Saturday, October 31, 2009

Movie "The Mysterious Islands" A must SEE Film coming soon

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Oct. 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- As groups across the world host special celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's landmark book, On the Origin of Species, Vision Forum has announced plans concerning the premier of their new documentary The Mysterious Islands, filmed on the Galapagos Islands. The film debunks the conclusions Darwin reached during his storied trip to this island chain during the voyage of the HMS Beagle. Shot and directed by the award-winning Jon and Andy Erwin of Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures, the 90-minute documentary releases on November 12, just two weeks prior to the November 24 anniversary date of Darwin's influential book.

The premiers of The Mysterious Islands will be held in San Antonio, TX (Nov. 12), Raleigh, NC (Nov. 17), and Chicago, IL (TBD), among other key locations. Members of the cast and production team will be on hand to meet the audience at these special screenings.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl Raped at High School Homecoming Dance While Others watch

 RICHMOND CALIFORNIA: Police say a 15 year old girl, left a homecoming dance at Richmond High School 9:30 p.m. Friday Oct. 23, 2009 and was walking to meet her father for a ride home.  When a classmate invited her to join a group drinking in the school courtyard. The girl had consumed a large amount of alcohol by the time the assault began, police said. Her father tried to call her cell phone, but no one answered.
Police said they received a tip about a possible assault on campus from a former student, who heard two males bragging about it. Officers found the girl semiconscious and naked from the waist down near a picnic table.

Authorities have said as many as two dozen kids watched the attack without calling police.
The girl was released from a hospital Wednesday.

So far 6 people have been arrested in connection to the rape.  Ranging from the ages of 15-19 yrs old.  The police say that they think up to a dozen people stood by and watched these young men rape and beat this girl and then left her for dead.  There are also speculations that the rape was video taped by some of  the by standers.  The police are think there will be more arrest to come in the case before all involved are arrested and justice is served.

We here at the Eternal Flame News continue to post these kinds of stories in hope that the parents of todays children and future generation of America will see there is a crisis going on.  Children are doing the most horrible and despicable things that as the police that covered this story said,  “I remember thinking that it's like something out of a Hollywood movie,” said Gagan. “It's so extremely vicious and absolutely unnecessary.”

That to us is the point "it was like something out of a hollywood movie" this is what the youth of today are being raised by.  TV, movies, and violent bloody video games that promote this kind of behavior to our children and send out the message that, it must be ok to do if they are doing it on TV.  Once again we are asking "Where are the Parents? Where are the morals and respect that they are suppose to be teaching to our future generations of America?"

Artist Sting and many others Say President Obama is Sent by God

 British recording artist Sting says President Obama could be the answer to the world's problems – the divine answer."In many ways, he's sent from God, because the world's a mess," he said in a new interview with the Associated Press.

Sting is just one of many linking Obama to the supernatural.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan also was clear in a nearly religious adoration of Obama. Farrakhan declared last year that when Obama talks, "the Messiah is absolutely speaking."

Addressing a large crowd behind a podium with a Nation of Islam Saviours' Day 2008 sign, Farrakhan proclaimed, "You are the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn't care anything about. That's a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking."

Click to Read More About this Article At World Net Daily

Pink Slips Sent to Washington Pile up Higher than the Washington Monument

The World Net Daily Started what they call the Pink Slip Campain where people like me and you can buy a pink slip to send to Washington to tell them they are fired. So Far 4 million pink slips have been sent! To get a visual of just how many pink slips that is.  If you stood them stacked on top of each other they would stand taller than the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument. Think America is fed up with the way our president and other ELECTED officials are running this country? We do!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uproar at Penn State over "Cross Like" T-Shirt

A blue, cross-like design emblazoned on T-shirts at Penn State University has some critics seeing red.

The shirts — intended to foster school spirit — sport a vertical blue line down the center with the words "Penn State White Out" emblazoned across the chest, forming a design that some say resembles a cross. The back of the shirt depicts the same blue line obscured by the words, "Don't be intimated … It's just me and 110,000 of my friends." Roughly 30,000 of the shirts have been sold.

