Friday, November 20, 2009

Jesse Jackson Attacks African Americans who are against the Health Care Reform

We received this article from Christian Newswire and felt we needed to share it.  We have close friends who are African American and they are against what President Obama is doing with the Health Care reform, and we feel Mr. Jackson has out right attacked them. We thank our friends for standing against what is morally wrong and still Stand for Christian Values We salute you! 

Jesse Jackson? Color Him Ridiculous!

Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union Comments on Remark Made By Jesse Jackson at Congressional Black Caucus Reception

WASHINGTON, Nov. 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- At a reception, held by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Foundation as part of a series of events revolving around the 25th anniversary of Jackson's run for president, Jesse Jackson stated: "We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill," He said. "You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man."

What a dumb thing to say. I don't pretend to know the reasons why Rep. Arthur Davis, (D-AL) voted against the health care bill earlier this month and I'm not implying that he is pro-life, but at least he's not drinking the same flavor kool-ade as Mr. Jackson.

All Americans should question the health care monster!

The sad thing is that Jesse Jackson is a man that I once looked up to--way back when he was a power house for human rights, especially the right to life for unborn children.

Jesse once identified himself as a person who would have been aborted if medical counsel had been followed. Jesse Jackson once wrote: "Human life begins when the sperm and egg join . . . and the pulsation of life takes place." He said, "From that point, life may be described differently (as an egg, embryo, fetus, baby, child, teen-ager, adult), but the essence is the same.''

I remember way back--when he spoke at the 1977 March for Life asking the question: ''What happens to the moral fabric of a nation that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience.''

Back in the day, in an ''Open Letter to Congress'' Jesse Jackson stated "as a matter of conscience" he must "oppose the use of federal funds for a policy of killing infants."

Wow! Where is that guy?

I believe the Jesse Jackson--the civil rights leader from way back--would be leading the pack today against the funding of abortion as health care.

Black children are specifically targeted by the abortion industry which places most of its abortion killing centers in minority and urban neighborhoods. They are denied their civil rights including the most basic right to life; a right which Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, our ancestors and others so proudly worked for, marched for and many of them died for.

Sadly, today, Jesse Jackson is just a mere shadow of the man he once was. He is no longer a power house- -instead he is a bought off, shriveled, and empty shell.

I remember a much younger, and wiser "Reverend" Jesse Jackson leading the thunder of children's voices shouting..."I AM SOMEBODY!" And Mr. Jackson, though you have lost your way, I pray that one day you will remember that each and every unborn child is somebody, too!

The National Black Pro-Life Union is an organization founded to serve as a clearing house to coordinate the flow of communications among all African American pro-life organizations and individuals in order to better network and combine resources.

We realize that if we are to be successful, it is necessary to share information and/or resources as well as "who gets the credit." We acknowledge that the real credit for any good thing always goes to GOD-not man.

Christian Newswire

Teen Sent to Detention Center for not Visiting His Dad

A Michigan teen has been sentenced to four days in juvenile detention for refusing to visit his father.

Jacob Mastrogiovanni, 14, lives with his mother in Warren. His father, who has joint custody, lives in New Baltimore.Mastrogiovanni said he has deliberately missed court ordered visitations with his father, and because of that, Macomb County Judge John Foster has ruled he should be held in contempt of court and sentenced to time in a youth home.Mastrogiovanni’s mother, Dawn Platevoet, said her son is a hard working student and that she fears for his safety inside the Macomb Juvenile Center.“I’m very worried. I’m very concerned for the well-being of my son,” Platevoet said. “The child is being torn in between this kind of situation due to the friend of the court. They’re not looking at the best interest for my son.”Mastrogiovanni said staying at the youth home for four days would not change his attitude toward his father.“I guess he’s going to have to be punished. I don’t necessarily like that he’s in there but something has to be done,” Mastrogiovanni’s father, Victor, said by phone Thursday.Mastrogiovanni would not be specific with why he was refusing to spend time with his father. His reasonings were recorded in a confidentiality agreement being held by the court.Mastrogiovanni said he would rather be in a youth home than visit his father and that he’s willing to go back to the youth home again if required by the court.Mastrogiovanni’s family and friends have made signs protesting the judge’s decision.“Going to a youth home to be with criminals, for what reason? What is this going to solve? Is it going to benefit the child? Is it going to make matters worse?” Platevoet said.Mastrogiovanni’s mother and grandmother escorted him to the center Thursday evening. He is scheduled to be released Sunday.

Runaway Teens On the Rise

After two high-profile teenage runaway cases already this month, police are pointing to a growing trend -- more and more teens are taking to the streets.As of Thursday, there were more than 120 missing teens in Jefferson County, and most if not all of them have run away from home. That has police, parents and support groups working to stop a troubling trend.YMCA Safe Place Services is celebrating 35 years of offering crisis support to local teens. But workers there said the last few years have been the toughest."Either kids come into our program with everything they own because they've packed up and left, or they come with nothing," said Matt Reed, executive director of YMCA Safe Place Services in Louisville.That shelter serves any teen in trouble -- not just runaways -- and typically houses more than 700 of them each month."Four or five years ago, we were serving maybe 400 or 450 in our shelter, so there's been a real dramatic increase," Reed said.Police are seeing a jump as well."We've been seeing an increase in the number of runaway teens," said Lt. Tom Dreher, with the Louisville Metro Police Department's Crimes Against Children Unit.And Jefferson County is the heart of the problem in Kentucky. It's home to two out of three teen runaways in the state. Dreher said their numbers jumped 17 percent from 2007 to 2008. His unit now works about 200 runaway cases each month -- so many that the department is adding to its missing persons staff.