Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Christians flee from coming Islamic law

As Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood declares its intent to institute Islamic law, intelligence sources report al-Qaida is staging attacks in the Middle East nation, prompting concern that Coptic Christians soon will be driven from their homeland.

International Christian Concern's Aidan Clay says the Copts' attitude has gone from uncertainty to fear, which is driving many Coptic Christians to try to leave Egypt.

"A report from a very prominent Copt says he's getting hundreds of calls a week from Coptic Christians who are trying to get out of the country," Clay told WND in an interview. "That's an extremely sad thing considering we're seeing that throughout the Middle East. We're seeing the quick removal of ancient Christian communities. Egypt has the highest Christian population of any country and a very old Christian church there."

Clay blames the increasing pressure on the growing political influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups.

"So really, there is a fear that the Muslim Brotherhood could take power," he said. "It's the same with the Salafis. They're now saying they're willing to run for Parliament."

The International Christian Concern analyst was referring to a recent report on Vatican Radio that said the long-restricted Salafist group is planning to form a political party and run candidates for Egypt's Parliament.

"In the past, Mubarak had a very hard hand on these extreme, fundamentalist, ultra-conservative groups. They were not allowed to run for government in any way," Clay commented. "But the Muslim Brotherhood had some influence and were able to get some votes."

Clay said that even though the groups were kept under control, they've long had the Christians in their sights.

"These were the groups responsible for the major terrorist attacks against the Christians. They may even be responsible for the New Year's Eve attack against the church in Alexandria," Clay asserted. "Mubarak of course blamed an outside al-Qaeda group for the attack. The Copts don't buy that; they think it was it was an excuse by Mubarak to not to have to deal with the turmoil inside of Egypt."

The issue for Copts, as Clay explained, is that both groups have promised some form of Islamic government, which would put restrictions on the Christians in Egypt.

Coptic Christians demonstrated against Islamic law, or Shariah, and voiced support for an entirely secular state in Egypt. Clay said the desire for a secular government will likely go unheeded.

"They're not going to get far in demanding a secular constitution, especially if the Brotherhood gains a lot of influence in the September elections," he said. "The Brotherhood will slowly gain control and they'll gain seats by using democracy to their advantage."

Clay's assessment is in line with a recently published Heritage Foundation report on Egypt's political future and the status of the Coptic Christians.

Study Shows Christians Live Healthier, Longer

A new report indicates that those who believe in God not only live a healthier life but also add 14 years to their life.

According to the new report published by U.K.-based Christian Medical Fellowship, those who have faith carry positive health benefits such as coping with illness, faster recovery, as well as protection from future illnesses.

The report, "Health Benefits of Christian Faith” by Drs. Alex Bunn and David Randall, drew its evidence from over 1,200 studies and 400 reviews.

It reads, “In contrast to the popular myth that Christian faith is bad for health, on balance, and despite its limitations, the published research suggests that faith is associated with longer life and a wide range of health benefits. In particular, faith is associated with improved mental health.”

One of the studies, where more than 20,000 American adults participated, shows that income and education had little impact but those who went to church regularly had seven years added to their life expectancy. It highlights that life expectancy doubled for African Americans with an extra 14 years.

People with mental health problems, such as psychosis, also proved to cope better when religion was involved. They also showed to be more compliant with their medication.

The report notes that the mental health benefits for believers include: “well-being, happiness and life satisfaction; hope and optimism; purpose and meaning in life; higher self-esteem; better adaptation to bereavement; greater social support and less loneliness; lower rates of depression and faster recovery from depression; lower rates of suicide and fewer positive attitudes towards suicide; less anxiety; less psychosis and fewer psychotic tendencies; lower rates of alcohol and drug abuse; less delinquency and criminal activity; greater marital stability and satisfaction.”

CMF emphasizes that health benefits depend on how devoted Christians are in their faith. For example, those who are genuinely devoted to God are less likely to associate themselves with “risky heath behaviors for instance problem drinking, smoking and permissive sexual behavior.”

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Anti-Life and Anti-Christian Vandalism hits PA University in midst of Holy Week

Media Contact: Mary Powers
Communications Director
Email: mpowers@studentsforlife.org
Phone: 703-351-6280

*For Immediate Release*

Anti-Life and Anti-Christian Vandalism hits PA University in midst of Holy Week

Last Wednesday, in the midst of Holy Week, Clarion University (PA) Students for Life’s Cemetery of the Innocents Display was vandalized and desecrated by individuals identifying themselves in red paint as “pro-choice”.

