Friday, October 14, 2011

Victoria Jackson Goes to 'Occupy Wall Street'

spent two days with the "Occupiers." Most were college students and uninformed but passionate. Many were "high." The improv comedienne/radical environmentalist had never heard of Ian Plimer. The M.D. likes Obamacare but has just changed professions. An angry black woman shouted about "Troy." Union people marched by with identical T shirts and signs. Free food and medics were provided. (By whom? Soros?)

Although the "Occupiers" and "Tea Party" have one thing in common - we don't want the government to "bail out" corporations - the two movements are completely opposite. The "Occupiers" are being controlled by Saul Alinsky radicals who are 'transforming' America from a free country to a communist one, and the "Tea Party" is controlled by 'grassroots' folks who uphold the Constitution, worship the Creator and are fighting to keep America a free country

Recently, sent Victoria Jackson to the Occupy Wall Street Protest in New York city to film what the protesters are protesting. The video of her conversations with them has brought on a storm of attacks from many liberal websites including the Huffington Post, Examiner and Entertainment Weekly. This is the second part of that footage.

Zuccotti Park Clean Up POSTPONED

'Occupy Wall Street' Cleanup Postponed:

Coast Guard: Occupy Boston Protesters Spit On Female Officer

Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents: