Saturday, February 25, 2012

Denver church becomes a total blessing for homeless women Read more: Denver church becomes a total blessing for homeless women - The Denver Post

New Jerusalem Baptist Church, the first and only Denver church to shelter homeless women every night during the cold winter months, has inspired its Curtis Park neighbors. "What little they have, they are going to share it," said neighbor Sue Glassmacher. "It's an incredible lesson for us all."

The tiny 38-year-old church, which started taking in homeless women a few months ago, has always lived hand-to-mouth.

"We don't have any money," said the Rev. Calvin Kelly. "Any dime that comes into the church goes back out into the community."

High School Students Protest SyntheticDrugs-Ultimate Smoke Shop Gets Closed Down

11 Connects learned earlier today the business at the focus of a student protest Thursday evening will soon close its doors at its Bobby Hicks Highway location in Gray. UPDATE: We learned that the store will definitely close today.

The reason for the student protest: they want lawmakers to enact a ban on synthetic drugs.

According to Scott Buckingham, one of the owners of the shopping center where the store was located, the student protests led to the owner's decision.

"Yesterday afternoon, the young adults taking a stand helped make his (Ultimate Smoke's) decision to move out," said Buckingham.