Penn State says it has received six complaints about the shirt, including one from the Anti-Defamation League's Philadelphia branch, from people who say it connotes a Christian cross. The logo design also has become the focus of controversy in the student newspaper, "The Daily Collegian," which has received several letters to the editor on both sides of the issue.

Bill Mahon, vice president for university relations, said six people have contacted Penn State to voice their objections to the shirt's design.

"Six complaints is not a controversy," Mahon wrote "Students submit shirt designs to the student paper each year. Students then vote for their favorite design and they are sold in the campus bookstore."

Mahon said the design was based on the single blue stripe on the football team's helmets and will not be pulled from store shelves as some have asked. "The shirts have sold out and no changes are planned," he said.

Stephanie Bennis, a senior at the school, said she created the shirt's design in March with fellow public relations major Emily Sabolsky, and in no way did they intend to create religious overtones. Like Mahon, she said the single blue stripe is a nod to the university's football program.

"That was the entire idea," she said. "And all we thought was normally wording goes right across the chest. That's truly the reason why we did it."

Man fired from Home Depot for Wearing Pin that said "One Nation Under God, Indivisible"

OKEECHOBEE - Trevor Keezer didn't start working at The Home Depot to make a religious statement. He just wanted to earn money for college.

"I want to go to school to become a nurse," said the 20-year-old Okeechobee resident.

Keezer says for 19 months, ever since he started working as a cashier at The Home Depot in Okeechobee, he's worn a button with an American flag on it that reads: "One nation under God, indivisible."

Keezer sees the quotation, taken from the pledge of allegiance, as his way of supporting American troops at war, and of expressing his Christian faith.

In December, his older brother Army Spc. Steven Keezer Jr., is scheduled to deploy to Iraq for his second tour of duty.

For more than a year, Keezer says none of his managers mentioned the button on his Home Depot apron, except one supervisor who commented she liked it.

"She actually wanted to wear it," Keezer said.

Fishel says Home Depot has a "proud history" of supporting the military, and that it sanctions several of its own buttons for employees to wear, including one that reads: "United We Stand."

Keezer said he preferred to wear his button because "you can't have country without God. Every pin they showed me had no 'God' on it or anything."

Fishel says the company gives employees several warnings when they violate the dress policy before terminating them.

But Keezer says, "It never crossed my mind to take off the button because I'm standing for something that's bigger than I am. They kept telling me the severity of what you're doing and I just let God be in control and went with His plan."

Click to Read Full Article from the Sun-Sentinel
JMC Ministries Thoughts

We just saw this young man interviewed on TV and knew we had to share this article with you. To us it is just the book of revelation coming true. It says Christians will be persecuted, you will not be able to buy, sell or do anything unless you have the mark of the beast. And slowly we are seeing this come to pass. This young man was fired because he stood up for Christian beliefs and for what the Pledge of Allegiance Stands for "One Nation Under God, Indivisible"

America What Have We become when people are now losing their jobs for wearing a patriotic pen that shares part of America's Pledge of Allegiance on it? And for this young man to lose his job at such a time when the the economy is so bad and jobs are so few and far between. How is he going to get the money that he was using to pay for his college education now that he has no job?

Please pray for this young man that he finds a new job quickly and can make ends meet so he can continue on with his education, and also that those who fired him will be saved and God just get ahold of their hearts and see the error of their ways. Please Pray.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Christian Couple in Liverpool England Arrested for offending Muslim woman

A Couple in Liverpool England were arrested and have been prosecuted by the courts when a Muslim woman went to the police saying she was offended by the comments the couple had made towards her while she was visiting the hotel that the couple runs. The woman engaged in a conversation about Jesus and how the Muslims believe he was just a prophet and how Christians believe His is the Son of God, as well as the differences between Islam and Christianity. The incident happened in March of 2009 and later on after the woman left the hotel she then went to the police.

Will Pedophile's have coverage under NEW Protection/Hate Crimes Act ???

JMC Thoughts

In many countries there are versions of these "hate crime" bills. Such actions have enhanced the attack against freedom of speech in the Christian sectors. Here in America, the decline of moral values is continuing at an accelerated rate like none before. Our diligent efforts will not be in vain. Jesus reminds us of times like these where we will be persecuted for our beliefs.

Matthew 5:10

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

No one that truly claims to be a Christian will be safe from persecution either.

2 Timothy 3:12

In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,

We must take a stand and keep the faith in action. The call to all is to imitate Christ.

Hebrews 13:7

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Keep in prayer those that are persecuted around the world. This life on earth is not over yet. We still have faith in Christ that He will take care of us and lead us in the right direction.

BELOW are some links to related articles.


By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A "hate crimes" plan that opponents have warned will be used to crack down on Christian speech, even the reading of the Bible, is poised to be signed by President Obama, a longtime proponent of the plan to give homosexuals and those with other alternative lifestyles special protections not provided other classes of citizens.

The Senate approved the "hate crimes" plan 68-29 today after Democrats strategically attached it to a "must-pass" $680 billion defense appropriations plan.

Most Republicans, although normally strong supporters of the U.S. military, opposed the plan.

"The inclusion of the controversial language of the hate crimes legislation, which is unrelated to our national defense, is deeply troubling," Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., told Fox News after the vote.

The plan also hands out federal money to states and local governments in pursuit of "preventing" hate crimes.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., said the move is a step toward thought crimes and suggested the bill will be a warning against those to speak out about their religious faith.

Obama was strongly supported during his 2008 presidential campaign by homosexual advocates, and has expressed a willingness to act on the proposal, calling it an "important civil rights issue."

WND reported days ago when several organizations urged their members to contact members of Congress to oppose the plan.

The plan – which creates federal protections and privileges for homosexuals and other alternative lifestyles but denies those protections to other groups of citizens – earlier was approved in the U.S. House

Click to read the full Article

Bills:H.R.1913H.RES.372, S.909

'Hate-speech' law declared unconstitutional.

In a 107-page ruling, tribunal member Athanasios Hadjis called the law an infringement of the free speech guarantees of Canada's Charter of Rights.

The House approved its version, H.R. 1913, or the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, April 29.

Senators get 705,000-plus letters opposing 'hate crimes'

Thousands Stand in Line to get Obama Money

On Wednesday Oct. 7, 2009 Thousands of people stood in line for hours in Detrioit to get what they thought was free money from President Obama. There were nearly riots and police had to be called in to control the crowd. As the people found their ways to the front of the lines those thinking they were getting free money to help with their bills and keep from being homeless found out some bad news. There was no money and they were filling out applications to be placed on a list to be approved for help with their utilities/homes. Out of the 50,000 applications that were filled out only 3,500 people will receive help from president Obama.

This video is an audio clip taken by WJR Detroit News Interviewing people about why they were there. Even asking them if they knew where they think Obama had gotten the money. They in their own words said they didn't know but didn't care as long as they got money. One woman even said she was there to get Obama money didn't know where he was getting the money but didn't care as long as she got money and that's why she voted for him and starts chanting "Obama, Obama"

Do you think the woman was still chanting Obama after she found out she wasn't getting any money? And that only 3,500 people out of the over 50,000 people were getting help?

Update on Past article Federal government bans religious references on ornaments for 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree

On Sept. 29, 2009 we posted an article entitled "Federal government bans religious references on ornaments for 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree" How the government banned Arizona School children from making "religious" Christmas ornaments for the capitals Christmas tree this year. They sent out critera telling the children, parents and teachers how to make the ornaments and how they were not allowed to make any of the ornaments promote religion of any kind. The children have to make 4,000 ornaments but not ONE was allowed to about the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Until now! America's people riled together and protested this after a mother said her young son wanted to make an ornament that said "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday Jesus" And through many Americans joining together and protesting this ban on religious ornaments it has been overturned

In a quote from the article we found one man said, "The First Amendment does not allow government officials to exclude schoolchildren's ornaments for the capitol's Christmas tree merely because they communicate a religious viewpoint."

click to read full article

The only way WE as Americans are going to keep the freedoms that our forefathers placed into our own constitution is to keep fighting them even as those we vote for and put into office to run our country slowly try to take those freedoms away. When we raise our voices together for Liberty and Freedom they will listen and this just proves it. We must not give up!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boy Set on Fire over video game

On Monday October 12, 2009 five juveniles set 15 year old Michael Brewer on fire over a video game!