In a breathtaking public display of anti-Christian and anti-Life motivations, 350 crosses were pulled up and re-inserted in inverted fashion, a well-known anti-Christian symbol. Additionally, red paint was splattered on crosses and signs. Even eerier was the mock bloody footprints of an infant painted in front of the display.

Upon hearing of the desecration of the display, Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America stated, “Vandalism of pro-life displays on campus is not uncommon, but this incident takes pro-choice vandalism on campus to a whole new level. It is revolting to think that anyone would desecrate a display in this way, most especially with red paint to imitate blood. Clarion University must take a strong stand against this disgusting, intolerant, and hate-filled act.”

Last week was Clarion Students for Life’s annual “Life Week”. Each year the group organizes a Cemetery of the Innocents Display in the middle of campus. They have 350 crosses and two signs explaining that each cross represents 10 children aborted every day.

Every year Clarion SFL experiences some sort of vandalism – broken crosses or knocked over crosses – during their Life Week, but this year the opposition on campus has taken its vandalism to a whole new level. Members of Clarion’s Students for Life group see an anti-Life motivation to this vandalism, but also an anti-Christian motivation as well. The inverted cross has long been a symbol of anti-Christian and anti-religious sentiments.

To speak with Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life, about the display, contact Mary Powers at mpowers@studentsforlife.org or by phone: 703-351-6280.

Pictures from the desecrated Cemetery of the Innocents are below:

HISTORIC to Bibical Porportions: April 2011 Sets Record for Most Tornadoes

April 2011 has been a horrific month for severe weather so far with more than 600 reports of tornadoes, more than 40 tornado-related deaths and unthinkable destruction.

As the wild weather pattern continues this week, the month's total number of tornadoes continues to rise. There is a good chance that April 2011 will end up being the most active April on record for tornadoes.

With May and June typically being the most active months of the year for severe weather, people are wondering if the trend will continue and make 2011 a record-setting year.

Stats for April

The total number of tornado reports this month (through Friday) was up to 559, according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). At least 55 more reports of twisters have been submitted since then with 17 over the weekend and 38 Monday into Monday night.

It's important to note that these are the number of reports (or sightings), not confirmed tornadoes. Oftentimes multiple sightings of the same tornado are reported, and it will take quite some time until all the data is sorted through and the number of confirmed tornadoes is determined.

According to the SPC, the highest number of confirmed tornadoes recorded in the month of April (since 1950) was 267 in 1974.

If all of the tornado reports so far this month were confirmed, April 2011 would by far be the most active April for tornadoes. Even though the number of confirmed tornadoes will probably end up being quite a bit smaller, this month is still likely to beat the record.

Stats for 2011

The preliminary estimate for number of tornadoes so far in 2011 was 766, as of Sunday, with about two dozen states affected. More than 100 tornadoes have been reported in both Alabama and North Carolina.

The year that holds the record for the highest number of tornadoes is 2004 with a whopping 1,817 twisters. For people wondering if 2011 could set a new record, this year has a long way to go.

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White House Calls Rev. Franklin Graham for Comment about Issues Surrounding President Obama's Birth "Preposterous Charges"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said comments by Rev. Franklin Graham that there were issues surrounding President Obama's birth were "preposterous charges."

Graham, who has met with Obama before, appeared on ABC's "This Week" and was asked about people like Donald Trump bringing up questions about the president's birth. "Well, the -- the president I know has some issues to deal with here. He can solve this whole birth certificate issue pretty quickly. I don't -- I was born in a hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, and I know that my records are there," Graham said.

"You can probably even go and find out what room my mother was in when I was born. I don't know why he can't produce that. So I'm not -- I don't know. But it's an issue that looks like he could -- he could answer pretty quickly," he added.

Carney, in an abrupt answer, reacted and said, "It's interesting that a minister would use Easter Sunday to make preposterous charges."

A reporter in the daily White House briefing had asked for reaction to Graham's comments that aired Sunday and also for other charges that Graham has made about the Muslim Brotherhood [2] infiltrating all parts of the Obama administration.

The interview with the influential evangelical pastor took place late last week, but aired on Easter Sunday.

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