year qualify for a dual license plate.

Apple Daily quotes a source saying there are at least 20,000 cars with dual license places, and tens of thousands of trucks and buses.
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