Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Church members worship after devastating fire

The first song the Childress Memorial Church of God in Christ sang together as a congregation Sunday, less than two days after a fire left its church a charred shell, was indicative of its spirit — hopeful.
“Over my circumstance, given me another chance, you reign,” they sang, hands raised and heads held high.
The congregation was displaced from their building at 901 North Pine St. to the Convention Center after a fire destroyed the church and almost everything in it. The Bible passages, songs and sermon Sunday encouraged church members to press on, even though their home of nearly 50 years is gone.
“Yes, we've gone through a tragedy, but Childress is not over,” said Bishop Samuel Edward Iglehart. “I just got news all the way from heaven that God says he's still with us. He still has our back.”

Leaving Lesbianism

God-honoring faith and government seemed to have parted ways. Whenever a law contradicts God’s law, as believers we need to stand on His truth. This won’t make Christians popular, but Jesus already warned us about popularity contests. He also told us to love one another and leave changing hearts up to him.

During my lonely freshman year of college I met Jan. She had a way of finding the humor in just about everything. We shared thoughts about life and our distant future, wondering where our lofty goals would take us. Gradually she revealed to me that she was a lesbian. Our friendship was never about sexual orientation—it was about two young women on a small campus who didn’t have a clue what the future held.
On a whim one evening, we went to a Christian crusade held at a campus across town. A dynamic speaker told us that Jesus wanted us just the way we were, but loved us so much he didn’t want us to stay that way. Jan went forward and wanted Jesus—not really knowing how He could change someone like her.

This isn’t one of those stories where a confused soul sees the errors of her way, seeks God’s forgiveness and discovers that she wasn’t really a lesbian after all. For the next decade Jan struggled with her personal identity and the identity she knew she had in Christ. The two weren’t the same.


Quarter of a Million Military BibleSticks Deployed

For Immediate Release
February 11, 2013
Contact: Bill Lohr (505) 881-3321

Quarter of a Million Military BibleSticks Deployed

Albuquerque, N.M. – Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) initiated their military outreach about five years ago at the request of a handful of active duty Marines and chaplains serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Needing a deployment-friendly version of the ministry’s standard BibleStick, military members advised FCBH engineers of the needed specs and the result was the creation of the Military BibleStick.  Today, Faith Comes By Hearing is honored to announce they have shipped – free of charge – more than 250,000 units to chaplains serving every branch of the military for distribution to troops in pre-deployment briefings, counseling sessions, Bible studies, weekly chapels and upon direct request of service members.
More than 1,200 chaplains have participated in the project, with regular requests for more BibleSticks coming in every week.  The small, portable, digital audio devices are so popular that the ministry is currently working to fill a backlog of requests for over 20,000 additional units.
FCBH raises funds for this project from a number of sources, which includes individual donors and on-air campaigns with Christian radio and TV stations.  However, the single largest funding source has come from churches across the country that have partnered to generously support America’s troops with God’s Word in audio.  More than 7,000 churches – across 120 denominations – have presented this project to their congregations, with many participating a second and third time.
The ministry’s church outreach currently is to raise funds for 12,000 additional BibleSticks by Easter in recognition of our troops twelfth year of deployment since 9/11. 
“We continue to be amazed at both the number of requests from chaplains and the outpouring of support from grateful citizens wanting to do their part to provide our military heroes with the kind of peace and spiritual guidance that only comes from the pure Word of God,” states Troy Carl.
Carl is a vice-president at Faith Comes By Hearing and oversees the Military BibleStick project.  He also has a personal perspective as the father of a West Point graduate who recently spent two years deployed.
“It’s very encouraging to see so many hard-working people financially supporting this outreach,” says Carl.  “But more importantly, these are strong, patriotic Americans who get on their knees every day and pray for our sons and daughters who are in harm’s way.”
The package a soldier receives includes the BibleStick, ear buds, and a triple-A battery.  There is also a pre-paid postcard they can return and the ministry will send Audio Bibles on MP3 discs to their spouse and children back home. 
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