This all started by Brewer borrowing 40 dollars from one of the boys to buy a video game, and did not pay him back. On Monday the boy who hadn't been paid back the 40 dollars decided to steal Brewer's father's bike. Brewer saw the boy stealing it and called the police. The boy was caught and in retaliation got 4 of his friends together. Went over to Brewer's house and dowsed him the rubbing alcohol and set him ablaze.

Before setting him on the fire the boys were yelling at Brewer calling him a snitch for calling the police on the one boy for stealing the bike.

Michael Brewer sustained 2nd degree burns over 80 percent of his body. The 5 boys are are now in police custody and being charged with with aggravated battery. The boy thought to of setting Brewer on fire faces the additional charge of second-degree attempted murder.

sheriff's Sgt. Steve Feeley told CNN

"A couple of them last night were laughing about it," he said. "One of them arrested today seems genuinely sorry about it."

Click to read article from CNN

Last night we watched this on our local tv news channel. To see that children from the ages of 13-15 years old are doing these kinds of things just proves that society is turning our children into monsters who have no conscience and that when we allow video games, tv, movies and all that society is throwing at us to raise our children this is the species it creates. Then we punish the children for doing the things that they are being exposed to all the time and are shown it is ok. Like horror movies and certain video games promote these kinds of behaviors. Why aren't we punishing the parents and those who are allowing them to be exposed to these kinds of behaviors to learn them along with the children for committing these horrendous crimes.

We ask this same question all the time, "WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?"

They are taking God and morale out of everything and replacing it with these kinds of things and our children and future generations are like a sub human species that have no heart and no compassion for anyone. America this is our future, and if we don't try and change it before this generation are the ones running our Country I think we are in for some dark times here.

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama today was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But for what? Well, He hasn't actually done anything, YET. The committee awarded him the prize because of the things he says he's going to do.

To us this is an insult on those who have worked hard and made a difference already. To have worked so hard for peace and to lose the award to someone who "has the potential to do great things" it just wrong. This to us sends out the message, "well if I just say I'm going to do great things then I won't have to work so hard, because they'll give me the award before I actually do something."

Also we want to know how Obama was nominated when he hasn't even been president a year. And, the deadline to nominate someone was February 1st. Obama hadn't even been in office a month! He didn't have time to do anything. Plus, the only thing we've seen him doing is pushing his health care reform plan, and spending more of America's dollars that we don't have.

We (America/President Obama) are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then there is the threat from North Korea. Where is the peace he has brought about. We want the proof.

As Americans we can only pray that he lives up to the expectations of the award. Because right now we don't see any peace with all the wars and terrorist threats happening.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Update on Previous Post: 6 week old baby bitten by rats in home posted July 22, 2009

Teen gets 2 years in prison for rat-bite case

WAVERLY -- A Pike County teen has been sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement in a child neglect case that left a 6-week-old baby hospitalized with multiple rat bites.

Link to the full article at the Chillicothe Gazette

JMC Ministries thoughts

Back in July we posted the article about this case when it first happened. To view previous article click here. This has been one of the worst child abuse cases I have seen in my 28 years living in Ohio. Yes the 19 year old was sentenced, but what about the 17 year old mother? She got 2 counts of child endangerment, but we feel that she should have gotten the same sentence the 19 year old did. Because 1 she is the childs mother and in charge of the infants care and well being. 2. She knowingly put this child into this environment to be abuse and literally eaten alive by these rats.

This incident happened locally in our little part of Ohio. Please pray for this baby, and the people that abused her that God just gets ahold of their lives and they see the light in the darkness.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Jersey School Seniors Make "Slut List"

Link to the Article
Last night on the JMC Ministries LIVE show we talked about this news article and would like to share the video of it with you, enjoy.
Note: You will not be able to see the annotations or links to what we are talking about unless you click on the fullscreen button for some reason youtube has it set up this way.

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