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U.S Census Worker In Tennessee Wanting People To Fill Out Census Forms On Their Neighbors

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by SusanAnne Hiller Just when we thought–which appears to be alive and well when clicked–was scary and invasive–it seems the Obama administration’s Census Bureau has outdone itself.  A US census worker, driving a metallic gray Ford Taurus-type car, has been reported to be combing through the Memphis, TN suburb of Germantown knocking on doors asking people for information on their neighbors.

Yes, you read that correctly. The US census worker was asking how many people lived in the house next door on or about April 1, 2010. As if there wasn’t enough controversy with the census already, this just adds fuel to the fire.
According to the source, here’s what happened when Obama’s Orwellian Big Brother knocked:
The census worker identified himself, showed his credentials, and continued to ask if she knew if the house next door was occupied on April 1 of this year.  The census worker also indicated that he had “difficulty” contacting the neighbors.  After the source confirmed the house was occupied on April 1st, the census worker continued by asking, “How many people occupied that house?”
My source responded by saying, “If they haven’t filled out their census, I can’t help you and I have no intention of telling you anything about my neighbors and your recourse is to enforce your penalties.”
The worker replied, “Well you know why we take the census don’t you?”
My source replied, “Yes, in this case, to redistribute my wealth.  And you are not permitted to ask me about my neighbors.”
The worker went on to say that the census is used to figure out the number of representatives and federal monies that would be allocated.  The source still refused to answer and the census worker was asked to leave the property.
He then proceeded to knock on the other neighbor’s doors, apparently, to get the information he was sent our for.  Let’s just hope that these people are not attorneys because this is a clear violation of the privacy and security procedures of the census to ensure an accurate and secure count.  Nowhere in this information does it say your neighbors can provide census information.
JMC Ministries Response

So clearly what happened to us in Ohio is NOT a isolated incident and is happening to people in other states like Tennessee.  They also felt the Privacy and Security act was violated just as we did. 

It is more than clear that The U.S Census has their own agenda and they are NOT doing what their website says a U.S Census should be doing. The Government is trying to get people to fill out Census Forms on their neighbors which could be falsified information. 

Obama said he wanted an accurate count of everyone. So how does having me fill out a Census form on my past neighbors who have moved on to another place give an accurate count? And still we have not gotten a phone call back from the Census Bureau over Ohio to give us these answers.

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