Friday, April 16, 2010

Federal Court Rules U.S National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional

By Melanie Hunter-Omar

( – A federal district court in Wisconsin ruled on Thursday that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, a decision that has angered a constitutional law firm that filed an amicus brief defending the National Day of Prayer.

The case was filed by The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a Wisconsin-based group that challenged the constitutionality of a 1988 law giving the president authority to designate the first Thursday in May as National Day of Prayer.

"It is unfortunate that this court failed to understand that a day set aside for prayer for the country represents a time-honored tradition that embraces the First Amendment, not violates it," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ.

"This decision runs counter to well established legal precedent and we're confident that this flawed decision ultimately will be overturned. We will be filing a brief representing members of Congress challenging this federal district court decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit,” Sekulow said in a statement.

“If the appeals court fails to reverse this decision, we're confident the Supreme Court will hear the case and ultimately determine that such proclamations and observances like the National Day of Prayer not only reflect our nation's rich history, but are indeed consistent with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment," he added.

According to the ACLJ brief, the U.S. has a long history of recognizing a national day of prayer dating back to the late 1700’s with the Continental Congress, recommending that states set aside a day for prayer and thanksgiving. Therefore, “historical evidence establishing a National Day of Prayer as deeply embedded in the tradition and history of this country is indisputable,” the brief stated.
JMC Ministries Response

If the U.S Supreme Court rules that The National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional that will not Stop Those who want to continue to prayer for our Country. We will continue to pray, we will continue to seek God and pray for our President and all our Govt. Leaders. 

In The Book of James it says, "The prayer of a righteous man availeth much." If God's people will humble themselves and pray he says he will hear our cries. WE MUST continue to pray in spite of the persecution that this FFRF Group tries to throw at us. We must also pray for them as well. When God's People pray Miracles happen.

Dog Stayed With Dying Master Until The End

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STARK COUNTY -- A golden retriever named "Lady" was a good and loyal dog until the end.
Police and an investigator with the Stark County Coroner's Office believe that Lady stayed by her owner's side in a field just outside of Hartville for almost a week.
Parley Nichols, 81, was found dead there Wednesday night, about a mile from his home.
Nichols had dementia and was reported missing on April 8.
Even though family members passed out fliers and searched for Nichols, his body was only discovered after Lady barked at a passerby.
"This dog would not leave his side," said Stark County Coroner's Investigator Harry Campbell. "No question, she stayed out there on her own volition.
"(Lady) saw another human and started barking and wailing," said Campbell.
The preliminary findings of an autopsy lead the Stark County Coroner to believe that Nichols suffered a natural death due to heart and lung disease.
Campbell said the dog likely drank water from a nearby drainage ditch. But there were no signs of food near Nichols.
Campbell also said that a local newspaper dated April 7 was found with Nichols.
Family members are now caring for Lady.
Mary Nichols believes that Lady was with her relative the whole time he was missing.

Iceland's Volcanic Ash Cloud Shuts Down Most Of Europes Airports

LONDON (AP) — An enormous ash cloud from a remote Icelandic volcano caused the biggest flight disruption since the 2001 terrorist attacks as it drifted over northern Europe and stranded travelers on six continents. Officials said it could take days for the skies to become safe again in one of aviation's most congested areas.
The cloud, floating miles (kilometers) above Earth and capable of knocking out jet engines, wrecked travel plans for tens of thousands of people Thursday, from tourists and business travelers to politicians and royals. They couldn't see the source of their frustration — except indirectly, when the ash created vivid red and lavender sunsets.
Non-emergency flights in Britain were canceled, and most will stay grounded until at least midday Friday.
Authorities in Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Belgium also closed their air space. France shut down 24 airports, including the main hub of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Germany's Berlin and Hamburg were shut Thursday evening, and several flights out of the U.S. had to double back.
Kyla Evans, spokeswoman for air traffic service Eurocontrol, said half of all trans-Atlantic flights were expected to be canceled Friday.
At London's Heathrow airport, normally one of the world's busiest with more than 1,200 flights and 180,000 travelers a day, passengers stared forlornly at departure boards on which every flight was listed as canceled.
"We made it all the way to takeoff on the plane. ... They even showed us the safety video," said Sarah Davis, 29, a physiotherapist from Portsmouth in southern England who was hoping to fly to Los Angeles. "I'm upset. I only get so much vacation."
A volcano beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull (ay-yah-FYAH'-plah-yer-kuh-duhl) glacier began erupting Wednesday for the second time in less than a month, triggering floods and shooting smoke and steam miles into the air. Video showed spectacular images of hot gases melting the thick ice, sending cascades of water thundering down the steep slopes of the volcano.
About 700 people from rural areas near the volcano were evacuated Thursday because of flash flooding, as water carrying icebergs the size of small houses rushed down the mountain. Most evacuees were allowed to return home after the floods subsided, but more flash floods are expected as long as the volcano keeps erupting, said Rognvaldur Olafsson of the Civil Protection Department.

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JMC Ministries Response
Since January 2010 we have had massive earthquake in Haiti, One of the larges earthquakes EVER Recorded in Chile', A Earthquake that just hit this week in China killing hundreds, and Now this Enormous Volcano that has erupted in Iceland.   So many disasters in just a few months and to us it just keeps confirming that we are living in the last days. Jesus Said in Matthew Chapter 24 That There would be Natural Disasters, Plagues, and Pestilence as the world has never before seen.  Everything that has been going on definitely can be declared as signs of the end of time.

It is a scary time we live in today but we also can rejoice because we know that everyday that passes we are getting closer and closer to going home to heaven and living with Jesus Eternally. We must Rejoice the Lord in the face of the disasters that are happening, rejoice when we are persecuted, Because Jesus is coming soon.