Thursday, May 2, 2013

Theme for largest National Day of Prayer on record: 'Pray for America'

USA (NDOP/MNN) ― The United States of America is rooted in Christianity.
And yet, says the National Day of Prayer (NDOP) Task Force, atheists and anti-religion lobbyists are constantly attacking the United States' Judeo-Christian foundation.
Today, on the National Day of Prayer, millions are uniting in direct opposition to these attacks. According to the NDOP Task Force, today's event will be the largest prayer day on record. Individuals are being asked to pray, petition, and be a voice of reason.
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Modern hymn writers revive lost art of Christian music

Study: Evangelicals More 'Christ-like' Than Other Christians

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter
May 1, 2013|8:25 am

Among various Christian groups in the United States, evangelicals were found to be the most "Christ-like," according to the findings of a recently released study on Christians.

Overseen by the Barna Group, the results, released Tuesday, showed that 23 percent of evangelical respondents exhibited both Christ-like actions and attitudes. The 23 percent number puts evangelicals above the other categories, which included "Practicing Protestant" (16 percent), "All Christians" (14 percent), "Practicing Catholic" (14 percent), "Non Evangelical Born Again Christians" (13 percent), and "Notional" (13 percent).


The History of Christianity in 25 Objects: Wycliffe's Pulpit

by Tim Challies

John Wycliffe’s body had been buried outside St. Mary’s Church for more than forty years when his grave was disturbed. Upon the orders of Pope Martin V, his remains were exhumed, his bones burned and the ashes scattered on the river Swift. This act of desecration was deemed fitting for one who had been posthumously condemned as a heretic. But, as Donald Roberts says so eloquently, it was by no means the end of his legacy for, “As history has revealed, Wycliffe's bones were much more easily dispersed than his teachings, for out of a sea of controversy and angry disputation rose his greatest contribution—the English Bible.”