Saturday, July 24, 2010


JMC Ministries Response:

We pray for the state of Iowa, and the families involved losing homes and jobs. I pray for those affected further south as this water makes it's way possibly to the Mississippi River.

God Bless you!

Don't like those on Unemployment? Why not "CHANGE" the rules?

Why not change the rules of unemployment?

Right now each week they are required to look for 2 jobs. That is 104 jobs in 52 weeks. Then you have the investigation into such applied jobs. Some states require you enter the address, telephone # of such applied jobs each week. Then they verify the employer received a resume.

For veterans and those that go to the job services found in their own state, they enhance you resume, teach interview skills and how to write cover letters. Veterans get a representative that sends them jobs to apply for each month.

Instead of assuming all unemployed don't want to work, why not come up with solutions?

I will give a few of my own ideas.

Change the 2 jobs a week to 4. Increase the amount of people working in each state so the investigations can run smoothly and more can be done.

Some states don't allow higher education to occur while on unemployment. Here in Ohio, they didn't approve that until DEC 2009. After your "tier" runs out you get no more.

There are many people who can't find work either for education reasons or their trade is no longer in their area.

As Christians, yes, we must be concerned about the debt, but as all as people are labeled lazy and taking advantage of the unemployment system, then it will never change and we as Americans will always be held back by our differences.

The Word of God is clear to assist those in need without expecting anything in return. Of course we must not allow such a system to be abused if we can "change" it.

Of course this can be corrected.

Here in Ohio, the suicide rate and those on food stamps have gone up a lot. This is not being reported to keep the panic levels down. And the system of our central government is taking advantage of a situation for sure.

Take heed in these words and seek out those who can correct these wrongs.


Jeremy Caverley

JMC Ministries