Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unemployment Stats Are They Real?

JMC shows how the unemployment stats are really like! Jeremy logs into the Ohio unemployment site and shows that people who are over the 26 weeks can NOT apply for benefits! So where does this put the stats? Will the unemployment ever be extended again? What will happen to those who lost their benefits? Although Unemployment has run out for me and I am still unemployed inspite of applying for jobs every week and going to job interviews when I am called for them. I am fine, because I am a veteran of the U.S Coast Guard I am now enrolled full time in college and have my GI Bill. To allow me to further my education and get a degree so I will be able to get a job prayerfully easier than without the degree. But our worries are for those who didn't have a plan B if and when the unemployment benefits ran out and they are still without jobs. It is for those men and women and their families we made this video. To show that even though it says right there on the website that you can continue to apply and show that you are still unemployed after your benefits run out, so that you can stay in the system in case Congress does change their minds and give more benefits. That is a lie as you see when I log in and it says that I cannot submit anything. Which kicks me and all the other people who have lost their benefits off the unemployment list and onto the "employed" list.
If you are thinking that we should just call unemployment and try to apply that way. That doesn't work either. A friend of mine who lost his job the same time I did called when he saw that he couldn't apply anymore online and was told he could not apply anymore via phone.

Our hearts and prayers go out for those who now have no way to support themselves and their families due to this ruling in Congress. We pray that God provide for your needs and that you will find a job soon. Through Christ All Things Are Possible. Hold tight to that and keep the faith. We are praying for you.

JMC LIVE Show June 29, 2010 Discussing Unemployment and the Recession

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