Thursday, December 16, 2010

Minnesota farmer leaves 3 Million to hometown

(Dec. 16) -- A Minnesota farmer, predeceased by two wives and his only son, bestowed a small and surprising fortune to his hometown upon his death.

Loren Krueger of LeRoy, a small Minnesota town on the Iowa border, died last year at 94, leaving behind a plain, white house on Main Street and $3 million in the bank.

Townsfolk knew the retired farmer and World War II vet was frugal. Now they know he was rich and generous.

"Nobody knew he had that kind of money," LeRoy resident LaRae Eastvold told KARE.

Since Krueger's death, checks from his estate have arrived at organizations all over town. The LeRoy Senior Center -- which previously operated on $600 a year, a budget so meager staff charged seniors for coffee -- received $220,000.

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Homeless man in D.C. uses social media to help others like him

$300,000 For Homeless Matched by Donor

A proposal before the Columbus City Council to grant $300,000 to help a growing number of homeless people inspired an anonymous donor to offer another $300,000 to the cause.

Council President Michael C. Mentel hopes that gift, in turn, inspires others to reach out to those in need "whether you have $300,000 or $3."

The grant, the last legislation Mentel will sponsor before he resigns on Jan. 10, won unanimous approval tonight. Mentel thanked the donor, who had promised to match the grant if the council approved it.

"If it's not the spirit of the season, if it's not by the grace of God, it's at least through someone's heart being touched," Mentel said.

The donor is working through the Columbus Foundation, which recently started a special fundraising drive for charities that help struggling residents meet basic needs.

The dollar-for-dollar match was proposed after Mentel requested $300,000 last week to fight what advocates say is an alarming rise in homelessness, especially among families with children.

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