Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Autistic Man Has An Astonishing God-Given Gift - See the Unbelievable Thing He Does!

Autistic Man Has An Astonishing God-Given Gift - See the Unbelievable Thing He Does! from hulahan on GodTube.

Homeless Ga. Teen 'Humbled' by Experience Graduates as Valedictorian

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter
May 22, 2013|1:16 pm

Chelesa Fearce Earns Entry to Spelman College Where She Will Enroll as Third-Year Student

 A 17-year-old student from Georgia whose family of five was homeless for most of her high school career has managed to graduate at the top of her class and earn a spot at prestigious Spelman College, where she will be enrolling as a junior in the fall.
"I just told myself to keep working, because the future will not be like this anymore," Chelesa Fearce told a local news station. "You're worried about your home life and then worried at school. Worry about being a little hungry sometimes, go hungry sometimes. You just have to deal with it. You eat what you can, when you can."

Tragedy Sparks the Church to Spring Into Action

Steve Strang 

When the monstrous tornados hit Oklahoma, the church sprang into action. That’s the reports I’m getting from some friends who live in the area and who have been helping, along with thousands of others.
One was Steven Earp, the young pastor I wrote about a week ago. I texted him to see if he was OK because I knew his Elevate Church was in Moore, Okla., where the worst devastation took place. He called back and told me he was OK and how people in his church were responding. One of his associate pastors, who also works in the sheriff’s office for Cleveland County, gave us this report.


Vermont Becomes Third State to Legalize Assisted Suicide

With Governor Peter Shumlin’s signature on a bill the state legislature approved, Vermont today becomes the third state after Oregon and Washington to legalize assisted suicide.
Shumlin signed a bill today legalizing physician-assisted suicide for patients deemed to have a “terminal condition.” The move immediately drew opposition from leading pro-life groups.