Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama Speaks In Ohio About Job Growth But Sends Workers Home ForThe Day Without Pay

Written by Miranda Caverley

Friday June 18, 2010 President Obama visited Columbus Ohio for 90 minutes. Why? To make a speech at a new construction site that he says is putting more Ohioans to work and helping to lower the unemployment rate. However, during his speech he forgot to mention that all those working at the Construction site were told to stay home for the day and lose pay. Some lost up to 200 dollars because they were forced to stay home.

When NBC 4 News in Columbus Ohio asked why the workers had to stay home and lose pay. A White House Representative made this statement

"While security concerns surrounding a Presidential visit necessarily cause some disruption, we're heartened by our understanding that, even if delayed by a day, workers will have the opportunity to complete their scheduled work on these projects."

That's nice Mr. White House Representative, but that doesn't make up for the lost wages of the construction workers.

So for a 90 minute visit to make a 14 minute speech, hundreds of workers lost a whole days worth of pay. Way to go on putting Ohioans back to work President Obama! NOT!

We (my husband and I) just happened to be heading up to Columbus right around the time the President was landing at Port Columbus Airport. They had overpasses shut down, police and state troopers everywhere on the freeway, and they were even stopping some vehicles on the on and off ramps. Luckily, we were not stopped or had any problems getting to our Destination.

But for a 90 minute visit and a 14 minute speech. Our wonderful President put hundreds of Ohio Construction workers out of work for a day and lost hundreds of dollars in pay. Closed down roads and backed up traffic just so he could come and talk about how He is helping to put people back to work and helping the economy in the process. Wow is this man completely delusional or what.

This 90 minute trip to Ohio also cost between 500,000 and a MILLION Dollars! Why didn't he just use that money to help the people in the Gulf Of Mexico who are dealing with the Oil Spill and let the Construction Workers who were sent home work today, so that they could make money to feed their families. Which in turn helps the economy. Might be a crazy idea but it might have just worked.

Here is a clip from NBC4 News talking about how the workers would not be allowed to work and lose pay.